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Blake X
Trump has made a few mistakes, however, it's better than having Hillary in office.
J Lafo
go watch this on the original channel
Lou Bonnet
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Char Bucket
If you're dumbfounded by all this madness, congratulations, you're a true American, because basically, the actions of many GOP, Trump and his cabinet don't make sense to people who still understand and value the importance of true democracy. The GOP and Trump are slowly sliding down the path of totalitarianism. The House isn't even the House anymore, it's just a second Senate, which fiercely shifts the checks and balances system, and they haven't had any public hearings for the Health Care Bill, it's gone straight to the floor of the senate without any invitation for public input, which is unheard of for such a massive bill that affects so many people. What do you call a government that slowly tweaks the core regulations in the system so one party can pass legislation easier and closes their ears to the citizens of their country when discussing a bill that will deeply affect everyone? Take a wild guess.
All the crap this man talks.. Hillary is still 100x worse than Donald Trump ever will be America dodged a bullet.
Lucius Stryker
1:53 I heard about a performance artist that claimed he had stared at a picture of Ted Cruz's mouth for over an hour. No one on the podcast believed that was possible.
Let's see if congress will take Kim's testimony.........the whole Seth Rich thing is creepy.
Peanut butter with animals sounds more like Johns thing then anything. Also sounds like he speaks with some know how on the matter.
Also we are not in the fucking 80s and yet dipshits still acting like it's the middle of the cold war.
Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV
Another incredibly misleading hit piece by John Oliver. This level of propaganda only works on people who refuse to seek knowledge for themselves. An educated person on these manners would be able to see this light, and only these people can see why Trump hasn't been impeached and why he will not.
I will vote for Trump if he removes every muslim from America! The Muslims are RAPING and KILLING across the west. Islam is the religion of death.

They are worse than NAZI Germany.
Marsha Creary
String Cheese Fasts or Starvation Diets?
Clive Temple
I notice Big Chief Little Hands hasn't dared take on the mighty John Oliver. Alec Baldwin is much more his level.
Cray-Cray Chappy
Does anybody Googles anymore? If John Oliver has only anti-Trump-family propaganda, that only means his paycheck has a Dem. Party source --- nothing else. In 5 minutes, republicans could pay him to praise anything they want. John Oliver has credits,too!
steve STAR
🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trump - Greatest President Ever !!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
👨🏼‍⚖️👨🏼‍⚖️ Now we own the Supreme Court for the next 40 years!! 👨🏼‍⚖️👨🏼‍⚖️
Catherine Gold
I love you #johnoliver
Dawn Brown
I hate that I now know that the country has an extremely high population of idiots who could still back and support Trump. Then again I was in shock to learn Trump had won the election so what do I know?
Steve W
Comey, Clinton, and Congress............all Criminals.
That's the same type of crap that happens in South Africa with Jacob Zuma.
Randy Olsen
Ryan is a coward to not even comment on recent events. He's only the 3rd in line behind Pence and represents congress... for the American public to simply let Ryan ho-hum through it shows how sheepish and complacent we've become
Poorly Animated Presents: Little Donald and Friends
Gerrymandered districts full of misinformed voters ensure these assholes won't be held accountable.
Everytime they call Trump "President of the United States" i die a little inside
Sonabh Bubna
Wow. All this makes me think that the US polititicians and politics is no better than the cheap politics that is practiced here. Just wow. Perhaps the IQ level of average American has definitely fallen to the level of them electing a slob like Trump. You guys have earned him. Slowly and gradually with more politicians and supporters of Trump getting into the white house, your standards of governence and politics will fall down to the average third world country.
Rod Blum surrounded himself little black children before an interview with a local affiliate, than after the VERY FIRST QUESTIONS, rips his mike off and start yelling at he reporter that he's setting him up and, once again, this is ALL happening in front of the children he's tried to surround himself with in hopes that the interviewer will "take it easy on him"!!! Rod Blum is a DISGRACE and Iowa is fucking stupid if they elect him again.
Ty Pettri
john lynn
the Russian Government are a bunch of Gangsters.. and the United States invite them to the Whitehouse..why?
tremer 2009
Thanks, consumer.:)
"Congress: 534 people less annoying than Ted Cruz...and also Ted Cruz."
Patrick Foley
Shame on Jim Comey for releasing the truth regardless of how you feel about it!
Hes dang right :'D
The minute Comey started the investigation it was only a matter of time before he was fired. He helped Trump and his cronies get to the WH. After that he's dispensible. As far as Congress or for that matter the Senate are concerned they've shown their own culpability from the start. This all started when they didn't take the ethical and moral road by denouncing Trump vehemently during his campaign and after his nomination seeking his endorsement. We are becoming a mere shadow of our democratic selves.
Little Lulu
just putrid.....this man just vomits on people and he thinks its funny? it isn"t
Godless Conservative Girl
How the fuck is John Oliver a thing????
Jacob Byrd
stop that boy!!!!
ANON6_ Injerin
Well, has anyone ever thought of Comey being a complete fucktard spotlighter (example: His so called investigation on Hillary or Clinton's as a whole?) I understand Trump is as simple as home made soap, but c'mon this guy was a virus.
Rick Ruben
those are some serious hints
David Post
republicans are such terrible dirt bags. For the rest of my life I will never respect anyone who supported Trump. I will go out of my way to cause a Trump supporter a problem.
Frank Martin
Am I the only one who thinks its kind of insane that the president was able to fire the guy who was investigating him for corruption? I mean, in what fucking world does that make any kind of sense?
Tim Phillips
Do Paul Ryan and the other Republicans have any clue that they are letting Trump utterly destroy them? Of course they don't ...
Paul Theroux
John Oliver: Shill for the Deep State.
Am I the only one who heard 'President of the United stage'?
Joseph A. Cornelius
We are all in deep shit.
Angry people are not funny.
All Trump has to do to get impeached is say black lives matter lol
Mark Reviews
That Ted Cruz burn was SAVAGE! Hahaha!
Mike Harrell
John Oliver is a cunt!
Pedro Dias
my guess is that trump is making all this "entertainment" to the public while he is actually taking care of bussiness as usual!!he is a bussiness man,dont exepect him to behave like a politician!!politicians(and media) are easily subdued by powerfull bussiness men....not the other way around!!he is ok with russia,ok with china,japan,even the briths are ok...he he he only politicians,media fell threaned by this man(aka:president of USA,aka:most powerfull bussiness man in the world),,,and fail to see that in the end this a power strugle to see who gets the power over people....they fight for power but common people stay their sheep in the end,,and sheep will follow the strongest.....Now choose your poison.
Intentionally Left Blank
Thanks for uploading!
I wonder if this dumb ass knows that of the network finds this channel that he will be in alot of trouble
Juan Claude
Why did the democrats lost to Donald Trump? (Honest Question)

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