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Presenting the Video Song "ANKHIYAAN "Song in the voice of  Raxstar & Kanika Kapoor exclusively on T-Series.

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For Caller Tunes :
Ankhiyaan - Breakup Hard
Ankhiyaan - Give In
Ankhiyaan - You Love Me
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Set "Ankhiyaan - Breakup Hard" as your caller tune - sms AKHYAN2 To 54646
Set "Ankhiyaan - Give In" as your caller tune - sms AKHYAN3 To 54646
Set "Ankhiyaan - You Love Me" as your caller tune - sms AKHYAN4 To 54646
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2.Ankhiyaan - Breakup Hard
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3.Ankhiyaan - Give In
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4.Ankhiyaan - You Love Me
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Song Credits :
Song: Ankhiyaan
Singer: Kanika Kapoor,Raxstar
Music Director : Arjuna Harjai,Ezu
Lyrics: Kumaar,Raxstar
Co-Ordination : Khiza
Video Director :Daniel Alexander
Music Label: T-Series

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Alex Modgil
Amazing lyrics..I can so correlate this to myself right now.. keep up the good work rax...
harris k
Raxstar is the man always like his music
Saimah Shaikh
loveee Raxstar
Salma Ali
Rax Star this is an amazing song
shazad khan
check my music vid out on my channel and plz subscribe
shazad khan
this is hard rax well done brother
Mr Khan
raxstar ur music is the bomb keep bringing the hits peace love and respect .
Schurdhry Hussain
Saif Ali
I love it your voice raxstar
Saimah Shaikh
love dis song
james Franco
Abbas Mohammed
Luv u
Saif Ali
love you soo much raxstar amazing 😘😘😘😘😘
Hussain Amreli
amazing song
Abid Hasan
Just Amazing song........
Shah 2016
Raxstar my old time fav, your songs have always been different specialy the fact that u dont do typical videos where its objectifying ladies like other videos. :)
sofia nisha
So nice I love you zack knight
Siama Kausar
Saffiyah Chothia
strangers are what we must become!!!
Shiivam Jha
Raxstar He's The Only One Of His Kind.... Do You Guys Agree??
Sam Sam
Ismaeel Ikhlaq
amazing 😎😎😎😝
Ismaeel Ikhlaq
your amazing at singing
Sanwal Baryar
best ever
Issy Kouser
Raxstar love u song xx
Haleema Hussain
Deep lyrics
Teshwar Bajwa
t seiers really need sum views dumb retard glitch
Sammy Khan
Thank you everyone
Azan Ali
mad tune
Marilyam Ahmad
love this song . ❤❤❤
Sameer Love
Raxtar is so Fucking sexy! I wish he had Kanika in the video though, since it's her voice & she's gorgeous!
jo jo
love this song the Lyrics are good 😎
Yousaf Iqbal
Lucas Ali
Mad songs
nabil hussain
any1 got english translation of chorus of the girl singing?
mohammed sahad
You the Best:-)
mosammat habiba
raxstar is my favorite actor
Patriot xXx
men where can i get this beat i would buy it puhh to good this beat i love indian soulful beats or instrumental or indian music i hear it everyday indian music is the best music in the world i hear singers like sonu nigam arijit singh shaan and and and more. from an albanian
Nadia Younus
These lyrics are soo relatable. perfect explanation of how i feel.
Adeeqa Iqbal
very good condition
such an amazing tune, rakstar your smashing it 👍
jiten dar chaudhary
Love u raxstar
FReeFLow Official TM
the dislikers are those fellows who don't understand English or those nationalist who want us to listen only Hindi or Punjabi hip hop....MotherF ppls....This song is just a bang....Dope😈😈😈😈😈
tips4u by Vish
the best English rapper I have love to listen always
Chaitanya Patil
rap of raxstar
Saffiyah Chothia
listennn lets goo... The Lords Knows
Safina Tee
I hope Raxstar is actually humble now. cos a couple of years ago Asians who smelt of curry were an embarrassment to him. nigga u grew up on that curry. did your mum wash her clothes straight after feeding you? noblet.
FReeFLow Official TM
made me cry...😢😢😢😢
Aqsa Azam
Suzee crate
best rapper in human generation thumbs up if u agree by the way I'm only 11 yrs old
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