6 Myths People Still Believe

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Nowadays, in the age of digital technology, any information is just a couple of clicks away from you. But have you ever wondered: can we believe in everything we found? Probably not. So, here are 6 misconceptions everyone blindly believes in.

Mohamed Ameez
Wtf that's really fucks
Sasha Moran
Everybody has blue blood its just that when it touches air it changes colour
Daniel Life
These aren't myths since they have an answer
what about flat earth?
Jellyfish Jakob
If you have blue blood your a alien
Kara Mitchell
Im Scandinavian :3 i come from vikings, witch i already knew.
Ethan Not telling
But how can we believe this?
Jack Hughes
4:56 either that's close to what seizures are or the total opposite
Oh my gosh I take sumitriptan
Killer Brobot
i wanna use 100% of my brain
Let's hit you with a couple more myths people still believe:

1: Flat Earth Theory

It's not even a theory, and it's against all common logic that the earth is round. There are no words to explain why there are so many who still believe that the earth is flat.

One idiot once said "The Flat Earth Society has members all across the globe"

I can't laugh at that anymore without suffocating.

2: Urine Therapy

There's a REASON as to why piss is called WASTE. BODILY WASTE. The body needs to get rid of chemicals and other solubles through water. So it infused some body water with these excretions so they can be removed through pissing. Yet for some reason..

Many people believe that you can drink your own piss to help cure disease, and hell, some even think it cures CANCER. Y'know, the cell DNA mutation that overmultiplies and clots and creates tumors? Who thought drinking waste that NEEDED TO LEAVE THE BODY would somehow be the snake oil of today's medicine? Some people even bathe in their own piss to make their skin a lighter tone.

Trust me when I tell you, the only tone your skin will become is yellow after all those chemicals in the piss seep into your skin.

Just don't do that please.
Hansi Bonneville
yo haw do people start there blood?
Iron Sword Gaming -limISG
So we can basically cause ourselves to have a spasm then?
Gordie Helmkay
Myth #7. There is a God. It is so sad that in this century, people still believe this nonsense!
Camerom Gauthier
Vickings are my ancestors !!!!!
wolfdream or cookie
I have blue blood
Not to brag, but I can wiggle my ears and raise my eyebrows
Gameratheart O7
our blood is green but when it hits the oxygen it turns red
Jop Stoffels
Napoleon was 5 foot 6
Napoleon was 1 inch shorter than Charizard lol
Mike The Best
i have green blood then
1000000000000000000000000000000 myths that mind warehouse keeps getting people to believe
at 5:00 is that why we sleep?
Silent Shadow
im related to vikings
grillbys the fire monster
i have blue blood
sfh fgc
why did you need to roast adam so bad
the gaming kid moats187
SO IM SPECIAL?????!?!!!?!?!?
I'm an ER physician and blue blood unoxygenated blood. For example in your thigh there is a large vein called "big blue" and it carried blood that has no oxygen left in it from your muscles using it and it brings it back up to get oxygen put back into the blood.
ringtailed bastard
Well your blood looks blue from your vanes that is because it is blue but blood turns red when it touches oxeygen
Noobalistic Noob
I fell on a strawberry black went every were I thought it was black blood it turns out it was mold
Pug Girl
My blood is orange
Landon Carrot Top
your blood is always red even when in your vanes it's just that blue wave lengths can pass through the skin and red wave lengths can't so your vanes appear blue
war nerd
Copper is inportant for the body but all of that copper wouldnt it be too much? For example the recommended Daily intake of copper is 3 mg, and for iron it is ¨18mg
Tyler Dun
I am Napoleon's height
Mizuki Kagamine
I wish I have blue blood
Double Tap Games
I want blue blood
Other myths: There are no cars, telephones, or shoes in Kentucky (believed as late as 1975). Men have one less rib than women (believed by some people today. UPDATE: God took one of Adam's ribs, not any ribs from any other men. See any radiograph.)
Archermaster01 :
God is one of those
Gavin Byrne Tunney
Yeah exactly!
LM gaming vlogger
The horns have rored
Artsy Animations
I still believe that if u put a pen in ur mouth u will die xD. Or I still salute 3 times when I see a single magpie
Riad Achkar
Never trust anyone...

Trust me
Dominick Beatrice
is this true
Amanda Lyell
actually van gough cut the whole ear off.... his doctor drew the injury he was treating, and we have his notes
FangPied FangPied
I have blue blood
Sab ka Baap
Napoleon was my height
Lisa Dove
laura de vos
perform Anyone know larger than this videoB
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