Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in River! (Police Called)

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In this video I search for river treasure in Columbus, GA! Gun found at 2:56
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Location: Columbus, Georgia

My Address 
PO Box 211 
Phenix City, Alabama, 36868-0211

Intro Music Provided by ProleteR - "Faidherbe square" Link:
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Cameras used: Sony As7 II, GoPro Hero 5

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nogloryhunting REALMADRID
can you list the equipment you use in you description?
Shengwei He
Am I the only one who thinks his knife is dope
Bryce Schmitz
that gun is called p99
CAT RodRam
Warm swimmer suit. knife, jar, oxygen tank and flippers
YouTube and its recommendations man.
Nichole Jacobs
As someone that appreciates nature, it is awesome to see someone that cares enough to take the time to rent scuba gear and clean out the waterways for the inhabitants and for the people that want to enjoy them as well as returning things that you find or that the proper authorities are called if needed.I just subscribed since you are so great.
Erin Gore
I was just wondering if your have ever been hurt by something in the water, like a fish hook, a catfish, etc. Love your vids. Hope to see some more of them. So cool! :<3)
Bryce Nelson
You should look for golf balls in a water hazard
Can I get 10,000 hows 331,157. Good stuff man.!
I like the music
Benyboy 09
Why do you always have toothpaste
Fernanda Aguilar
evangelist Hugo Moran
my name is Matthew and I subscribed and Light
sarah marriott
ceap the pistal
Why is there always toothpaste in his container
Someone shot a guy and it was at night and throw the gun in the water
asks for 10k likes... gets 330k
Skylar Almon
Ok y do umalways have toothpaste on u
why is there always toothpaste in the jar
Why does he have tooth paste in the jar?
John Lynch
I was under the impression hooks were made to deteriorate rather quickly. Guess not.
Where did you get that knife?!?
arshia gaming
did police realy called you
Elizabeth Pruitt
Simo Leth
He find the gun at 3:00
He asked can I have 10000 likes?
He gets 330000 WOW
Douglas Hunnewell
maybe a murder weapon but they could of dropped it
Kaleb Berryman
I like how he says should I turn the gun in like YES YES YOU SHOULD
Jgaming 12
Hey I think the gun is bb gun cause there is a little opening on the side of the gun
bram knippers
turn the gun in
Matthew Savage
You find one awesome thing
Why is there toothpaste in the box thing?
Oh wow, I found a potential murder weapon, better smear my fingerprints all over it!!
Master Chief
Wait, it was scratched off? What does that mean.........

Somebody got murked
O͓̽s͓̽h͓̽e͓̽n͓̽ __N͓̽a͓̽k͓̽a͓̽m͓̽u͓̽r͓̽a͓̽
I subscribed and turned on post notifications and can you give me a shout out
O͓̽s͓̽h͓̽e͓̽n͓̽ __N͓̽a͓̽k͓̽a͓̽m͓̽u͓̽r͓̽a͓̽
I like it better without music
John Dunn
Brayden Jones
you just got a new sub
the terminator
am I the only one who cringes when he picks up hooks with his bare hands
Martin Barnes
Nice vid
Fixer The Mercenary
don't know the type but that gun is a Walter
nty grty
lans and grooves are ruined no forensics
Chas S
God, turn down the exposure
Honda Civic
I love scuba!
Zombie Lord
More river
Tristan Tetting
Brings a gun out of the water and flicks it around. Nothing suspicious.
Sup YouTube
So this guy was going to kill a fish and the fish ate it and then pooped it out
Enraged Dragon
Wait where in Alabama is this
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