Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in River! (Police Called)

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In this video I search for river treasure in Columbus, GA! Gun found at 2:56
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Location: Columbus, Georgia

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Cameras used: Sony As7 II, GoPro Hero 5

Jack Shovlin
2 weeks ago he was at 600k subs...
Mayito Hernandez
look for kim. Kardashian ear ring
Great channel man. Very interesting
Legendary Gaming
Can I get a shout out I just started a new channel thanks that would be amazing
SirWilliamalot 7
The one from the first Dark Knight
laughingsack 08
what kind of knife does he have
Harrison nguyen
i like the fish cheacane
#1 king
LMAO call a cop in Houston tell u found a gun they be like look honey we aint got time for that shit they never come
angelica cunha
Didn't come here from rice gum👀
James Gaines
I'm from Georgia fam
Everyone came here from ricegum
Lyric G
When u ask for 10k likes and end up getting 220k
Am I the only one that came here because of ricegum
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6 mil views?!?! Nice!
We Are
i enjoy the videos w/o music but i still love them!!
Sarah Booth
well u got 223k likes so why not just say get 1M subs like rly
rater alexander
Gun is at 3:02 yw
Lemon Nation
A kid might have found it and threw it in the river because he didn't know what to do with it
Gav Peg
needs music
who else is here from ricegum
Sakura Keiko
the gun u found is probably a BB Gun
Am I the only one who likes these type of videos without music?
Michelle Corona
Have music next time please
Mr Pig pigin Boy
He's brave il give I'm that
Savannah Brown
You should play music it's a lot better btw.. but I love your videos 😜
Adam Blais
Do u ever use any of the lures you find?
Pumpkin Squad
Were is that river
1 like= u get to punch RiceGum
Elle Wilson
Like it better without music
Uyen Khan
What GoPro do you use because it looks great
It's so cool you are so adventurous Good work
Little Layna
I miss the music!
Henry Slan
Was the gun fake???
Giovanni Melara
with no music is better
Joanne Nguyen
Who came here from rice gum ?
Nicole Mowen
ricegum made a parody about this but afrogum got on him about that if you wanna watch it go on ricegum's channel
Emma Michas
Mai Bui
Sounds like asmr without music.
Lyralei Windranger
+DALLMYD Did that gun just triggered? Wow
It's Elainaaa
This guy could so have a TV show called "River Treasure" I'd watch it!
Daniel Castillo
I like it with music not silent
Bella Weiss
RICE GUM MENTIONED YOU . He thinks ur awesome .....😃😃😃😃
Poppy culshaw
What is your biggest thing you have found
Who's here from rice gum?
Thomas Phillips
Александр Комаров
Покажи пожалуйста экипировку, в которой ты плаваешь и снимаешь.
Такого количества снастей под водой не видал, но бывало попадались некоторые снасти
joshua daniels
Proleter lets go !!!
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