Yes We Can: People Share Their Most Memorable Moments from the Obama Presidency

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Americans and people from around the world reflect on moments that meant the most to them. Share your memory with us here:

Francis Villanueva
Fatimah Patel
One of the best presidents with an amazing family ❤️❤️ they will be missed massively. Love from the UK 💜💜
Trump 2017!
Marko Ghiraldo
I cant belive we live in a world where a woman gets the medal of freedom for being lesbian (Ellen Degeneres) and a man gets the nobel price for peace for being black (obama) its sad to see that people still love the very people who are killing this world.
its all controlled by the rothchilds and u may laugh reading this but it has been proven over and over again and no one cares cuz theres too many stupid people effected by the media. all i can say is we are slowly starting to expose the rothchilds comepletely keep hope they cant destroy an idea thats the one thing that will beat them
Alpha Ambush
Wow, thanks for trying to take away my first amendment. My comment was taken down because I was actually getting support from the people who did not favor Obama's presidency.
Samurai Jack
Americans should be happy Trump will put you before Israel unlike obama
sheepy blacky
Am i the only non-American who is sad that he is not the American president anymore..?
Jawad Jahid
he will be remembered for generations, with good words
Jared Rice
The difference is obama doesn't have to say he was for the people. The greatest never have to say it, others say it for them.
Spaz Kitty and Bubbles
FACT: The Government under the Obama Administration are paying celebrities to brainwash citizens of the U.S. and other countries. This is a fact as I know a lot of celebrities. Pass it along and don't be played the fool.
James Jay
I miss this obama already ,,,,,,,i m crying right now .... God bless american .thanks for giving this guy a Chance to be your President
I still srongly want to see Obama in person and he is still a president and a great leader to me
Neidaa Lopez
im gonna miss the Obama's soo much I cried watching this
S Parker
I was drowning in my own tears already but when they brought out Chance the Rapper, I died. I wish I could've met president Obama before he left office. That would've been a dream come true.
Chris Vishugh
My most memorable moment was when he said: "You can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan..." Fuck you.
Lord Flame
He was a great President, period.
going to miss you Obama all class with swag too you came in with a shitty position and are country was in a depression and you made this country great again you change me in a good way thanks so much going to miss you best president in my era and now trump is going to fuck us so bad just like bush we are going to lose jobs fucking stupid Republicans the rich is going to be mega rich now trump has never paid taxes in 20 years failed bankruptcy and disrespect women and is a racist bitch this whole we got as a president the great depression #2 here we come
Mark Vargas
damn i was 9 i think when he became president i was in pop warner football wow its been long
Abdullah Islam
Obama thank you.
i'm not even the biggest obama fan but this made me cry
victor 003
Watching this made me tear up to see how amazing and genuine and humble he was he will truly be missed
victor 003
I miss him already Obama was a legend
Chris Gomez
I cried so much 😭😭😭😭
Thank you my President. You stand high above them all with Presidents Lincoln and Kenndy
Anika Krueger
Obama was elected when I was in kindergarten I was in half day kindergarten and I remember coming home one day and we went to a shop like an hour away from my house (or an hour to a 5 years old) and we got a Obama sign. I remember the Obama shirt I had. I carry a picture around in my pocket someday of me and my 2 dog (who are dead now and I very much miss) and I was wearing a Obama shirt smiling. I remember his reelection when I was in 4th grade and me my dad and my brother would look at who's leading in the polls. I remember that me and my friend in 4th grade (we where both 8) both really wanted Obama as president.
I remember feeling no hope somedays and I remember thinking about our president and how people didn't believe in him and how he's such a strong roll model and I remembered thinking "I wanna be strong like him." I remember telling myself I can be strong like him. I remember always wanting to meet him. And I really remember him as the president who broke social boundaries.
what an incredible president
Shanan Dra
its mr president, you fucking condicidening lesbian bitch ellen!!!
Andrew L
Thank you so much. Changed the lives of so many, changed the world.
Obama and his family had class, grace, dignity. You can have a lot of money and not be as rich as he is in character. That's what counts and I think people will miss it greatly now his administration has passed.
Hristo Hristov
People in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria probobly love him too. He did a very good job destabilizing the world. EU is filled with imigrants. The US dept is skyhigh and is just a matter of time for the US to bankrupt. Best president ever! 10/10 would recommend!
M. G.
The sad part is, what is trump gonna bring, war, racism, his slovenian wife that has posted nude pictures lol, truly sad !!!!
Christine Awuor
Obama remains an icon for many reasons. He was an amazing president, a prime example of an american dream. He launched his campaign on hope and I think that is what I took from his presidency. Belief that you CAN be anything you the man did so much, it annoys me when people try to undermine his achievements. so THANKS OBAMA!!!!
Ann Waine
What an absolute credit Barack and Michele Obama have been to the USA and to the office of President. My international Obama moments are when he visited HM The Queen at Buckingham Palace and also when he stopped off to visit Stonehenge - which he said was on his 'bucket list'.
Rodya Raskolnikov
Good riddance to Kenyan rubbish ,
Finally we have a real (beautiful and graceful ) first LADY in the White House ,
Now America is Great Again , #NAGA
Kadem Mohamed
I'm not even American, I'm from the 3rd world as they say, i never met him and will probably never, but i have a huge respect for that man.
that moment when he doubled the national debt and created the migrant crisis by destroying Lybia and Syria. <3
My favorite memory was when he called Isis the JV team. Great call Barry.

5 and a half minutes of idiocy
worst pres ever. what an embarrassment to our country
Marko Tiano
President Obama - Real Class. Trump may be a billionaire but you can't never buy "class"...he's got nothing on Obama.
obama is great man.
Yash Kinjalk
thankyou Americans for giving the world Barack Obama
Yash Kinjalk
wish I had a superlike
Irwin Wins
Yes... You didn't! Trump Prez Now! 🇺🇸
Vivian McClure
Dave Gray
Didn't agree with a good amount of his stances but respected the hell of President Obama. Class act and great human being who legitimately cared more than any president I've been alive for.
Jenny Lee
I want to cry but if I did I wouldn't be able to stop. I'll miss the Obamas so much and I am so afraid of what Trump, Pence and the republican controlled congress and senate, will do.
Now is a good time to learn a foreign language.
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