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No trip to the movies is complete without these guys. 

HUGE thanks to Cinemark for letting us be these annoying people in your movie theater! See movie times and more at:

Obviously neither Dude Perfect nor Cinemark endorses or encourages the silly behavior in this video. Always be courteous and respectful. 

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ragonseer D
Why rage monster its so sad broken little car quadcopter flower pot
Destroying the drone looked like the saddest scene in flubber where weebo got destroyed
Samuel Flaig
What about "the spoiler".
Gurdass Gs7
Definitely the smuggler
Owen Kirincic
I'm the loud eater
Weda Kids
I love your videos
Ahmed Jawdat
There is always a rage monster
Santosh Kanwar
My friend Vivek
Santosh Kanwar
Me Abhay
Monica Esparza
Carl Marcus Arsenio
At the end i said this
Cory:-runs in road-I AM SPELLIY OVIOUS
The retards :P
The snoozer
SirCollinDouglas Sherman
Gotta be honest I love kicking things so every time in the theatres I kick the seat in front of me and sometimes I kick the head xD
Kennielle Garcia
I'm the buttery popcorn guy
Danny the great
You forgot the person who always spoils the movie
Joshua Braeden
I'm a smuggler
Canadian Mapping
I am the smuggler and the moocher
Pdude345 Fusaris
im mr jumpy
Kendrick Johnson
The textster
Antonia Turturice
I 💙
legendary eyelord
I not you guy like doing these things I don't want to stop you but the grandma thing was a little to far
Robbie Frechette
You are a very good friend
I have seen all of them
LucyPhil Alferez
Anyone saw the panda
im the bathroom champion
Stacie Watson
Coby and Cory reminds me of Murray from Impractical Jokers
J Comet
That annoying family with 3-7 kids that come in 6 minutes after the movie has already started
challenge boss21
Sub to my channel
Elbert William tan
How about pragment steriotypes
Anyone else notice that there is no "Rage Monster" stereotype in this?
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Kevin Nguyen
good but the rage monster is not cool
Kevin Nguyen
why do you do rage monster
Jacob Wiebe
Hey dude perfect you should do amusement park stereotypes
Owen Galicia
I am the last one the sunlight shocker
Owen Galicia
When u get stuck in front of an obnoxious laugher... yeah... I know u are too annoyed to respond to this
Team 5
The reason they have so many views is cuz all of us their subs watched the vid like 3 times XD
ryan blue vlogs
I am the butter guy and the sunlight shocker
Jacob Treto
Did nobody notice the panda with the manager getter
Sargent Noob
I was the snoozer
yo...hello guys...watching u all from the beginning!! congrats for 21m subs!!😁
شريفه المرزوقي
Mr. OHHHH MR MEGIBEIS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ninja productions M and L
I'm the buttery popcorn guy
Scorpadillo Z
I'm the texter
Stop it. Get some help.
'It's just a movie, it's just a movie!'
'Ok, I'm cool, I'm cool, I'm cool with a fan.'
'Y'all bring me in this movie and tell me to chill?'
'You see him walk in the closet?'
'*sobs* This movie's scary. Why y'all bring me this?'
Mihael Spajić
U forget spoil guy
Original Content
I'm probably the loud eater
Diamond Wo1f35
should've put the spoiler guy. where after the movies done he spoils it to people as their walking in
ØddTręę Dråws
Ok but smashing somebody's grandma's ashes on the ground for a movie? That's too extreme.
Lanie _star
I'm them all!! 😂 😂 😂
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