Adam Palmer
America's funniest home videos
Jules Ortega
I waited for three hours this year here in RVA
Vectored Thrust
In the uk we vote on a Thursday, but the polls are open from 7am-10pm so that everyone can have a chance to vote before or after work. And if you can't make it or don't want to for any reason, you can vote by post
My weekends at my job are on Tuesday/Wednesday. Us blue collars gotta do what we gotta do to earn money and that includes stupid weekends. Remember that.
Mac'n CheeseTV
0:48 I'm Pickle Rick!!
Furisca Fynn
I love the way he says "Holy shit."

Edit: We have postal vote in the UK. That's another option that's not too hard to set up. Tho making it an National holiday would be better.
Zane Neelin
Pickle Rick
Zachary Matthew James
What if the government made an app for that? They could keep paper ballots, because some people don't like to use advanced technology and the Amish still exist, but if you could vote online it would fix a lot of those problems!
adam W
Pickle Riiiiiiiick!
omer shaik
it's too keep you from voting. especially to keep poor people who can't afford to miss a day of work from voting. it's like voter ID laws, it's to make voting inacssesible for the lower classes without making it illegal
Fujitaka Okarashii
I'm wondering why it has to be ONE day?
Wouldn't it be much better if it was like a week?
We have a whole week time to cast our vote where I live, so why can't you?
Michael Dinkelman
But what about absentee voting?
Polly Maganda
Dude... even México's Election Day is a national holiday... AND on a Sunday. México. And we're Catholic!
dan hemmerling
they make it on a work day and at winter. they bitch about low voter turn out but they set it up that way.
Ali Conradie
Why isn't it a public holiday? We always get off
Freddie Ellis
Ah yes, the sabbath.
The Jewish day of rest that Christians got wrong by one day.........
Kyle Collin
How many people here actually knew why we voted on Tuesdays before the video?
Election Day isn't a national holiday. You know what is? Effing INAUGURATION DAY.
Nathan Jessep
Hours of waiting to vote? Longest I have waited here in Germany was 2 minutes.
Nana Chunk
Good question
There is no reason to dislike this video.

For FU-
Kurt Riker
Post office
Sunday is not the Sabbath.
The Sabbath is the Sabbath, which has always been on our Romanesque/ Gregorian calendar, Friday sunset to Saturday sunset.

The Roman Catholic church does not have the authority to change times and laws.
Rusty Shackelford
Of note... Almost all the footage of those areas where voting has to happen on Tuesday showed an interesting trend.

The vast majority of people shown were of a racial minority. Seems quite clear that this voting system is primarily being used where racial minorities are most prevalent, clearly causing greater obstacles to racial minorities.
Rusty Shackelford
Making it a national holiday or moving it to a weekend is not as clear a solution as one might suspect. Retail workers, fast food, etc. rarely get a normal weekend as their weekend and almost never get holidays off beyond maybe Christmas and a third of Thanksgiving...

The true solution is to not have a damn voting day, but have some form of early voting or a whole damn voting week. And removing the idiocy of early reporting of people's votes.

While we're at it, can we switch to Single Transferable Voting? It's simple, in a vote, you vote for your 1st preference, 2nd, 3rd, etc. Then the votes get tallied and if a 1st preference winner is found, done. If not, they go to round 2, taking the 2nd preference votes from the candidate with the least votes and spread them out, then check again and repeat as needed.

A Laly
Anyone notice how practically all of the long line footage was mostly black people?
Manuel Alejandro
As a non-american, I wonder why all the footage of long lines shows a disproportionate amount of African-Americans?
Arrow Lover
How about Sunday???
Entro Py
Seriously... the US is just too stupid to vote:
- Voting on a workday for most people? In Germany it's on a sunday.
- Not counting out every single vote? In Germany every single vote counts towards financial aid for the parties
- Only having two parties that completely split the country in half? In Germany we have at least 4 parties in the parlament (though I admit it's becoming more and more like a two-big-party-thing here recently)
- Having a indirect election system is just wrong - look at how Trump won the election -_-
Yet we get 4th of July off to look at the pretty lights.
We should have voting on Saturday, so that no one can say the Jews run this country.
Mimi Talooza
All the people waiting in those lines, good for you. Thumbs up
Liam Johnston
This sort of video makes me angry because I think that something should be done and I don't like thumbing up this sort of thing. I would prefer more like reddit where I arrow it up.
Izzy Graze
There are 4 advanced polling days in Canada.
If there were such long queues in Italy nobody would vote. Or If it were on freaking Tuesdays anyway.
Emil Sørensen
No wonder half the country doesn't vote. In Denmark, the line to vote is usually 2-5 people when I come in after work on election day.
Ethan Tokko
Wait... Election day isn't a legal holiday in the US??
Jack Drees
Before HBO thinks about canceling this show, show this video to someone there. They will change their mind immediately.
Shiny Sylveon
So...why not just move President's day to Election day? Wouldn't more people have the day off as it's a national holiday?
Matthew Sexton
Short answer: Because even the slightest change to US policy involves decades of red tape.
This is a country where minimum wage employees have to drag their tails into work on Thanksgiving day so that, in a few hours later, the masses can stampede their way into the store to tear shit up. Making election day a national holiday isn't going to change much for those who already have a hard time taking off work to vote.
Yemi B
Why is voter turnout higher in territories? The people there don't even have proper voting rights. Their ballots don't count!
Molly Paananen
Dr. Zippy Mcscoots
Its also the same day new blurays are released. Choices. We could also extend the fuckin voting time 2 weeks. Should give everyone plenty of time. but we all know that wont happen.
Jeremy Solomon
Snigdha Bharadwaj
So in America, election days are not national holidays!!!! Are you kidding me?!!?!?!?!!? Plus the stupidly long and complicated system of election and the electoral colleges?!?!?!?!?!?!??! Guys what's the point of you being the oldest democracy in the world of you can't even do elections right!!!!!!!!!!!
The Fifth Hour
Australia votes on Saturday
Revert Revertz
A voter ID system would improve the time lines, but that's racist so keep making ridiculous amounts of lines
Komninos Maraslidis
those lines were disgusting. Nice democracy USA...
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