Philip DeFranco
That would be horrible.
David Yeakle
You don't even need to photoshop Putin to make him look gay though. We're talking about a dude who goes shirtless horseback riding.
if Putin wants to protect people against homosexuality, it's not our place to judge. I think the US has went overboard trying to accommodate people that have extreme views. Nowadays you have drag queens reading stories to three and four-year-olds in public schools. This would never have happened 20 years ago. It's progressions like this that make people realize the US is headed down a very dangerous and warped path. So, if Putin wants to Outlaw something that his government agrees with him that is destructive, that's their right to do. I'm sure that we do things that they believe are just as warped.
Ninja Star
I shared it
Tanvir Ahmed
"If I randomly run into seven bulllets, maybe we will know why" - ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚
wrong video my friend you are done !
DISLIKE and iยดm gona STOP the support for you in GERMANY !
Mrs NyaNya
concentration camps can't beat banned memes
Ernie Aguirre
I have that same shirt! I was wearing it when I first saw this video.
Cute Doggo
People really getting mad about the word "nappy" lmao Americans getting too offended again
Jeremy Ostinelli
Bad choice of number there Philly D !

7 ??

Very telling
I would be interested in seeing you have a discussion about the current health bill.
Yasss The Weekly makes it... hard chat for life!
Mista Finnster
How is this youtube censorship a good thing? its allowing a very small amount of people to dictate what people watch. Sure there is a small amount of videos that go against the norm and im not saying i support them but every human is entitled to free speech and if you can't express yourself on YouTube in case it 'offends' people truth or not then we will end up living in a world where the only information we get is bullshit from advertising firms.
you can never go to Russia lol
The Gaming Cookie
To be honest, straight people will, at some point, become a minority lol
FidNip theFrog
There are 666 videos of the Philip DeFranco just thought I'd say that and Phil I agree with you on the democrats :3
CJ Russell
Why are people so fucking stupid...?

sees headline oh my god not paid till 10000 views? No I make no money

I'm not sure if I'm just smart, but I knew it was lifetime..
lauren shankle
That French Montana drag was funny AF. You can roast one person and not everything is about race dang! Stop being so sensitive
samantha shumway
Maybe Putin wants to be a pretty pretty princess
It's unfair to pin any blame on the democrats about the filibuster. Republicans used filibusters more in 6 years than had been used in the over 200 years before. It was unworkable. If anything the dems should have killed this totally back then instead of giving the reps this for free since 2013 knowing reps would fuck them completely if they got the majority.
Jaida Blizard
is it messed up that he used nappy negatively? yeah, it's a bit sad, but if that's his opinion who am I? I think it's messed up that people are denying his blackness just because he's mixed.
Jasons Account
Loresk Canada
Been watching you since Ray William Johnson was uploading.. I sent you an email a long time ago during one of your live podcasts saying I was Gene Simmons' cousin and that I had his phone number and you read it out loud but then didn't call because you were afraid to call him unannounced. That was about 10 years ago but I think about it often. - P.S. It was actually the rick roll hotline
RIP Philip, a Russian assassin is on his way
Andrea Allen
Looks like Bianca Del Rio lol
InkiToast :3
in gonna share diz video
June Kiborn
1800 russians don't like this video
Rick Mulders
I came for spicy memes and i wasn't disappointed. While it isn't fresh Putin's tantrum may well launch it back into dankness. When putin just hands you the seeds for your meme farm. Proud to be Kekistani. #Freekekistan.
Tony Cal
Lmao. Murder someone's soul in 140 characters or less
Be And it was
white people say that alot....i'm disconnected from this or that..........interesting.
Remy Boy
Hey Philip, is there going to be any coverage or opinions you have on what's going on in Chechnya right now involving gay rights and what's happening to large quantities of gay men? There's been lots of word of violence, homophobia, kidnapping and imprisoning gay men against their will in camps and harming them due to their sexuality. There's different resources and opinions but lots of people apparently are unaware of the exact circumstances, but it'd be really if more people could know what was happening and how to help Chechen citizens.
Floris Fiedeldij Dop
Well, in the meantime they create gay concentration camps, so.. yeah
jr diaz
Hello in Russia there's gays Jehovahs witnesses or other people being persecution
newly gamer
as a black women no I'm not offended in the slightest
Batowski 777
App doesnt work with scotish dialouge
Ash Warden
If I had the money, Id pay to have someone drop a billion and two of these in flyer form dropped from a plane over moscow and premuch anywhere else of note.
There's enough hate in the black community, do we really need French Montana adding tho?
*shares video
Jason Myers
unless its something crazy like child porn... we should be able to show what you want on youtube. i run a gun and security channel. and they are cracking down on guns on youtube. I dont understand why. Its a god given right to carry a firearm and make a video about it. Anyway thats just my 2 cents. great video bro.
did you say
banned memes
I'm only at a 1000 views :/
Casper Charlesworth
tnx for putting subtitles on your videos, im not deaf i just like subtitles
Can you make this a t-shirt?
honestly I'm not a fan of that Putin picture... not because he isn't a horrible man (he fucking is), just because saying or implying that a prominent homophobe might be gay is a super gross thing to do. that just puts the blame back on us and implies that our oppression is coming solely from inside our own community. fuck. that.
As soon as the clown picture came up I'm like 'Is Phil gonna say nothing about how they spelled "homophobia" wrong?'
Canyon Howard
You ass hole why do you put daddyofives children and their youtube
Lu Bu
Funny how big established channel not harmed by ad decisions doesn't stand up for the smaller people. Your true colors are shown. I am appalled you are exactly the opposite of who i believed you to be.
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