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Did any of these fails happen on your holiday? Leave us some love in the comments, and if you've got any of them on video, send it in at! 

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Original Links:
Guy Falls into Water During Photoshoot
Wiper Hits Girl's Face
Little Girl Falls Putting Up Dish Towel
Van Takes out Cyclers
Girl's Hair Catches on Fire while Blowing out Candles
Guy Falls Backward Off Bike
Dog Knocks Down Little Girl
Guy Tries to Climb Wall with Hammers
Girl Throws Hula Hoop over Cliff
Pole Breaks on Dancer
Grandfather Falls Off Scooter
device Shot Causes 5 Gallon Bucket of Water to Explode
Toy Jeep Race mess
Baby Burns Finger on Candle
Guy Hits Back on Trampoline
Firecracker Explodes in Toilet
Teen Falls Out of Tree
Toddler Falls Asleep While Being Fed
Girl Falls while Using Unsecured Pole
Drone Fails to Take Flight
Skier Collides with Wiped Out Snowboarder
Dog Attacks Mini Drone
Dog Falls Trying to Catch Cat
Kayak Takes out other Boaters
Little Girl Can't Push Shopping Cart
Girl Fails at Back Handspring
Man Carrying Couch Hits Ceiling Fan
Bike Rider Falls Down Bowl Ramp
Rollerblader Body Slams Cement
Women Go Nuts over Bouquet
Bike Rider Falls Down Bowl Ramp
Dirtbiker Falls at Top of Ramp
Gymnast Faceplants Mat
Giant Wedding Cake Falls
Skater Falls Hard In Between Rail
BMX Rider Injures Nuts
Guy Falls While Dancing
Ice Drifting Car Crashes into Cameraman
Sledder Crashes into Snow Bank
Wakeboarder Flops Across Ramp
Helicopter Knocks down Row of Porta-Potties
Dad Wakes Up Son with Chainsaw
Fire Cracker Launch Fail
Elk Tumbles Down Hill
Siblings Take Turns Going Down Sand Dune

Fails of the Month (December 2016) || FailArmy

Scott Morton
1:50 thats got to be painful
4:00 Can you imagine how much they had to spend on food!
eggplant iguana
bike single file you are not a car you must stay on the side you do not get special privileges because you are on a bike. keep yourself safe. there are aggressive drivers who want to hurt cyclists so its better to stay on the side anyways..
eggplant iguana
why do all of these people not know how to put up a pole
KingOfBehfist la c'hraela
whats with the "strippers"
KingOfBehfist la c'hraela
i hope the baby is ok
1:39 this baby is a gangster
Pixel Gaming
4:54 I think he went to heaven it was white when got hit
Ron Swanson
why are people still putting firecrackers in their toilets? fucking imbeciles. stop breeding.
Samantha Kelley
1:15 dudes already got a cast on one wrist what other kind of a sign could you need
Dasein A
5:32 Good parenting skills
chujowe strasznie.
4:06 fat fucks
Rooster Illuzion
What kind of fucking moron puts a lit candle on a 1 year olds cake?
Ohh Johnny
murad lol
that what you get for doing the middel finger 2:24
Michael Simoneau
wtf are those biker doing in the middle of the road XD
All i do is weed weed No matter what
1:04 seriously I hate seeing that dirty ass😔😔
Crazed Heretic
He wants to touch ladies, but no ladies want to touch him, so he assaults a couch.
Tavlaci ucbes
Thats why orthopaedic department of hospitals earn too much money Lol
Rohan Dhankhar
Woah that cake one was messed up
Johnny oneye
all GOPRO'S fault
Belle Flower
was the dude in the thumbnail even in the video at all
Bill Martinez
at 0:23 dodged that car like a pimp
Wyatt :
I want to see someone flush that firecracker down the toilet
Jonathan Schmid
4:40 Lachkrampf
0:23 expert bike handle on the left.
that guy was boring
Can't they design strip poles that are actually stabel...?
Fredrik Bengtsson
Please exclude bicycle & skateboards...
There all the same and not entertaining...
Hopey Levrey
01:35 that babyXD
Bobby 29
1:39 I did that to on my first birthday.
Dodger Crane
the last fail, me and that kid said ""wanna bet" at the exact same time XD
Mad goose
I don't mean to be rude but at 1.35 the last thing that baby needs is friction on her burnt finger
0:22 in 0.25 speed WTF IS THIS
Felipe Loera
At 1:40 damn I bet that kid regretted it afterwards well gotta learn somehow
Who designs these home stripper poles that fall over constantly? I swear I've seen so many of these over the years.
5:20 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Why are the people throwing firecrackers in the toilet always surprised? Like, what else were you expecting? But by all means keep doing it. It's really fun to watch.
Kalle Klæp
5:10 When shit hits the wait the fan the shit, or..??
Crystal Meth
Grant Lee
baby literally touches fire and instantly starts crying.
woman: "she's fine. she's fine! :)"
Bailey French
Burn, baby, burn!
(disco infeeerno!)
4.02 man the harpoons! We have herd of land whales!
@1:39 ... UNFIT. Omg. First you put open fire within arms reach of a toddler, then you don't pay attention to what the toddler does and don't anticipate their tendency to want to touch everything (and put in in their mouths too! especially when it looks and smells edible), then when the unavoidable happens you look at the finger and yell happily "she's fine" instead of immediately running to the closest cold water source to cool the skin to mitigate burn sores. Oh shit. Keep those people away from kids. Please.
Trent Jordan
P'li Red Lotus
4:27 what the sport called? o-o can someone tell me >.>
Samuel Rincon
im going to un sunscribe if you put that frisbee fail one more time
G Skub
A woman and a stripper pole means guaranteed failarmy material.
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