Recess!! | Hannah Stocking & Inanna Sarkis

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Hannah Stocking
Ashton Higginbotham
Hanna is really pretty
Ron Saad
i luv uuuu
Biunka Reuben
In class if recess went crazy after the bell we would be in so so much trouble
Well I think
Twenty one crybabies At the disco
It hurts me inside to see a kid have sass or be a teacher
Nini Kobakhidze
Hannah Alquiroz
twan is the cutest
It's Myra Kaster
Well u know what? YOUR MOM
Sharita Williams
she is amasing
Pugs All Day Mat e
Oh my god I love recess (I'm in grade three)
Shawdow Girl12
it was funny dwan posses him self😂
Taronis Mamlatdar
Nice choker
Duy Le
Lol the guy can't even get out of the slide
Jennifer Mansbook
I learned about tectonic plates in 6th grade, and she's in 2nd grade
Only came here for jilly cause she a baddie
Brianna Banana squad
Idk about you guys but in my school 5th graders don't have resses
Tele Tuifao
Of course
Anas Glesa
Hannah stocking are you kind beca
Amelia Marielle Ludeña
Twan looks like devan key
Laila Benhamou
William Magnon
I loved this video thx for being a good YouTube
Tony Aheer
I love Hannah Stocking
Nyanko - Sensei
What did he eat for lunch? 🤢
sparkles emerald
Everyone goes crazy when it's recess
Lyndt Steff
at the start is so funny
I subscribed AND turned on the notification bell!
Eww is that vomit real🤢😷
GG Complimitions
OMG the end is the best 😂😂😂
Rutvi Patel
It's weird the kid is the teacher.
Mia Echlin
who brings their backpacks to recess?
Brynn roswell
Elementary it's recess vevery one rushes out..
junior high batman ninja with your friend out of the school to buy tacos to
highschool does the same as junior high
college sneaks yourself Into the office and hits the bell
work stuck in hell... but you can sticky note the windows
Jewel Is Back
Ruth Mokamba
3:26 ewww why did twan peee
Galilea Moreno
They are in 1st grade and their learning about tectonic plates. I'm in 5th grade and we are not even learning about that.
Rabab Tariq
INANNAS NECKLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍
Ellie The master 0808
reem alafifi
Hannah you kinda look like Alex the girl who plays roblox and more but you look like her and sound like her
Tora Harwood
'My name is Mr.Sawyer, but today you can call me Mr.SteelYoGirl.'
Me: OK Mr.SteelYoGirl. What are we learning today Mr.SteelYoGirl? Tectonic plates Mr.SteelYoGirl? YAY, Mr.SteelYoGirl!!!!!
Samantha Galloway
my mother said hannah stocking is dumb no she is not.
Gabrielle Payer
Are fifth graders supposed say danm?
Mike Chen
I think this was in a local park because, I saw kids in the background
Katie Wright
I love Hannah's necklace
Onat Kıraç
there is a deathly hallows neclase on Innana's neck?!
Tutay Dizon
OMG like I love tether ball
NiXaA BraaT
Mr. Pickles
The guy that let Hannah do turf looks like one of the guys from Black Beatles
Recep Gaming
Diosa Coronada
you dont sing the song like that! thats 1905 way duffos!!!!!😂😂😂😃😂😄😂😃 this is 2017 *________ and ____________ sitting in a treee,doing things that we cant see. first comes love then comes marriage than comes the baby in the baby carrige. That's not all,thats not all, i caught the baby drinking achohol!!!!!! (thats how the kids at my school say it so yeah copy them bc they are super MEAN and they are big bullies so please copy them and say "i invented it" so then they get a piece of thier medicine!!!!! WHOOOO GIRLS RULEE!!!
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