Usher Carpool Karaoke

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James and Usher hit the road to work, singing Usher's classics like "OMG" and "Caught Up" before the two work on James's club entrance and help a group of guys with some car trouble.

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Godoi UK
These guys together so funny!
Psyched Panda
usher is an awesome guy
Christine B.
Can you please do a carpool with NF?
Saybra Hermanson
Wait, is he Michael Jacksons brother or what? Cuz I don't pay attention
Benjamin Ramirez
he is anoing singing the whole time
Alfelia Nugky Permatasari
I'm waiting for Brendon Urie!!
Alessia Sanetti
We want Beyonce
Team Breezy Spain
CHRIS BROWN Carpool Karaoke!!!
surprised they didn't play DJ got us fallin in love ;-;
Lola Ball
his old songs are not that bad
Praise Lord Gaben Ruski on top
7:26 dab dab dab dab
angelica colantonio
love it!!!
Rafael Rocha
Faltou a legenda
Prabesh Shrestha
We need Eminem please bring him
I love James he's so funny he makes people happy/enjoy life just have fun ❀❀ absolutely have so much respect for everyone in this world everyone is beautiful ❀❀
Shiro Lee
This song takes me right back to High School. Cruising while listing to this song and other awesome songs of that era!
annette lulu
Hes too loud I want to hear usher lol
AJ Johnson
Yeesss Usheeerrr!
Tianna Ha
Backstreet boys!!!! Please do one with them
Hope they disinfected Ushers seat after this. He's got so many STD'S he probably leaves a trail on anything he touches
hanko sanko
i wish they sang u remind me or u turn or u pcp a cola think thats what its called
man i was hoping he'd do 'you make me wanna' and nice & slow!
Tracey Cabrera
Bring on Boyz ll Men. And Nicky Jam. Oh and Daddy Yankee!
Med Rida
We want shawn mendes
Eyes Ontheprize
#MendesforCarpoolkaraoke !! Please make one with Shawn Mendes
rich oque
Usher way cool down to earth .very nice. rock on. thanks for songs .its funny how those songs of remind you of certain day in your life, down to T .many blessings .
al b
Carpool...half of it is out of the car!
Anna Koury
Kendrick Lamar plzz
Vikki sloan
Great voice
Monica Chandran
The walk
Christinaaa Wong
Waiting for Eminem
Give me a full James Corden and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Carpool Karaoke please.
Staci B
This is one of the best ones!!
Stephanie MissPopCultureEnthusiast Aghahowa
one of my favorites, lol
Samantha Lee
Props to the unspoken hero, the driver that saw what was happening, slowed, and even braked in the middle of both lanes to cut off everyone else <3
Hendra Yohanes
What song in minute 8.30?? Please tell me
Cynthia R
Damn that boy is fine! :)
Please do a carpool with Lorde. Heck come to New Zealand and do it! 😜
Ashima Sood
A carpool with Miley Cyrus pleease.......
Miral's Beauty
iam waiting for bts
What about a carpool with Eminem?
paramore stan
An Angel
awwww are a lovely soul...that soul shines through your smile...You are a good man.Much happiness to you :)
Is this before the std claims? He looks so happy here
Please Justin Bieber carpool karaoke v.3😊😊😊😊😍😍
Felix Rivera
My fave part when the guy drives up on them and sings along lmao
Basia NicpoΕ„
Do carpool karaoke with SHAWN MENDESβœ‹β€
Jessica Quaid
Please do a carpool karaoke with Shawn Mendes!!! It would be a dream come true for me!!!
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