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The Gang Goes Homeless…
TheDeFrancoFam Vlog:
Why Kendall Jenner's Pepsi Ad IS ACTUALLY THE BEST THING EVER! and more:
WOW! The Truth Behind Horrifying Viral Video Is Tragic:
Bad Lip Reading Force Awakens:
Bill Burr Animated:
Life Noggin on Sympathy:
Sophie Monk Interview:
Secret Link:

Russia Bans “Gay Clown” Putin Image:

YouTube Partner Program Rule Change:

Apple Clips:

French Montana Tweet:

Senate Votes “Yes” on Nuclear Option:
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Philip DeFranco
That would be horrible.
Remy Boy
Hey Philip, is there going to be any coverage or opinions you have on what's going on in Chechnya right now involving gay rights and what's happening to large quantities of gay men? There's been lots of word of violence, homophobia, kidnapping and imprisoning gay men against their will in camps and harming them due to their sexuality. There's different resources and opinions but lots of people apparently are unaware of the exact circumstances, but it'd be really if more people could know what was happening and how to help Chechen citizens.
Floris Fiedeldij Dop
Well, in the meantime they create gay concentration camps, so.. yeah
jr diaz
Hello in Russia there's gays Jehovahs witnesses or other people being persecution
newly gamer
as a black women no I'm not offended in the slightest
Batowski 777
App doesnt work with scotish dialouge
Ash Warden
If I had the money, Id pay to have someone drop a billion and two of these in flyer form dropped from a plane over moscow and premuch anywhere else of note.
There's enough hate in the black community, do we really need French Montana adding tho?
*shares video
Jason Myers
unless its something crazy like child porn... we should be able to show what you want on youtube. i run a gun and security channel. and they are cracking down on guns on youtube. I dont understand why. Its a god given right to carry a firearm and make a video about it. Anyway thats just my 2 cents. great video bro.
Sol ace
2:07 - Honestly, I support this, Twitch has a proper vetting process for their partnership and makes people appreciate their partnership, so why can't Youtube do the same?
did you say
banned memes
I'm only at a 1000 views :/
Casper Charlesworth
tnx for putting subtitles on your videos, im not deaf i just like subtitles
Can you make this a t-shirt?
honestly I'm not a fan of that Putin picture... not because he isn't a horrible man (he fucking is), just because saying or implying that a prominent homophobe might be gay is a super gross thing to do. that just puts the blame back on us and implies that our oppression is coming solely from inside our own community. fuck. that.
As soon as the clown picture came up I'm like 'Is Phil gonna say nothing about how they spelled "homophobia" wrong?'
Joseph Z
At least Putin isn't controlled by Jews
Canyon Howard
You ass hole why do you put daddyofives children and their youtube
Mohammed The Pedophile
Funny how big established channel not harmed by ad decisions doesn't stand up for the smaller people. Your true colors are shown. I am appalled you are exactly the opposite of who i believed you to be.
I think I reached 10,000 (lifetime) views a few months into having my YouTube channel way back in 2008.
Korey Alexander
brb sharing the video
Lexa Terrestrial
loveeeeee watching you.
pray hands
Rachou Meow
As a French speaker, I am 100% affended by the name of French Montana.
Just kidding, he's just an ass. I get why people are offended though. Even if he's not racist himself, he still has used racist insults to "defend" himself (I mean why do you care so much man? Opinions! People are allowed to have them!).
Hayden Pontes don't spread it, wear it instead (:
Leo Garza
Whatever happened to the monkey intro?? ;(
Philips content is the best, his energy is cool
Sarah Weaver
Pray hands! 😂
you know that French Montana thing has to be looking himself up lmao 😂 😂 so sad 👌 👍
Douglas IRL
You do know Phil that the local Russian "wise guys" run Burbank and Ventura blvd....... maybe you should take this video down, if Putin so bad and these Russians are so bad..maybe you shouldn't taunt guys that have an office next to yours
I wish I had.a dollar for every play, musical, or movie promo featuring the line,."Banned in Boston!".
A mime meme of Putin.
Kpenkiu Cnipm
(yawn) Bo-o-ori-ing!..
1) do I think he is a racist? No
2) was I offended by his tweet? No
3) do I think nappy is outdated and insensitive? Yeah, unless used in a teasing way nappy shouldn't be used as an insult because natural black hair (usually 4a-c) should no longer be seen as ugly
Jillian Zieber
Just a little FYI, that's not a gay clown, that's the makeup of Dr. Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror Picture Show! He's a sweet transvestite, from transsexual Transylvania!
Yoshi Dragon
You're black and you hate a black person? Unbelievable I have never seen that ever in any other race totally
mina mouse
It just looks like a lighter African being racist to another. He should be boycotted.
It's not a game changer because they forgot to add "It's a game changer."
J Beezers
bush did 9/11
Avoid Rhino
You don't like one specific black person?

You are a racist and you hate all black people.
Daniel's Lost
Ug, stop the clickbait
Montana might not be racist, you can shrug that off, that´s just a funny roast, but that tweet was highly sexist as well... That´s what bothers me more.
Chanin Malley
Nah not offended
I was unsubscribed against my will this week. I had thought you weren't making content due to the move.
Mrs. Sawyers
so as a black woman am i 100% offended by French Montanas comments, no. But I understand why people would be he could of easily used other adjectives to describe the women who tweeted but he chose in my opinion "nappy" to sting and hurt. Having natural hair in the black community is not always easy. growing up I was told all the time that my hair was nappy, it was rough, it was tough, it was like Brillo, that it look like peas all types of just crazy, ridiculous ignorant stuff, but sadly enough these words came from my own mother and she still talks this way about my nieces hair and i correct her in front of them. when she did it, it made me very self-conscious and made me do everything possible to make a straighten my hair, chemicals, perms, processing Flatiron, straightening comb and blowing out, everything, so yes hearing nappy hurts and it took a long time for me to be proud of my hair. my hair is now loc'd and I love my hair I couldn't imagine my hair ever being straight again or me ever processing my hair again. but there's so many women that have that self hatred because there's too many people within our own culture that use the word nappy with negative connotations and we need to embrace our hair. our hair textures they vary they're not all going to be wavy, theyre not all going to be straight some of them will be kinky and some of them will be nappy and it's okay.
Will Handrich
When I see that Putin meme, it makes me think not of Putin but of Udo Kier, who was, is, and always shall be one of the coolest figures in cinematic history. When placed in such a montage, Kier seems simply to be capitalizing on and increasing his coolness. So, why in the world would Putin not want to be seen in this picture? Is he simply homophobic? He has insisted in a number of interviews that that is not the case; he's gone so far as to point out that he even has homosexual friends, after all. Does Putin simply not want to be seen as cool? Is he trying to channel the spirit of Adam Sutler from V for Vendetta?
Not Edgy
Dmitrij J
you made me google who French Montana is...
Tereos Fera
Hi comrade, im UK international student from Russia. And want you to know my country is f@cked on so many levels people cant even imagine. Cult of personality is alive and deeds of propaganda you can see even outside of RF (im talking about you stupid RT). I hope you can spread the word about opposition that trying to fix corruption which exist on grand scale back in Motherland. People not only oppressed by their gender identity but also on their political and life views. If you can shine some light on events taking place about strikes and protests happening right now and people being arrested for holding constitution (another extremist piece of material in Russia) or doing peaceful protest. People of my country will benefit as the word about this spread. As mentioned before we dont have legitimate media or president.
Ths for support.
Peace and prosperity.
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