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Did any of these fails happen on your holiday? Leave us some love in the comments, and if you've got any of them on video, send it in at! 

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Original Links:
Guy Falls into Water During Photoshoot
Wiper Hits Girl's Face
Little Girl Falls Putting Up Dish Towel
Van Takes out Cyclers
Girl's Hair Catches on Fire while Blowing out Candles
Guy Falls Backward Off Bike
Dog Knocks Down Little Girl
Guy Tries to Climb Wall with Hammers
Girl Throws Hula Hoop over Cliff
Pole Breaks on Dancer
Grandfather Falls Off Scooter
Gun Shot Causes 5 Gallon Bucket of Water to Explode
Toy Jeep Race Crash
Baby Burns Finger on Candle
Guy Hits Back on Trampoline
Firecracker Explodes in Toilet
Teen Falls Out of Tree
Toddler Falls Asleep While Being Fed
Girl Falls while Using Unsecured Pole
Drone Fails to Take Flight
Skier Collides with Wiped Out Snowboarder
Dog Attacks Mini Drone
Dog Falls Trying to Catch Cat
Kayak Takes out other Boaters
Little Girl Can't Push Shopping Cart
Girl Fails at Back Handspring
Man Carrying Couch Hits Ceiling Fan
Bike Rider Falls Down Bowl Ramp
Rollerblader Body Slams Cement
Women Fight over Bouquet
Bike Rider Falls Down Bowl Ramp
Dirtbiker Falls at Top of Ramp
Gymnast Faceplants Mat
Giant Wedding Cake Falls
Skater Falls Hard In Between Rail
BMX Rider Injures Nuts
Guy Falls While Dancing
Ice Drifting Car Crashes into Cameraman
Sledder Crashes into Snow Bank
Wakeboarder Flops Across Ramp
Helicopter Knocks down Row of Porta-Potties
Dad Wakes Up Son with Chainsaw
Fire Cracker Launch Fail
Elk Tumbles Down Hill
Siblings Take Turns Going Down Sand Dune

Fails of the Month (December 2016) || FailArmy

G Skub
A woman and a stripper pole means guaranteed failarmy material.
5:42 "Cut! Do it again!
And, action"
Marlon Garcia
This is my favorite video
zombie Dylan 09 dude o flynn
Kyle Croxall
Dont add taht STRIP fails cuz my mom allways get in my room on that moments and think i watch PORN!!!
kozioł kozioł
Karolina is my ziomek
good selection. Like
4:50 yugo rules :D
All of they are funny
Oleg Gembarovskiy
i think you should make fails about skydiving
Oyun Feneri
Ruhi Çenet ❤️
Day Dream
4:45 the cam went to heaven
Краткое содержание:
вжих! ёбс! хуяк! уау, гыгыгы!
jorge silva
eres tú amigo?
Ralston Belmont (Rallie)
klavdija podbregar
haha face da te kap😂
Robbe Michiels
Hi pal portray Does anyone watch bigger than this variant?
Boring Bomby
4:52 is that guy still alive ?
Edwin O'Gray (Ed)
dude at 4:18 that guys arm or somthing was it the crack
Charles Blanc
Killing fit stem pgvpqvm represent wherever master original place play.
Beanie Draws
2:57 potentially expensive vet bill in the making...
Juliana Jocson (Juju)
No lie, 1:35 was the best!
Goat Gaming
Can I get Pinned for no reason
Zocker Olli
Haha.. sehr geil
William Hiers
So, in the scene with the bikes and the van, who was to blame? The cyclists or the van driver?
I don't think throwing fire crackers into the toilet is a fail. they are asking for it to break when they throw it in there
This was weak
Thegamingsoldier19 Q
Fail army are easily my favourite you tubers
Johan Rouillier
ses trop bien
EndaandEvan Cleary
u should make stage fails
2:58 rip tiny whoop
Patrick Dippel
Warum sind die ammis einfach zu blöd schrauben und Dübel zu benutzen um ihre Stangen zu befestigen
I don't know why but when babies put out birthday candles with their fingers and start crying I just think "yeah, that's what you get, hope you learned your lesson". I'm a horrible person, lol
Brian The Bold
i can actually feel the spike in g-force when he makes this jump 4:13
Hopey Olguin
"no she's fine! Don't you dare call CPS!" :V
1:20 as easy as shootin' fish in a-aaggghhh!
Guka Ismylova
bitches be playing more with their dogs than with their kids
Nathan Swensen
FAIL ARMY IM A HUGE FAN But how about hockey fails like if you agree!
Made in fail
Lars van Valkenburg
you guys are making me feel sad why do you think this is funny
corey pilgram
5:23 my hero
last song
Ersen Nefes
Mother "she's fine" stfu! Put her finger under cold water instead of laughing.
Ilona Cicelle Hoppál
make a sport fails!
Slimm Jimm
@ 4;35 the poor kids penis got jammed out the top of his head!
Ichibot K9869
5:46 "shit...lemme get a do-over"
Can u do high fails like height
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