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trivago’s hotel search enable people to search and compare multiple booking website for more than 6 million hotels. More than 120 million users per month trusts trivago for finding their ideal hotel at the best price. One can find hotels from Kashmir to Kanyakumari just by clicking few buttons, you always get thousands of hotel choices in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.
Check this out to know more about Mr. trivago India:

Different guy, different country, same annoying commercial.
Avinash Jagtap
Worst ad.... so irritating
David Aini-Yet
fuck this video I hate trivage
Prateek Khincha
I stopped using Trivago after watching this ad
Mithun Swain
just hate dis ad coz of this man, its really harrssing plz change ur model
meghraj mac
Plz improve your voice texture man.You are talking like a girl or something closer to gay.
Egemen Coşturuyor
fuck you bitch
Shraddha Singh
My daughter just love this ad n watch it without blinking her eyes
Abhi Gyan
this guy is gay seriously
bingbong boom
Trivago è di Expedia e ti fa vedere i siti di Expedia e dei loro partner dove loro percepiscono commissioni attorno al 20% sulle tariffe ufficiali
Dopo aver visto le tariffe prenotate direttamente sul sito dell'Hotel, avrete così la migliore tariffa possibile
Qualunque Hotel sarà felice di praticarvi uno sconto del 10% rispetto alle tariffe on line che ci sono nei svariati siti di prenotazioni come Expedia, Booking, Trivago ecc.
Rajeev Kumar
I hate this ad and this man.
Sandip Bhaumik
this add should be stopped immediately. the most irritating add in recent times. don't you have any budget for a good add trivago? I just stop my TV when I see this add. super dislike.
shahid zafar
if I ever meet this mother fucker I'll punch him in the face
Himmat Singh Sodhi
Trivago... kindly shut down this ad from the tv channel.. you make the most irritating advertisements ever .. fuck you trivago
Prateek Khincha
@trivago I was about to book a hotel on trivago, but then I changed my mind because of how bad this ad is.
Zubair Khan
stop your crap you fuckin GAY
Joelma Freitas
porquê estou aqui?
Nakul Sharma
londa :P
i have seen your website..... you just promote few travel websites like
& wtf acting by u....u should try hollywood movies too....
Plzzzz stop coming so often on TV...seriously u r alwayzz pissing me alot....
Dives Vyas
This guy and advertising is so so irritating and I even looked for someway to complain to Trivago to stop airing this particular advt.
I can say with surety that after watching this irritating man no one will again book with Trivago.
The other girl in the advt is so nice and sober, but I don't understand from where Trivago guys found this sample.
If you have any means to complain then please complain to Trivago.
Deepanker Manna
Great Video Editing...really impressed
Sumit Kumar
bhai/behen tu jo bhi hai, kyu shakl dikhata hai apni har jagah
Pavan Kumar
Teri maa ki c
Lorena Findo
wao yo estoy acostumbrada a ver al papasito que aparece en latinoamerica!
why the heck does this ad have to ruin my mood while watching something really good? dafuq is wrong with tribago's marketing team?
joe raina
is he gay
Manish Mahajan
most disgusting advertisement ever. Irritating and makes me swear !
रोचक Stories
who the fuck is this guy, so annoying
sudesh Bathla
He is Marketing Head of Trivago Abhinav Kumar,you are such a gay.
PoTaTo ChIpS
esse indiano da india árabe
I dont know about trivago but I bet the actor is gay.

Windows Tech Support
Ishan Sharma
just came here to dislike this ad. Tired of it.
Noob Dude
Ada dekho londe ki ladki bhi sharma jaye
Vatsal X
This add should be stopped permanently . he's the most irritating person I've ever seen.
grishma thakar
Most irritating ad on Tv.... to cum more on tv tht doesn't mean u ll b famous ....kindly provide good discount as well as better services to ur clients....
grishma thakar
Most irritating ad on Tv.... to cum more on tv tht doesn't mean u ll b famous ....kindly provide good discount as well as better services to ur clients....
Berkay Ceylan
Sounds like Windows Support call
Nida Sayyed
i feel like beating this guy so much i he a girl so irritating chee how he is talking ga
Krusty Kiwi
i like this ad
Nícolas Martins
Mridul Gautam
This advertisement use to have a beautiful girl describing the application. I have 3 questions for the team who changed the lead actor in the advertisement - 1. Who the F*** is this guy? 2. Was the budget for creating this ad limited as the guy hasn't even shaved his face 3. Why is he wearing an oversized jacket ?
Edwin Samuel
can this guy be more gay
Bicho feio ta Porra ate o Br e melhor
sandip maru
Most irritating ad after Airtel. Model must be gay...
Gleidson Santana
We Want The Game
Kolay gelsin Hindistan! reklamı 5 saniye sonra atlayabilirsinizdwn bıkacak sınız
he looks like harry poter .....
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