JOURNEY TO THE WEST 2 Trailer (2017) Chinese Fantasy Movie

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Journey to the West 2 Trailer (Journey to the West: Demon Chapter Trailer) - 2017 Chinese Fantasy Movie
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About Journey to the West: Demon Chapter:
Tang Monk brings three disciples on a journey to the West. On the outside, everything seems harmonious. However, tension is present beneath the surface, and their hearts and minds are not in agreement. After a series of demon-capturing events, the monk and his disciples gain mutual understanding of each others' hardships and unease. Finally, they resolve their inner conflict and work together to become an all-conquering, demon-exorcising team.

anajo Rovelo
astig neto
Deo Lan
Why do asain movies have bad cgi from 2001?
Some of these shots look like they're from a student film.
Lucas Lopes
Jin Mo-Ri? :v
Sebastián Melgarejo
Anime4 Mii
nah i gonna stick with wu kong instead :P
icarus 65536
helicopter kong
Daniel Johansen
Looks pretty terrible.
Mck Dgz
the buddhist monk Xuanzang is kinda stupid ..easily deceive by the good looks of beautiful ladies that turns out to be demons ..punishes Sun WuKong (Monkey King) as if he's his slave ..a contrary act to teachings of Buddha ..buddhist monk hurting other is a disgrace act .. the monk also fails to separate worldly desires and still continues to linger with temptations like lust, admiration and submission to the lady demons ..sided more to the demons trickery instead of heading the Monkey King advice not to give in to his weakness which is the monks love to the woman who Sun Wukong has killed the time he was wild and unmanageable until Buddha give him the golden crown that made him more a bit human soul than being a merciless demon before. ..
Asep Ramadhani
This great mythology story movie the best,part when wu Kong gate blamed by Buddha and catch till trapped on five finger thats real sad to me!!!!
Milka Fania

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HAP Company
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Hollywood : China GG
بغداد الحبيبه
Itzel Escobedo
I just finished watching the first one and I loved it. I especially like the comic side of it but does this one have that same comic side as the first??? Or is it more like an action romance movie???
Jass Boparai
anyone see hanuman the hindu god
Ardeshir Panahi
This looks fantastic. Love the visual style. Can't wait 😊
Naru Uzumaki
John Arvin Flores
Hello. When is the showing of this movie?
Karen Lee
1986 tv series is the most authentic with first class performance by Liu Xiao Ling Tong as Monkey.
Boa String Field
why you made sun wukong so fukin UGLY.... ?

forget the efect men...... people would only see this once and FORGET it.

unless you made a comedy movie with memorable good character agains evil.
abhimanyu panwar
From where I can download this movie .i have been waiting for ''tis since February
V Vidzz
wow what a trailer
Ben Marcelo De Castro
Will there be part3???
I like how the Pig was totally useless and the fish had usefull abilities but was not given a chance to fight full force xD It was all about the monkey king kicking butt.
The Quadruple Immortal Monkey King
이건 전편은 잼나던데.
Yang Lee
part 2 was a big disappointment compare to part 1.
whatever i owed him... i've repaid it in full
whatever he owes need to repay
i hope my friends say these... too
Sahnu Khan
Ion Meth
Don't like the cg, but the emotions they put in this trailer is awesome
G_ _T
Is this out??
abdul hadi Safi
Where I see full movie?
Derek Bates
The graphics are weak, the actors sound like a bunch of angry dogs, but because it's an all Asian cast with kung fu and subtitles, naturally Otaku are gonna be psyched!
good I always thought his monk master was a dumbass. he knows Wu Kong's fire eyes can see through all demons yet he believes strangers over his own disciple. fuck his dumbass
Logan Chiang
Boo! The whole thing doesn't make sense.
Bill Kong
I guess we've gotta wait another few years for a good adaptation of this to be made. Until then at least there's the 1986 tv series
Roberto Palacios Soto
que bonito
Fancy Pickle
Damn Monkey king was so Dominating in Dota he got a movie?
Barbara Barbara
yuwen yue😙
Artsy Christian
Now i see why none of the original cast returned for this crap.
nananananananan batmann
this film is ten of tons better than new films of dragon ball
Aamir Shahzad
plz tell me releasing date movie.
The first is Stephen Chow director, good comedy. The second is director of Tsui Hark, good at martial arts
MothX2017 Bunny Cutie
Wait...Pigsy's a Woman!?
A 2 Z BD Offcial TV Channel
Joseph Kevin Vizcarra Tinta
lo que no me gusta es que serán otros actores :( pero va estar buena la peli
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