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Benjamin makes numbers dance. In his day job, he's a professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College; in his other day job, he's a "Mathemagician," taking the stage to perform high-speed mental calculations, memorisations and other astounding mathematic stunts. It's part of his drive to teach math and mental agility in interesting ways, following in the footsteps of such heroes as Martin Gardner.

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Liam Lundenor
Raj M
Kale P
This guy looks like he'd make a good teacher.
T Bone
this is witchcraft
welost utoo1
Bet the kids didn't even read the whole Number in the calculator
Nico Valeriote
He is sooo talented! I almost don't believe it. He is better than magicians.If only he could take my mental maths tests!!
Simulation Matt
What does this guy do in his spare time
Angela Withnell
have you ever wondered '*Why couldn't I have commented that. I would get loads of likes.*'
Finally something good in my recommendations
Libra Sanoria
I knew it.i told my parents alien is real
Zachary McPencow
The D.A.O Life
He has enslaved many Asians In his mind
mateus bontir
stop hacking, man.
Dean and Cas should bang
I just can't return my jaw back to normal. I can't close it...welp
Jericho DeGuzman
he have a videos and books called secrets of mental math where he explain how he magic those numbers out of nowhere.
Dumbest Ted Talks of All Time
its like a calculator is pushed through one ear and gets pulled out the other when he does a mathematical problem
I thought I was good at math
Satswarup Mohapatra Sibu
I need him in physical chemistry and calculus
YVES Minecraft Gamer Castillo
that`s my friend
Sujeet Yadav
this is indian vedic mathematics
Philip Yao
This guy should be a meteorologist
Techie Android
That was outstanding sir but Shakuntala Devi is far better than this.
Mr Lit
School would be so easy
Kushina Hatake
He should be my bff
Quest of Remdoun
This is the new Einstein
Great Fate
and england is still a city ?
Great Fate
i need this man's brain
I need this guy in my math class during a test
21 Gun Salute
need him to do the math portion on my SAT
I can do math too!! 1+1= "Pause" the video I think I'm gonna pass out do to his smartness
Totally not pewds pranking people
Ill rape him for his secrets
Michael Edaño
he's a magician major in math. haha
Frank max
he uses his brain to the fullest
pi was calculated long ago calculators existed but by people. no matter if this is fake or not
1] ask for two digit numbers
2] repeat until multiple of 3
3] square it = multiple of 9
4] have fun finding which number was left out
1) ask for two-digit numbers
2) repeat until you have one that is a multiple of 3
3) square it so it becomes a multiple of 9
4) have fun finding the numbers that were left out
Yummy Beats
this reminds me of Ramanujan calculating and competing with Mcmohan of Partition of 200 ,whao man
Ze Best Bagguet GD and Clash Royale
either this guy is einstein or this was pre rehearsed
Darren K
There are loads of tutorials on the internet for calculating the day you were born. I can't do it as quick as him, not even close, but if you follow the process you should be able to do it in 10-20 seconds or so. All the other calculations use similar number pattern methods. There are a few books knocking around that show you how to do this stuff as well. Obviously, it will take practice and some mental agility.
Ebbizzle elzzibbe
what a waste of chalk
Creature Programming TR
Amına koyayım ben hesap mainesine yazana kadar adam hesaplıyo orospu çocuğuna bak hele
Miko Chan
I need this guy's Knowledge
Endric Obsiana
if this man is have doughter or son his\her son is always frst honor in math ni**a....
great videos..👍
Gabe Newell
His Maths Teacher (to class) : "students, this time maths paper is harder than ever before for your class! be prepared".
He : "OH C'mon, GROW UP , MISTER. "
Eunice Miun
he had a surgery to put a calculator at his brain
mystery man
can he fit in my backpack
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