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My 4 year old loves Guardians of the Galaxy! Check out some of his skits and our crazy Disneyland Guardians Vids!
Anja Healy
Kinnikuma N
Did they use a Zombies Ate my Neighbors bass line in there?
dija suhada
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WASABI เกรียนเมอร์
what music?
John Allen
The 2nd was a great movie! It should win an academy award!
Patricia Suarez
0:34 Merle Dixon from "the walking dead" the brother of Daryl Dixon!!!!!!!!!!!
adam daniel
Groot is like jarr jarr binks in star wars... Wrecks a good film...
Paola Barriga
Does anyone know the name of the song they used in this
Lupo 666
I've seen the movie 3 times already, I loved it. But I keep coming back to this trailer. I think it's the greatest use of a Fleetwood Mac song ever used in a trailer
Calvin Candie
So glad Michael Rooker died in this one
Dylan Williams
I was in Shocked to see one of my Favorite Character die in the movie while Quill could have gave him his mask and if yall haven't seen the Movie I won't tell u who Dies
Pia Hansen
Had been super concerned they were not going to be able to follow up guardians 1........boy, I had NOTHING to worry about.....I've watched Guardians 2, six times now ( after getting the DVD the other day ) and it gets better every time, as there is so much going on, your eyes can't take it all in, so you notice new things in lots of scenes.....Positively BRILLIANT !
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 = worst SF film ever made. A film for kids only.
Do not buy the DVD ... rent it only. I realize that Georges LUCAS is a master-director with a timeless vision.
Dominic Anglada
This movie was trash
Link ViVi
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Usually sequals are weak but not this one! Guardians have their own spirit and atmosphere! 2nd part is a logical continuation and has characters development. Love it! Truly awesome! Now waiting Infinity War and Avengers4 for Guardians mostly 😂😂
This is my comfort movie, I watch it at least once a week
Owen Ltd
Great colourful movie
Great cameo appearances
Great jokes....Mary poppins
Great entertainment
Great looking people
Anno Nyme
I'm not a huge fan of the marvel universe but lately, Logan, guardians of the galaxy and homecoming started to change my mind.
Still The Avengers looks stupid to me, but who knows, i might love them one day. Marvel's films keeps getting better.
Ken Donohue
I loved the opening credits in this movie with Baby Groot dancing
Strawberry pumpkin
one thing i learned from watching this movie:

harry was a wizard this entire time.
Carlos Li

Niranjanah Subramanian
What's the song in this trailer
Terrestrial Mixer
The end made me cry. Like if you've watched the movie and cried. 😭😭
Vaas Montenegro
I honestly didn't expect this movie to be touching .
Why Yondu Why did u make me cry ?
Wendy Simmons
Oh, I have to see this!!!
wolfys gaming and vlogs
I saw this in 3D the moment it came out, I cried it was so good..
Kirsten Tack
Don't trust quills dad
song on movie 24:35 planet Contraxia?
Abhi Plays
This how you turn death of a superhero's mother into a REAL tragedy DC.
#BvS lol
Chris Bryan
Chris Pratt is f**kin hot. That shirtless scene!
Coco Pops
This was such an amazing sequal and so damn sad :(
the only thing that would've made it as iconic n amazing as the first one would have been using better music. Not one track has made me wanna search it up like the first one did.
But othr than that it gave me marvel early 2000s vibes when they cared about QUALITY
Otto Suokas
1:30 Best scene!
Anna Massey
Am I wrong I thought I saw Sly in the movie he was mentioned?
Autobot AvengerXL5
0:05 aren't big guns Rocket's thing? 0:50 and is Groot eating M&m's?
this was 1 cheap comedy, trash visual effects, lame emotions, acting=0 movie the 1st movie was slightly better but i dunno somehow find this movie really bad probably worst marvel movie after iron man3 and thor2...

too much hype around this movies and most turn out to be avarage or suckass like this one lets hope infinity war 1and2 will deliver! The only marvel movies considered to be good i would say iron man 1 dr strange and civil war, ragnarok looks promising but so did look cpt.usa 1 or spidy hc or age of ultron turned out to be pretty much average tuo stil lightyears better then got vol1a.2
Fleetwood Mac - The Chain otherwise known as the F1 theme tune.

Music sucks today.
pug legend
R.I.P yon doo
I Am Groot
I am groot!
Benzo McHenzo
what's the song that starts at :047?
Muzaffer Kurt
Тhis is the niсеist moviе i evеr sеe!!! I advisе evеryboooody tо wаtch it :) https://twitter.com/ba8896cf22da9c191/status/854152813135265792
Anthony Larson
It's sad what happens to gondu
Just started watching this and 5 mins in its been a few really crap jokes and that wooden little creature dancing around, someone tell me it gets better. I liked the first film but the start of this one is making me angry.
This trailer has some nice ass sound, like in dsd or flaac format. Probably all of marvel's trailers are like this.
Sandjah Beats
I am Groot. that twig is hilarious
I watched last nigjt and ..what i can say ...just AWESOME hahaha love it .so funny ...i can wait to see it in avengers movie next year😂😂😂😂😂
Can anybody explain how beauty and the beast beats everyone at the box office!?
Gumdrop Gaming
“just who do u think you are”

bren healy
Dr. Strange was pretty cool to come before this.
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