Bryan Yochum
I don't toot
allison wilson
press magic silly particularly guilty dark support bubble tablespoon routine.
Raj Sihota
Hi, i just learnt of her. Does she have speech problems? like is her voice at the end normal, or is it an impediment? her voice changes so much and its hard to tell if shes trying to be funny or if she seriously has a problem, but especially at the end of the video i wonder if she really has an impediment - can some1 clear up?
Lilly The killer!!
I say shit about people behind there back because IM A FUCKING ASSHOLE
FW Dehner
I love your anti gossip stuff and rules of general cool social behavior.
brodder droder
you hot
Артем Башарин
Че происходит?
Alice Ast
I love your accent bruh
God I got tanned at a young age and I hated it but now I realize how desperate people are for one :p
Al Cha
Naomi Collison
I get major serena vanderwoodson vibes from super blonde Jenna!
ZozoMonster 18
We all lie about not liking Greg I mean come on
These videos are so better than the vids she makes today.
hey sup
"I've never watched yaoi"
Nat Deluca
'Im so fat'
Nat Deluca
'I'm not drunk'
Marisol Vejar
all i could think of is trisha paytas
You Just Watched That
"I never eat junk food" .... and we totally didn't upload a skittles and m&ms filled video to our channel...
2:20 she looks like Nicole from big brother
Molly Dawly
Mary Lysobey
She sounds like Nichole arbor in this video
I weigh like 110 LMFAO
Nawal UD
honestly I'm brunette and i spend last summer in LA and my hair turned blonde the sun can make ur hair blonde so its true
I don't buy shoes UNLESS they're on sale. 😂
rewatching old Jenna Marbles videos and loving it
Jenna 17mil....influence the world.
Wow there's an actual sexual seperation on yt astonishing
Why is spiderman not in any new episodes.
Emma Cerrelli
I'm 14 and I'm 4' 8.5" and I weigh like 80 pounds lol
oldstyle analog
Girls lie about being raped.and lie to the police and to the prosecutors.And lie that a black man raped her.Those alegations are serious.And the liberal system is ok for women's lies.
What Up
funny vid. but i figured out a while ago how to know when chick were lying. it's all those times their lips are moving
Jenna Czech
I hate how I know someone in real life that has that voice
omg, what a fucking loser
I feel like jenna used to have a super heavy accent!
HAMMATIC Andrewgyny
I used to think this was the funniest shit ever
Sammi from Jersey Shore is that u
Its Celine
When did Jenna start acting like moq ?
cezara senova
2017 watchers?
Shane Dahlke
so how do you Text?
High Lamas
Bad Gal
RIP marble
Carly Braun
Old Jenna marbles was so Bostonian! Omg love it
Farha Wessam
0:43 so that is the famous picture of her..
Panda Hugs 14
Jenna changed so much
Urfrey Cortez
Lies teens tell their parents plz
I'm Italian but I'm whiter than sour cream.
Pren Mesur
when marbles was alive
Robin Sarver
And this is why I don't have alot of female friends anymore nor will I be stupid enough to let another one like in my life ever again.
Gurl being Italian does not make you tan, sadly
Avery Hamachek
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