Train Creates WAVE of Snow OVER People! | What's Trending Now!

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An arriving train blasted a massive wave of snow onto a platform full of onlooking commuters and it was all caught in slow-mo!


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dude what if there were a train coming from the other direction at the same time? I mean is that really so far fetched of a profession scenario assessment since trains strive being on time?
snow is everywhere
Tre Mek
#fakenews, I bet that snow wasn't 6" deep
So many people not bright enough to add 1 & 1 together to get 2.
Train coming and large amounts of snow on the track means that snow needs to go somewhere and it will likely be flung sideways from the track so don't stand close.
The only way to have stopped most of that snow flinging on the people would have involved fitting a plough on an angle that pushed the snow to the other side of the track. Even then some smaller amount of snow would have still flung over them.
Komal Patel
Ran the fuck away. lmfao. fuck that bye bitch👋👋
Josie Wulf
ha. nerds.
attack helicopter
stop with the puns pls what ever your name is-_-
They're lucky it was snow on the tracks and not cows.
Lamyaa forever
love u guys
Ironically, the chick in the white hat was Googling "How ridiculously close can I stand to train tracks when there's like 3 feet of snow on the rails and the train's about to plow through it at 40 miles per hour?"
berry tea
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