Things Girls Lie About


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Jordan Carbaugh
Ew Max
tianna hancock
I like how Jenna doesn't have 2 minute long intros in a 4 minute video
Vladimir Nedeljković
Notice that she stopped and parked to text
Andrew Bloom
Wow she can do "obnoxious valley girl" really well.
Ilovethisgame 43
straight up filthy lies.
Taylor Dossetor
Why do I look in the comment section?!?!?! It's like a mysterious and dangerous monster where if you look you know you'll just be terrified and disgusted with humanity but you still need to know if people have changed for this one video... NOPE NOPE NOPITY NOPE THEY HAVENT
andrew russo
jenna is seriously the only woman I find funny foreal. she has such great humor for a woman in my opinion. love you jenna keep up the funny videos
Alva Rosager
I actually am a short 5'8. It is not a lie.
the things women lie about, oh we just want a nice guy, we just want a guy who is open about his feelings, we just want a sensative guy who understands us and is loyal and always there to care for us. (the trueful version)..........m Nice men make us physically sick we are repulsed by them to a degree men will never understand, we literally will try our best to ruin good men. We want the least sensative brash overconfident stupid abusive man who will beat us every day and abuse our children, we hate loyal men and will only ever fall in love with men that cheat on s and will only give a man a chance if we know he will cheat on us, and then were going to complain that all men are evil and we just want a nice guy. Interesting how the biggest lie that lierally ALL women say isnt discussed here, why not ?
magdalena kuf
and I love how you imitate the accent (right, you imitate XD?)
magdalena kuf
hahahahhahahahahhhaahhahahahhhaha XD
Sweet Mangos
I think of done all of these at least 5 times😂
Mike Sya
16 million lonely sex offender pest retards following this channel lmao.what a fuckinh bullshit
I'm not sure why this was a suggested video for me today. I watched the entire thing even though it was immediately clear that I'd been misdirected. A quick Google search tells me that this person unfortunately makes money creating this content.

That is unfortunate. If this person grows up they will have to live with the knowledge that they contributed to the most pernicious stereotypes​ out there. I don't understand why it would be considered entertaining, stereotypes of this nature aren't amusing, in that they perpetuate a negative image of women and confirm to people who already think this way that they are correct.
This is great.
Savage Matt
Your so pretty and beautiful an I love you and ur videos
Sam from jersey shore?
Daniella Hanna
this video PERFECTLY describes my sister
Kryssy Kook
Omg look at how little Marbles iiiiiiissssss
Taryn Clark
Name of the video: Things girls lie about
Me: Everything
kunal anjankar
Things girls lie about:

1)Almost everything.
Michael Smith
women r good for sex
"i cant have sex , i have headache "
thing girls don't lie about would have made a shorter video.
Golden Girl
I've lied about like 17 of those😂😂
this is one of my fave videos of jennas
Rikth Dcruze
The intro is awesome!! lol...
isabel gravelding
Serena Roberts
Jenna, you always make me happy
Lana is Iconic
You forgot "I haven't eaten all day"
Clif Jackson
I think Jenna looks really good without make-up.
Akay Mo
I feel like im watching the real house wives of Beverly Hills.
Tenille Joy
anyone else still watching this in 2017 ??
Hannah Lee
Woah she looks so much like blake lively @2:27! I <3 Jenna.
Is she Italian ? Jenna, doesn't look Italian but she ?
Damn they lie like that lol???? #Golden 🍀
S Bonin
Jennas business is probably all blown apart.
Lucas Sebastião de Almeida Castro
Who's here from YouTube Creator's Academy?
_daveshadow6_ O
Her voice is so funny😂
Lindsey H.
Why does this remind me of Jersey Shore???
Dave Sawdey
You forgot___
1." Ill love you forever"
2.'""of course im on the pill"
3. "Im cumming"
Peyton Gestl
when you said eww no I don't like danny for one bish my boyfriends name is danny lol and 2 I like this guy and I would never admit it to anyone because a bunch of people hate him and bully him and he's mean and ugly but he's funny so I like him lol
tim johansen
love to hear her talk.. (men also lie)
Leo F
Jennamarbles = Awesome
Edward Piper
Sick chains
Jessica Snow
Kaile Bohnstengel
anyone notice how she talked like a valley girl the entire video?? hahaa
"The baby is yours"
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