Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in River! (Police Called)

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In this video I search for river treasure in Columbus, GA! Gun found at 2:56
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Location: Columbus, Georgia

My Address 
PO Box 211 
Phenix City, Alabama, 36868-0211

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Cameras used: Sony As7 II, GoPro Hero 5

Brendan Boyd
You have such a good eye
Ivan Rodriguez
keep it as an antique
Chase b
No music is awesome
This is some nice ASMR... lol?
Renee Morris
Do mor River
Paula Hall
Anything Videos
He should get gloves because if he cuts himself he could get infection
Kimberly White
We need music it is so boring 😴
The one out of two Warriors
Lukas Biermann
you can be a Rapper 😂 you speak so fast
Olivegracecordero Asong
the gun is from the world war olden days
nils nilsson
wait wait wait...... Did you shoot whit the gun at 3:10????
Infinite Mindz
Gun Found At 2:56 If you didn't read the description
Kids Dude Perfect
Why are all your baits connected to something
what part of the video did you find the gun
Letty Bailon
give me some of the fishing rods
Christopher Coby
why the HELL are you touching the "Murder weapon"
emma jones
why did you only look for fish
Holli Boyd
So just because it's a gun it's automatically a murder weapon??
Da kevie
Your good but what are these baits hooked into?
Cupcake Unicorn22
At first I thought the fisherman fish were real I was like WHY ARE U PUTTING WREAK FISH IN UR CONTAINER. Im sorry. You really are an inspiration to everyone. I wish there were more people like you in this world. ❤️❤️❤️❤️You are so caring to the earth. Keep it up!! 👍👍
Gaj Mativan Kasalo
igor6700 bro's
that is my gun
Oscar Martinez
why did he use the same picture as ricegum
Sky Defender
who else saw a gopro
Brandon Rampersad
Jennifer Swartz
Ooh i think it is cool with no music
Freshwater Fanatics
Prefer music
Gertrude Goonan
Heeyy Frienddss I Have F0unddddd W0rikinggggg Online Hacck visitttt : -
What are those things that he first collected? The ones that looked like plastic mini fish?
Carbonated Gamer
Cuts fish hooks turns around sees jaws
I think the gun was dropped under water because it was useless
FaithDoes - Gaming
Murder weapon definitely!
That would be so cool if it was!
FaithDoes - Gaming
That is awesome!
Jennifer Paredes
your so helpful you help animals in the water and your parents should be proud of you
Mr. Anonymous
The noises are satisfying
Especially the knife cutting things
iDragon Hypixel
"10 thousand likes." gets 240K
Cutie Dino
Wow that gun looked really cool!! ⚫️👅⚫️
I think its from that cop show because one time they went on water so that's why I think its that and I'm surprised that you even found that that's super rare!:O :O :O ,and that's so cool and BTW I subed
Fedz GT
Eric Skaarup
i bet its cold
Popa Radu
i lost that pistol!!
Can I get a shoutout
Yasmin Rico
Hey don't go in if its cold
mike porreca
Hey idk if you read this but check this out deff give u more under water time and possibly allow u to go deeper and further out
John Siebelink
You did the right thing turning it in. It'd be cool if it helped solve a crime
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