Moz The Monster - Google Home Storybook

googlegoogle homemozthemonsterjohn lewis

Discover how Google Home brings the story of Moz The Monster to life with an interactive storybook.

Rosa Clifford
Perfect for parents who can’t be bothered to read to their kids and spend less time with them
Eric Wareheim
Ah, perfect! Another way to spend less quality time with our kids! Good job, Google!
Colton Lee
I need alexa to read me 50 shades of grey
Awesome Princess
That is awesomely funny because of the fart
Hey Alexa, read me ‘Pride and Prejudice’.
Maisy Gamingcatsgames
Thats seems funny
Hi-Tech Reviews
Hey Alexa, tell me a proper story
Commander Pepe
Is this the intellectually stimulating drivel we're reading to kids these days? Geez, all you're missing is the promotion of miscegenation.
Oh wait................
Jacob Owen Vlogs
Love this advert so much
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