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Chloe Sherville
don't listen to themit means your creative
Paola Janeth Ibarra Rangel
jajajajaja k padre
Oudam Ann
Amazing 😉
Oudam Ann
ranjna Bundela
Dean Retro
2:17 I thought it is poo xD
3:00 tw lol
I think its not to your wasting tape to
On 2 o 3
Pickles I love them that's torture
Dj Moss
Anyone else the it should be called 5 million crafts instead of 5 minutes and yes I did get an idea from the comment section
Ludmi Diaz
Hiii !!!😂😂
Momi মরিয়ম সুলতানা মমি
nice video---- I will try make it
Isidora Diaz
I love video 😘
vai brothers
Glitter Monkey
They really like their pickles!
Old Fokker
These folks take common sense, and apply it in a cool video.
Zach Lewis
1 minute craft, 4 minute examples of said craft
plz i need subs to start my channel plz i'll sub back
Trash Jew
We get it you can dish stuff out of jars with out getting stuff on your hands you don't have to show us by taking out every single pickle
heroes III
5 life hack dumn
heroes III
3 life hack dumn
heroes III
2 life hack is dumn
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Petesey Valdez
The second one just hit that thing on the table everyone knows that. (The lid)
CS- IsKu
I like turtles... How much likes can this comment get ?
This is so cool
Riley Balch
you came here for 6:02 your welcome
viviana Guadalupe
soy la unica que habla español 😭😭😭
Danny Schacht
Great, fabulous hacks...
Faalhaas Mulder
Fuel bottom there discrimination brand long Japanese.
Bianca Du Plessis
Life hack : when u are too embarrassed to buy something, buy a birthday card with it
zainab ahmed
why is the videoo differrent?
Thatemogirl Lopez
When I see him unscrew the razor from the sharpener I thought of cutting myself
The xerdian 27
How is the first one is going to help you?????
Ronell Watson
me im a chocolate lover
Rayna the Random
What's with the quality and music? I need the other 5 minute crafts 😩
With how long these "hacks" took to build you could have done the task you needed the "hack" for.
Jennifer Yang
Thanks for showing us this video,thank you so much!🔲🔳⚪⚫🔴🇮🇹
Simra Riz
Like and say "ME "if you noticed that some of these crafts do not take 5mins
Aimey Saxon
Any1 else seen a diffwrence in the latest episodes of 5MC ??
Jackeline Martinez
que feo soy colombiana
Martin Бро
Very good video like subscribe
5 min craft I see 6:02 min craft
Lucia regina da silva Bicudo
Ines ss
who say "oh great hacks,I do this after" and finally we never do it..?
Ashik Ideas
Nice .... Bro
Technology malayali
sub me & replay done
i sub back with 3 account
Azriq Gamer
Wow so simple.....
Катерина Яценко
Тут русские есть
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