Abandoned House Full of Stuff - ST. LOUIS

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Episode- Roller Skate Hoarder- House full of Stuff in North St. Louis, Cool old stuff left behind, dangerous Neighborhood, join us on this creppy urbex adventure and enjoy the decay! Thanks For Watching, Please Subscribe for more exploring and adventure! Urban Exploration in creepy abandoned places! Scary encounters, always the possibility of evp and ghost activity. Do you believe haunted places exist? Overgrown entangled scary abandoned buildings abound!


Bobby Mcalpin
I love when you explore places like that.I love seeing all the junk people leave behind.be safe and keep up the awesome work.
Kitty Von Katt
bloody hell that's creepy af. great job !
Lizzy Thrifts More
Love the window over the fireplace at 4:00!
Gena Ann sottile
Thanks keep showing..love wat ching this stuff be careful ,stay safe
Ms. Pete Sidewalk
Scary neck of the wood's for sure!!
Julie Robinson
Very much appreciated every time! That must have been a lovely house when first built
Sarah Haugse
Cool find. 😎
I appreciate what you do! Thanks ! Great video as always!
Annette Caraway
hopefully he's pacing heat. if someone comes at them strung out on drugs mace may not help very much
Thomas Cervasio
... Hiya, Tony (and Andrew, is that?).

You read my mind again-- you both sure don't lack in the Sheer Guts Department when it comes to really sketchy environs. A belt-clip pepper spray canister seems like an excellent idea ...
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