Zootopia Wins Best Animated Motion Picture at the 2017 Golden Globes

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Directors Jared Bush, Rich Moore and Byron Howard accept the award for Best Motion Picture, Animated at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards.
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Jimmy Fallon hosts the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. Celebrating the very best in television and film, the popular, star-studded event held at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills is one of Hollywood’s biggest nights, honoring both television and motion picture achievements.

Zootopia Wins Best Animated Motion Picture at the 2017 Golden Globes

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Ralph Castro
Zootopia has the Critics Choice Award, Golden Globe Award, Annie Award, and now...the OSCAR / ACADEMY AWARD, but not the BAFTA which was received by Kubo and the Two Strings!
UnderCover Soviet
How many plane tickets do Rich and Byron have their bags are filled with so many awards. Cannot enjoy 5 seconds on their own couch without getting another award.
Douglas Murphy
If Zootopia loses the Oscars, the makers are going to have to cry into the billion dollars they made in the box office alone. Afterwards they're going to go swim in their Olympic sized swimming pool filled with the money they made from merchandise
Super Bubsy Mario Bobcat
0:50 All right, so I'm letting off my AK.
now it needs tow in the acadey awards
ARMitronFusionX 777
yes I knew my favorite movie will win this Disney movie more Comic Con here we go
gea santucci
Then it is very likely that will win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, 2017. I hope so!
P Cochran
Fun movie, but overrated.
Timber Humphrey
Zootopia definitely deserved that Golden Globe, and now i really hope it gets the Oscar
Dr. Julian Robotnik
If only these guys were in charge of making the upcoming Sonic movie...
Nick Strange
Bindu Reddy
moana deserved it!!!
Ivo Christiyurika
Sooooo happy this movie won! One of the best animated movies out there!
wth is that zuccini movie and what is it doing on that list? Is that the veggetarian sequal to Sausage Party?
They deserved this win. Zootopia is a wonderful film.
Arturo Cabral
Zootopia>lion king
The furries have taken the world
Jaqen H'ghar
obviously the overrated film wins. Yay...
"We want people to embrace diversity........ despite those who want to divide us by using fear....." (cut to a black couple)

Bad movie
So both Big Hero 6 and Zootopia have awards. My most impossible question in my life is: which movie of these 2 is the best?
Smh. Moana was the clear winner here.
Christopher Ocampo
yay zootpia won
angie 10
so happy for Zootopia and now we want the sequel
So happy this won. Should win the oscar too. Question is, can this full get nominated for best picture?
Rift Shredder
Thankfully Obama will be out soon and America will not be divided anymore
mary rurua
Kubo should've won
Mario oiram
SInce the first time i saw it, i knew it was gonna be like this, zootopia is love, zootopia is life!
Meg Griffin
I Think Sausage Party Is More Of An Aduld Movie Than Zootopia.
Makes sense that Zootopia won since it made the billion dollar box office and won the Annual Critics choice award with solid reviewers including RT at 98%
Moana barely even made this box office and has 95%
Kubo didn't even pass the 100 million box office
Kubo should of won.
I predicted this would happen
artministrador tv
Yo creo que debio ganar Kubo, pero bueno, Zootopia no estuvo tan mal.
The Crazy Movie Lover
Disney always fucking wins
Alex Aceves
As a gay man it really touches me to see what Byron has been able to accomplish. This is well deserved! Bravo Zootopia!
Congratulations Zootopia! Here looking forward to a sequel.
Hockey Patriot
Yes Deplorables! Hollywood is trying to indoctrinate your kids and Thank God they are.
saul Serrano
Great fucking 🎥!!
Sunil The Joker
I loved that movie i glad it existed 😀🍷 Congrats on the Award!
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