Roberto Palacios Soto
que bonito
Fancy Pickle
Damn Monkey king was so Dominating in Dota he got a movie?
Barbara Barbara
yuwen yue😙
ChristianGal 777
Now i see why none of the original cast returned for this crap.
nananananananan batmann
this film is ten of tons better than new films of dragon ball
Aamir Shahzad
plz tell me releasing date movie.
The first is Stephen Chow director, good comedy. The second is director of Tsui Hark, good at martial arts
MosuX25 Bunny Cutie
Wait...Pigsy's a Woman!?
A 2 Z BD Offcial TV Channel
Joseph Kevin Vizcarra Tinta
lo que no me gusta es que serán otros actores :( pero va estar buena la peli
Ronald Joseph Embile
SUN WUKONG heroes evolved
Im Superman
stephen chow journey to the west 1 is way better and funny
Clay Reznor
I had no idea this was a sequel. I looked it up and it's not directed by Stephen Chow, but it's directed by Tsui Hark. Hark goes overkill in the visual effects. The first movie (Stephen Chow's journey to the west ) had comedy and Shu Qi
Is this one even made by stephen chow? the actors look different
khang na
what ssj is that?
this better than that netflix journey to the west
Kimberly Ysabelle
will Miss Duan be here? I like her. A lot
Mike90 susanoo
Man, where the hell can I watch this for free? Can anyone provide a link if some were able to watch it
where is goku
The first one, was fucking horrifying. A freaking doll like human is actually a freaking pig...
Seraph Saitama
Where did Barbie boar go?
Omega Fire
0:11, this scene looks awfully familiar from Asura's Wrath. Except, it was Asura in place of Harambe.
fozia official
Wow, only stephen Chow can meet Hollywood level in making movies
Sindh KabooterBaz
thanx for upload i like tthis movies
Alexander Gameing
it like Dragon Ball Z
Peter Nova
this director should make a Dragon ball z film
Kwame Acheampong
This one looks like it reaches Gurran Lagan levels of epicness!!!
AnEeM ShErPa
full movie plz
Jonathan Suniga
so the main protagonist in part one became a villain here.
relecen date
Rub Cueva
epic trailer!!!!
jason the frog
bad comedy
Shuaib Khan Khan
please dabeed Hindi this movie
Mireks the rex
Федя Борзянкин
Vileena Vinayan
Superb awesome fantastic thrilling movie.....lin gengxin is my favourite........
Reagan Laffite
Hongkong and Chinese movies have fallen from grace. No more strong characters like Chow yun fat, slapstick like Stephen Chow, and Martial artists to take the mantle of Jet, Jackie and Donnie. Its all about funny hairstyles and silly graphics.
Laughing Man The
Base on a real story of Harambe
Tania Khan
aaaa wu yi fann
TBNRLandoPug _
Why did the changed the characters? In the first movie they looked nothing liked that..
Jermaine Antonio
yo!! this movie is lit just watched it yesterday <3
Wish this was like Avatar the legend of Aang
Artaher Duron
Wait hold on - I can't tell but is there multiple Monkey demons in this one or are they fighting AGAIN for the 2nd bloody time...

Either way I do not care!! Just give me this movie now please and thank you!!!
David Mandao
Nice video
David Mandao
Nice video
Lord Aizen
fuck this shit kirs wu fuck u where are the actor from first one
kab reales ho ge monkey 3
nice movie greart
dude the graphics!
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