Logan Stroganoff
abandoned homes are fascinating. I've been through one in my hometown and it took quite a bit of research but, as is often the case, we discovered that the owners had passed away and the children had moved all across the country. it's really sad but we actually were able to get in touch with the daughter and she said we could clean it out and keep/sell whatever we wanted.i was amazed bc it still had a lot of useful stuff in it and every time I found something particularly interesting I asked her again to make sure.i got the impression the kids weren't close with the parents and that perhaps there was some sort of rift in the family bc she seemed utterly unsentimental about the place
Kristy Ferla
I guess the wildness is keeping this place safe. All that growth has been growing for a long time. Live the furnace. Geez that's an oldie! An the old bike is amazing. Going to watch part two now. Just found you today Janne. N now subscribed. Hey from Nevada USA!
Julia Bauer
HA! underpants! really interesting house.
Kade Hettrich
Love house. Fixer upper for sure. Wonder who owns house and land. Tiny house. Nice thanks for exploring
Heather Cameron
such a waste these homes just left to rot, its a pity they couldn't a lot them for the homeless and give prisoners the day job of fixing them up, thatd be doing good.
Barbara Nallon
Remember Janne like I am here in the U.S.A. and a lot of things are diffrent then .Like your heating or diffrent foods ect. I am enjoying your tapes.God Bless
Iris Cord
Axix Graham
I guess you never saw that succubus above the closet. .........lmfao
Carmen Chilson
In the USA this stuff would be worth thousands of dollars yes. I would suggest you try to find out if there is any family left that belong to the person who lived there and see if they would be willing to let you clean out the house and sell the items and you could always give them 50% of it. You would still make quite a bit of money on these items. Even the newspapers and magazines are worth money and definitely the bicycle and that old tub the big dresser and closet in the living room with the fancy woodwork is worth a lot of money. I know many antique collectors that would just go crazy over some of the stuff. Seriously you ought to see if you can get the family to allow you to sell the stuff and split the money made off of the items 50/50.
Boi Man
Thats not a "milk thing" thats a spitoon you spit in them
Urbex NY
Gorgeous find, I love how old and untouched it all is. Very nice!
AngryRed Banjo
Nice old place with much history. Enjoyed your narration and accent.
Cristi Sister
I have the biggest crush on U!!!
lorraine daniels videos youtube 2586 Daniels
it's very creepy int it the home it's sad but very creepy πŸ˜‰πŸ˜™
Jimmy Russell
Old Singer Sewing Machine....like my grandmother had when I was very small . No electric , foot operated. Later on Singer did sell a conversion kit to convert to electric.Greetings from Hot Springs Arkansas USA , Neat old machines , nice video .
Jimmy Russell
Ha Ha , News flash Explorer finds entrance . Very odd . I would like more doors. Great explore , Thanks.
Michael Norman
Great video sir. I am an American living in Minnesota but am Swede-Finn in ancestry on my father's side. Our relatives came from Kronoby and a few other smaller villages around there. Quite fascinating to see these great videos of yours. Thank you.
That is a beautiful cedar cabinet.
donald day
I really like how you move slowly and not moving Camera with every thing a blur, a lot of these guys video s are so fast you cant see anything
fred fuchs
This guy is funny. XD I had to sub.
Although question.
When you go into these places, can you sense the life that was there before? When I watch these, if I just really tune in, I can almost see the people and feel the lives that used to be there, like the energy is still there.
Dorothy Branham
It does look like cabinet from conjouring. Lol
Andrew Gems
By the look of the clothing and the beautiful sheer curtains, I guessed it's in Germany!
Andrew Gems
What Country is this from?
Michael Johansson
Oh man, didn't know I could be going exploring all this time, never knew that here in Finland there would be abandoned houses. Just have heard about some bunkers in Helsinki but that is so cool. Keep up the good work dude!
David trueslayor
I think you are more right than you know about that closet is like the Conjuring I like to find paranormal things in old abandoned houses- this house has many, not all are easy to point out, but one is the crawl space check out @22:19-20 as your closing the door, if you hit the pause/stop just at 22:20 (its better with wide screen) you will see 2 heads/skulls? and maybe one giant ghost spider, lol or whatever has long white legs.
I guess when you called out anyone home they heard you- yikes :->0 !
David trueslayor
Hello greetings from Florida Janne ! Hows it going in Finland that's where all that good vodka is right, lol. So @13:15 you say "Just a Bible" then the wind kicks up maybe God telling you need Him especially with as haunted that room is !
sherrie jordan
Funny, the fabric on that red couch is like the fabric that was on my grandparents couch. I would say 1960's on the couch.
Linda Gutierrez
Thank you for showing the video
The Tempest
do u always explore alone?
Kathryn Thompson
Can you please say your location, if this is you country ?, it beautiful there. Love your videos.
nancy ulery
i love watching what u do, but spend more time on the kitchen which is the heart of any house.
Blogger of bruges
damn i like this video !!!
i love to make urbex video's to !!!
The Lying Scotsman
Hi Janne I just found this channel and I like it .You seem like a nice guy and you are funny even if you don't mean it .nice house .nice video.subbed.
May I ask where do you do your exploring? I love your accent.... can listen to it all day. My grandma had a sewing machine like that,,, it was 100+ years old when she past away in the early 2000's. The child's bed was hand made? Every thing seems to be older than 1970's, but the newspapers say 1980... weird. I even looked up the Jaana magazine to find out where you explore... but came up empty.... I really enjoy your videos
Nancy Housel
you are the only one out of all videos I watch that will answer back and I respect you for that my friend
I saw Narnia through that wardrobe. I'm sure of it. I enjoyed this and look forward to seeing more!
Nancy Housel
would u send me a shirt with you're picture and sign it for me with a black marker
Hahahahahaha...just found your video's and I like your underpants...I love your accent the most...on to part 2...
What camera you using brother?
Hello! I just wanted to say you are cute! And maybe you can move the camera a little bit slower. Have a nice day!
Sandra Aguilera
Extraordinario , hermoso , es un poco del pasado que inspira nostalgia , los detalles de esta casa son preciosos.
Maravilloso vΓ­deo .
Green Eyed
Is this Finland? My Grandparents came from there!
Green Eyed
What country is this?
Jacob R
Nice windy day
What country are you in?
Rosy Katz
i wanted to see the upstairs!
Lyle Raustadt
I quessed 1972 on papers. Good job on video. As a half Finn on Ma s side appreciate your exploring and the fact you ride! Stay safe and keep making vid s Janne!
Adam Fredriksson
Superb video! I just made a video about a abandoned house it would mean alot if you checked it out.
Helen Hollywood Explores
Really great find, beautiful place πŸ‘»
Would love to be to make a video here for my abandoned exploration channel πŸ“½

Would be so grateful if you could come take a peek at my videos pretty please, and maybe like or subscribe πŸ‘»πŸ’€πŸ‘½
Gene Conlon
You need a partner so you can steady that camera and have someone else move stuff around. Too shaky. Too fast panning around.
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