FF 91 | A New Breed of Electric Vehicle

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A first look at the Faraday Future FF 91. Aerodynamically crafted and aesthetically unmistakable, our first production vehicle is a singular convergence between otherworldly form and interconnected function.
Watch its unveiling event to learn more about its unique design language and industry-first features: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vtju0NwJjEU

Learn more about the FF 91 and Faraday Future at FF.com.
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ilaiv etnad
beautiful futuristic cool concept but...... what's the music?
Gibbet Hoskins
Looks like the Lucid Air and Faraday have been copying each other styling wise
Caden P
To be honest this car is a joke! So is Faraday Future! If you're trying to copy Tesla you better try harder cause this car looks like a toaster.. Oops sorry not sorry! If your going to build a factory near Tesla that means you're trying to get ideas that you can't come up on your own. Have fun with your little "Tesla Killer" toaster machine.
Caden P
To be honest this car isn't really eye catching unlike Tesla. Tesla has all the software and can pull it off without having issues starting out, if you have troubles then this car isn't worth it. Faraday Future is a joke for calling it a "Tesla killer". A Tesla is better and better looking than this toaster. I would never spend money on this toaster I'd rather stick with my Tesla
Dan Hassler
Jacob Hotaling
blast my laptops beats audio with that bass
Дэ Билл
car is scam. Company failed. the end
Mohamed Farid
its stil to much money price. its for rich people only who have to much mony to spend in a new products
That is one sexy minivan !
Spencer Farrell
Fake news
Ali Harvey
If your company survives long enough I'll go work for you and put that UFO line to practical use. I know there's a reason you guys called it that. FF = Future Flight
Solar Roof
Excellent electric vehicle ! Excellent design !
i believe in your companie but your not going. to beat Tesla you need a easy electric car to pay for this car and to get some fame
Riley Hughes
I'm honestly excited to see how this comes out. I think competition is what inspires progress, and now Tesla might start making decent cars again LMFAO this company seems sort of shady due to how they've set up and presented (or rather, hid) their coporate and financial infrastructure. They're definitely dishonest people, but I think the more electric cars the better bc then (like I said above) Tesla will start being good
Rain Do
didnt they used to make cars by hand ,.........., lol i mean isnt this an energy company and such , just cause you throw a bunch of money at something doesnt mean it will be processed awaringly , all that shines? funny wrds
Bryan Bajonero
Alright you win, happy, I'm still getting that Evo and am going to put all the money I can to make work until I die.
Bryan Bajonero
First of all I am not talking about the product and second of all I appreciate that our technology is advancing into cars, I am just saying that when it comes to driving the imports handle better than this futuristic vehicle alright I don't like getting into arguments. Estonia tratando de deser que los importes son mehor que este carro.
Bryan Bajonero
Imports are still better than this in any way. I am also Sure that none of you know what a import is as in a Toyota Supra Mitsubishi Lancer Evo is or any tuners. I don't care what all of you think I am getting an Evo is when I graduate and am not going to fall for something like this!
PenWielder Magic
as exciting as this looks it's about money for these guys not convenience for your average joe. I'll bet only the rich can drive these things when they come out :/ The rest of us are shit out of luck. When cars are priced more than you make in a lifetime that's a problem. They won't be getting a lot of consumers if it's priced at 140k that's for sure. Even 25k is expensive for a lot of people.
OH! WatAreDis
this is so fucking dump
terrance leacock
you people are robots these guys are a fraud they don't care about a quality product that people can afford or making a difference in regard to fuel pollution, they are after Tesla's clout to stop a company's shine that's actually about stop these fossil fuel car manufacturer that are enslaving Americans to oil and corporate profits. Again these people are fraud and they won't even make it in the car game because they are in it for the wrong reasons. Faraday are fraud and a failure. FARADAY FUTURE COMPANY SUCK!
'Neat looking wheels'.... but, anything with wheels is rather primitive... IMO (look up Otis T. Carr/Ralph Ring, Stan Deyo, Grebennikov/Bio-Gravitics, Lorentz O, & Biefield-Brown Effect/T.Thompson Brown). We haven't needed 'wheels' for about 60 years...
Corey Williams
This car is perfect for Dubai.
When is it out
So where is car being produced currently as it being a 'production car'? from the news I've read, they cant even afford to start work on the factory.
Chris Lee
This car is NOT in production. Every executive they hired left the company. This is a Chinese funded company that claims to be a USA company. The car doesn't even work. And they can't compete with tesla with a $150k price tag. Faraday wants money. Elon musk and tesla want to change the world. Huge difference.
Mishtle Tsatsomoka
~3 800 Tesla fanboys didn't like it.
jonathan bossj
The only thing that made this video dope is the music
lord frieza
someone sees that shit driving by its self. 🔫🔫 yea that shits getting robbed hotwired and reprogrammed shit is getting bad people will get robed horribly
Storm gaming51015
this is the future
lord frieza
this just screams failure and bankruptcy
At least we are naming companies after inventors and scientists instead of shady businessmen
I don't even know what i was looking at for half the video. Looked like a high school students shitty computer design project.
Luis Aref
Id be interested 50k dollars or less
Tamara Antoine
Betty Guest
Love it!
Car won't get you laid, my tesla will...
Gardi PR
How y'all managed to make 2 minutes last this long I will never know
A nac
Sweet electric mini van broo
Paul Rickershauser
I want to see grand tour get their hands on one
Thomas Waring III
Y'all going bankrupt. Pay your creditors!
Brendan Brown
What a piece of shit AMERICANS' don't like being told what to do by a piece of metal WE DRIVE OUR CARS
kill it with fire
Connie B.
So........are you all going to make a car that people can possibly afford? Tesla, makes a more affordable version of their car........Are you all going to do that too?
bok choy
Lol no ones gunna buy it unless theyre rich. I wanna see a future where everyone drives cars such as this. A future where the future doesnt exist only to rich people
Shaheer Rahman
3k dislikes from people that work at Exxon mobile
Brand Joy
this car is very ~ assume~ cool i wish to have this car wen i can get it!!! 😉😉😉😉😎
Kat H.
this is cool great idea
Ivelisse Lopez
scary zombie
Jesus Garcia
Shut up, and take my money!!
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