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Wow, it's been such an amazing year making videos for you guys! This video is a compilation of the most unique Chinese street foods that I tried this year. I hope you've enjoyed following along and will continue to follow along as I create more videos! Thanks so much for watching! In 2017, I'm going to be continuing my culinary school in Chengdu, learning to cook more Sichuan cuisine, and posting videos along the way. So far, Ting Ting (Cameragirl and partner) and I have planned to visit Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Borneo Malaysia before the summer, so keep watching for much more fun food and travel vids! Thanks so much!
princess pizarro
Please visit us here in the Philippines😇
Fast !
I know what you gonna say.
First- ummmm
Then- oooh
Come on man.
Dont be a dumbass.
Larry Cavanaugh
Do you need a sidekick /The food looks amazing
Benjie Ladja
I loved Chinese cooking...
Sameer Hejen
Where are u from
Reality Unknown By Rounak Roy
I am from India, loved to know about Chinese food culture.
Dewa Rimbawa
Come to bali my friend.i will show you real balines food my name. Dewa +6281999609001 W.A
Dewa Rimbawa
Come to bali my friend i will show you balinese real food my name dewa +6281999609001 w.a
Aman Raj
Where is your home the food ranger
Azizah Emambocus
wow so nice ❤
medan kia
China food is very much worldwide
Bakhti Amin
come to Pakistan. Karachi
Shu Lin
Great video Trevor!
have you been to Chaozhou/Shantou in Guangdong? You will find a lot of unique street food there! I am from that area originally and I miss the street food there every single day. You won't regret it.
Dogs For life
Did you find any dog meat samples? Hope no dogs were secretly killed and sold for meat in this market
I'd had 'em all except durian, now Im a vegan, excuse me.
fatihah zauti
I watch this vid and drooling. Really miss china!
Jack Simonson
Have you been mugged yet going in all these back alley ways
Rafael Veloso
yuuuuuuuum!!! 👍😚
Maliya Zanti Dahlan
So dirty
Eugene Chao
that pig blood looks fire lol
m S
Try albaik resturant in saudi arabia it is very famous . people from many countries are in love with it .
intestines so basicly it was chitlins he was eating.
Liquidtinkerbell 666
Im 2 seconds away from driving 20 minutes to a pho place lol
Liquidtinkerbell 666
I want that roast duck ❤❤❤
Ammar Yasir
Lanzhou one of my favourite cities
Ammar Yasir
I fucking love jiaozi.oh xian m coming.can u please tell me where exactly is this place????been in china for 7 years.jiaozi is my favourite dish.
JG '
How's he saying 15 was good when he gave it 5/10
Who sponsor u
blake blake
hi trevor, have you been in morrocco yet?
Daniel Taranger
I'll have 2 number nines
a number 9 large
a number 6 with extra dip
a number 7
2 number 45's one with cheese
and a large soda
Richard Bliss
nusrat sadia
awesome..pls visit can enjoy many foods
Jungkook The Meme Lord
What I do to get his job🤗🤗🤗🤗
My friend made some brown sugar pocket, they are so goooood.
Dude them workers who make this food must be working 24/7 rush hour every hour
Bryan Prilliman
You da man
cup cake
Plz come Pakistan as well 😊
Felipe León
i love your videos man! Hola from México!
Laurence Lau
my suggestion is when you visit to china, you should learn some Chinese words of food, cuz there are no eng support here for restaurant. such as cheong fen(肠粉).😂😂😂😂
the slurping hotspot? you know how many people like the sound of other people slurping, not many
Tony Vicencio
Have you ever gotten food poisoning on your journeys
tony stark
I was eating veg and watching your vid..🐷🐖🐽🐔
I Love all of your videos. You ate definately good at what you and ting ting do!!😊 Koop up the good work.
abida abida
Amazing video wooow
Seth Kauffman
I'm a very picky eater when it comes to food, and most of this doesn't look at ALL appetizing to me, BUT, I love noodles/pasta, I would so love to try some hand pulled noods lol. Bet they're delicious!
Ben Sheppard
Hameedur Rehman Khan
I like your show and the way you present it .
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