Black Panther Teaser Trailer [HD]

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HERO. LEGEND. KING. Watch Marvel Studio's Black Panther teaser trailer now.

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If only Wakanda was a real place, it would be awesome
Eba Erco
Doom Gaming
Thor ragnarok full movie in 5 minutes on my Channel avengers infinity war International Trailer Comic Con on my Channel doctor strange full movie in 5 minutes on my Channel
dead pool
Владимир Зет
Tired of blacks in movies and movies about Negroes.
I can't wait to here those beats through the Dolby Atmos system in the Theater.
I gotta be honest: I know the bare minimum when it comes to this character. My first introduction to him came in the form of the Ultimate Avengers animated movie several years prior, but I have done my research since and I am quickly falling in love with this character. He's been described as "Marvel's Batman" and this really seems to be the case. I will 100% be seeing this movie, and I hope to have a discussion with longtime Panther fans as to the movie's quality. In the meantime, can any of you hardcore Panther fans point me in the direction of some good comic, animated TV or feature-length animated movie adaptations that I should check out as a new fan? Dying to see more of this amazing character!
Lee Lloyd
Third world country My BUT you should see MY country 😒
weezy haven
China is colonizing Africa, for its resources, which do not include low IQ Africans. China dgaf.
weezy haven
We invented purple drank and peanutbutter n flying pyramids but da wytemanz he dunbeez stold it.
weezy haven
Rocky Marshmallow
Alvin Plays
My favorite super heroes are 1 black panther 2 spiderman 3 captain America 4 hulk and 5 deadpool
Hvítur karlmaður
This movie sucks.
Blacks never even invented a basic wheel let alone a seafaring vessel.
Marcus Celt
Is Africa really like this?
A Highly Sophisticated Gentleman
I know that Ryan Coogler is a great director, but how awesome would it be if Spike Lee directed this.
Just saying.
In what sense of the word is this a "teaser"? I feel like I've seen the whole movie.
New trailer just dropped -
Chubby Panda
So cool
Sagnir K. Aakash
stepping to the spotlight.. 😭😭👌
Pat Smith
it's just a movie, remember black Africans have given nothing to civilization. Remember that ya'll
Blacks are so lame and pathetic they needed marvel to create a fake developed african society for them to feel pride. And no Im not white, Im Basque.
Mako 44
Looks fantastic...
Jared Ramirez
Both Thor and black panther teaser trailers were 1:53
Mckenna Bond
Bob Mcbob
What do you know... about the precious
Does anyone know that instrument is playing when it does that percussion music towards the end?
Proud Nation
Dumb Knee Grows can't run anything their IQ forbids it.
The H Factor Movie Vlogs
Can't wait to see this!
The Pathogen
0:25 El Dorado? That's a Two Steps from Hell song. Anybody else know of it?
They really knew what they were doing when they made this trailer
Snake Stomper 44
Burn the coal, pay the toll. Once you go black, we don't want you back.
Harsh Singh
jewel runners
Heaven Piercing Man
A Johnson
Amazing. Look at this. Rarely see a cast not whitewashed. Excited for this.
Harlem Newguy
My brother Isaiah Moody is in the Trailer so dope
🕢 Black Panther (2017) Movie
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Gorillaz and Dota 2
You are now listening to Run the Jewels
kushal karki
If the movie is as good as the trailer, this will be the best Marvel movie.
"With this marriage, we seal the agreement between Marvel and Fox of co-production from now on. T'challa, Ororo, please, step forward."
Sagnir K. Aakash
1:22 what was he eating..
Sagnir K. Aakash
Why do they modify the voice unnaturally 🤔
That Run The Jewels track is fire!
Covan B/
Run the jewls! Yeah RTJ!
Noob Gaming
15 November 2017?
boomboom pow
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