Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in River! (Police Called)

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In this video I search for river treasure in Columbus, GA! Gun found at 2:56
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Location: Columbus, Georgia

My Address 
PO Box 211 
Phenix City, Alabama, 36868-0211

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Cameras used: Sony As7 II, GoPro Hero 5

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Joe Bulkowski
Are you selling the gun
Adam Brothers
Mason Grizzle
Wow do you have tooth pase
African Warlord
that's been in there for at least 5 years. for it to oxidise like that normally steel rusts but underwater it does both. depending if tis merely damn or actually like this, underrate where there is not so much oxygen, enough for it to rust and oxidise into white all over it
Ryuzaki L
Wats with all dis POLICE CALLED shit?
faye rogers
Emma Wolf
Keep it
Jake Stickney
marshmello marsh
give the gun to the polise do it
Bryan VRM
Gina Marisa
Who else is here from "Be Amazed Channel"? The trickling of the water is quite pleasing. No music needed for me. I can fall asleep to this. Thank you for the video and for your time. -New Subscriber
Natalija Auziņa
i lik it
Aden Hamblen
James Morris
I saw a short snippet of your video where you found the gun under a river on 25, so I looked you up on the YouTube, (my favorite hang out). I 'm curious about what the police had to say.
Beetter without the music. :)
mason gramling
mason gramling
Please stop saying bad words or I will unsubscribe
Any weapon is a murder weapon
Rob Jackson
Why did you throw that baby fish away
Did they try and get a ballistic on it and look for a match ?
Future Trunks
Any body notice the tooth paste in there
Miguel Lol
Is it weird that he has a stick of toothpaste in his little jar 🤔🤔🤔
finds used tampon in water
DALLMYD: "woohoo! treasure!"
puts tampon in his treasure jar
Aden Hamblen
were do you live???
Noah Locher
Good job you got your fingerprints on the gun
whats with the toothpaste in the container?
will bro you were touching the gun with no gloves
Holly Aslett
The ww11
not the way to recover a gun!
Vincent peng
Next time use gloves if you find a weapon so your prints won't be on it
Travis Phillips
First a gun than human remains
FidgetGuy 33
You found one of my Dad's lures.
Melissa Kovatch
noo wayy you found a pistel
Rc Info
Why do u always have earbuds in?
bryloves pizza
I like it better with the music on
How do you breth for so long under woter
Ryan street
You should be a frogman
Luke Wilson
the gun was probably from a guy who was helping another guy out of the water and it fell out of his holster
Sarah Vidal
Who's reading this right now
Trinity Dube
Riley Smith
Love no music
Nancy J

somebody just killed somebody and they threw it in bc the wanted to hide it from the cops
Brennan Keith
The jig/fluke combo is called a swim jig. It's pretty good for bass.
Brianna Ponce
Emman Castro
his ssssssssssss..................
Gage Summerfield
I have a GoPro but I don't know how to edit the video. Does anyone know??
He finds the gun at 3:00
Sharpen that damn knife.
Gilbert Palmer
We need music like if you agree
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