Anne Hathaway singing to Meryl Streep


Meryl Streep - 2011 Kennedy Center Honors
- Recipients honored at the annual national celebration of the arts included singer-actress Barbara Cook, singer and songwriter Neil Diamond, cellist Yo-Yo Ma, saxophonist and composer Sonny Rollins and actress Meryl Streep.
The tribute to multiple Academy Award, Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner Streep featured Tracey Ullman, Robert De Niro, Mike Nichols, Kevin Kline, Emily Blunt, Stanley Tucci and Anne Hathaway.

Erina Yemima
when was this?
Leonora Auer
yes I love Anne Hathaway, but Emily Blunt is also such a beauty 😍
Alis Buus
What a voice, and so natural, and a great actor too, thanks for this song!
Wow that was just .. beautiful !
Loved it. I can see the fanfiction writers having a ball with 'Andy' singing to 'Miranda' this way.
yay or nay
so so nice...
Felicia C
i'd love to see meryl, anna and emily sing together
Naim Andrómeda
marden chavarri lino
it sounds like theme from ABBA =P ... but it's good ... i like it =) ...Anne love you ;)
There's too much perfection going on in this. I'm leaving.
The moment when an actress has better voice than singers nowadays.
Adry C.
when was this ?
Ariana Maria
tão perfeita
anne 042700
Komatöse Neutralisation
This isn't live, is it?
Where is the mice ? I'm confused..
Peculiar Lyana
Brittany Robertson
hattaway super uglier biatch
Wow she needs to be cast as Nancy on any production of Oliver.
Moe Oooo
She's perfect and I hate her.
Navid Haider
For some reason I really want her to play the Evil Queen in a future Snow White movie :D Go Anne, go!
Dazzling Deb
Anne can really sing. As a former singer who, um, can be a bit critical of other singers, I don't say that lightly. ☺
Sam Wolf
Hans Valdez
Jajaja she's so funny and she has a great voice. I love Anne Hathaway
rampart rod
after today tihis is such a joy
navi torres
I love Anne but Meryl!!! She's a Queen!!!
Olga Doo
how could someone dislike this?
canal da juh
maw san
Anne is so lovely! I love her so much.
Ernat Makhambetov
Who knows where I can find the full version this concert (or show)???)
Reena Nijkamp
So sweet! I love her
Thy Dang
I wish Anne and MEryl made another movie together :D
tenzin yangdon
wow😃 what a beautiful way to dedicated a song. loved it
tenzin yangdon
wow😃 what a beautiful way to dedicated a song. loved it
Charm crystal
Anne actually started on Broadway
지성 C.
Beautiful placement on the note at 2:03/2:04
Nguyen Quynh
cai gi cung dep . tu khuon mieng den doi mat...
Gianni Teleska The Official
i love you Anne Hathaway
Owl Good
1:58 gave me chills
R. E. Hill
Wow! Her talent is borderline spooky.
Beatriz Valente
Anne Hathaway has an absol9amazing voice
Amanda's Acoustic Covers
Matt Sheldon
Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt are so cute i want to cry .....
Now that's what I call TALENT! Bravo, Anne!
Wow... My goodness. Could this be... could this beee.. Elisa Doolittle ??? Me thinks so.
Anne Cohen
That is so unbelievable! WOW!!!
Anne need to put out a CD, she's got an incredible voice!
Bells Babu
Beautiful voice anne hathway
Love it :') Anne's singing voice is so beautiful, swear to God. And love Meryl Streep too! I almost got as emotional as she seemed to be getting, haha.
Anahi Hernandez
i loved this girl is beautiful and fantastic
Huy Lê
Anne Hathaway will be very sucessful on Broadway
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