Unbox Therapy
Charger / Emergency Tool (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2q3Lqg1
Charger / Emergency Tool (International) - http://geni.us/syU8

LectroFan Micro (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2pitkpP
LectroFan Micro (International) - http://geni.us/mxNQ0O

iPhone / Android USB (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2oHq8QN
iPhone / Android USB (International) - http://geni.us/ri12UAh
covennett halo
Does it work with Filza / ifile to put files on drive?
Ben Abbott
if you are sinking in a car, do not use this tool if your car is under the water, and there is still air in the car. broken glass and tons of water will flow directly on to you.
Aashir Khan
Lou ur the best tech savy
Chase the Sage and Sunshine!
i sleep with a fan even in winter just for the sound
amazon prime music has great white noise loops. Just got to find them!
SCS Gaming
Your intros are ridiculous but I like the video
Scarface Savage
Lew: ‘Tell me you're not more relaxed!’
Me: ‘Actually, come to think of it, I do feel a little bit better.’
Lew: ‘You're lying!’
Clickbait I came here for lightning to vga
Timpronica Timpronica
I love the presentation on all videos 😂😂😂😂 crazy 🍻🍻🍻🍻
Hit me with your music link. I like the music you play in your videos testing stuff but I never know the artist ):
Allan Moore
Does anyone remember the name of that black diamond looking thing Lew posted about that allowed hit to know the exact colour code of an object. (He put it to a cola can something in the video.)
xXlackrockaXx yo
Awesome but why there are dislikes
ThemNutrients 47
INCREDIBLE GADGETS! Let’s me just take 50min talking about it.
Kayli Shelton
Did he say “white noise”? Wtf is white noise😂
gets all christmas gifts from the "cool gadgets under... series
Daboon Daboon
Thank you
Unbox Therapy dat speaker tho
Phoenix Kid
With the USB thing, is there a version of it for Type C phones?
Turbans & Tunics
and then in the middle of your relaxing video a LOUD ASS AD COMES IN.
Turtle Raid_RB
under 25 bucks
Love You
Lew, why don't you make something apart!! What about an acrylic canvas painting😂😏
Dusk Legend
Fuck that cloud nonsense
Ramon Santos
Out of all the gadgets ive seen. The storage is probably the most practical and usefull
Victor Huff
I kept hitting rewind on the first second of this video. It starts to sound like a duck after a minute.....yes, I sat here for multiple minutes doing this.
I don't need white noise, my bed's right next to my desk, so my PC is right behind my head, and you better believe I never turn it off.
that little thing isn't going to break a fucking car window.
holy shit a fan speaker!!!! amazing for winter. I can not sleep without a fan going constantly
Rob Eagle
How..can you sleep with that Noise?!
Alex R
For that last one, if you have a samsung, your phone should come with a usb-micro adapter to just use a traditional usb for file transfer. If your phone didn't, you can get one at walmart for $5
kubilay.s s
The white noise thing hurts my head
Ron Barnes
This guy for sure would be a good rapper. He has a voice for music or public speaking. Guess that is why he has a wildly successful YouTube channel.
Why can't u listen to black noise??
Czyrus Zamora
wtf....white noise sound is so relaxingg!!ughh
Kalinga Lakay
wtf hahah i nearly fell asleep on that white noise with a fan noise. i closed my eyes for a second lol
Maffoo_Entertainment Inc.
I thought I was the only one that like fan noise while I sleep
Mr Testiggles
thank u for the red circle in thumbnail I would not have noticed gadget
Epic Gamer
I have that usb
Cool Bro
This guy reminds me of a nerdy Fred Durst XD love this channel
for the first one how often do you crash your car, unless your a bad driver then i would use it
I fall sleep to vacuum noises. You're not alone.
Roman Singh
Ima spend all my money from my minimum wage job on this stuff!
why spend money on a sleep speaker when you could just have netflix playing in the background at a low volume?
the please enter your gf's # below. thx
the first white music made me sleepy
KurtP Gaming
jacks the camera ilumanati confirmed
Kai Lupertz/Corston
How does a human do that (0.01)
Tanner Wheeler
That charger glass breaker I got my thumb with one once and i have never seen a finger bleed more from such a tiny hole
Supersourdog yt
Under 5 $
How am i lying I almost fell asleep with that white noise against the microphone and I was wearing headphones.
How am i lying I almost fell asleep with that white noise against the microphone and I was wearing headphones.
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