Jinx Plays
Pretty sure trump would have continued talking
Jim Mulligan
He would make me throw up all day long
Charles Thomassie
Theres sickness everywhere obama goes
Maria Callas
they are so good and cares so much but they kill babies ? did already
Robert Thomas
Amazed with the speed that the Obama White House reacts to a medical emergency. Guy could have been dead and buried before anyone got the doctor.
I just hope his obammy care will cover it!
Dmitry Voznuk
Such a sore loser
Barack please, Why don't you go in the middle of the crow to help this reporter ? Is it so important what you are saying ???!!!!
Silent Pitch TV
What exactly happened? Did he throw up or something?
Adam Gabbard
was the person having a sezuire??
Kiborg John
HD Fresko
Whoa!! 🔥🎶🇭🇹!!

Jack From State Farm
he gets to keep his doctor?
Bob jones
licking anyone's ass for over 8 years will get anyone sick, I am surprised it did not happen sooner.
Grymm Reaper
What a good man always concerned for his citizens I will miss him
William Dennison
Yea your ACA helped, yet people recently have been "not feeling good" at an all time high during your statements on live television...what a joke.
Chris H
he looks pissed off..
he ate too many pizzas
Владимир Маяковский
1.5 million ....wtf
Ebola Chan
And then everyone got ebola
R Stefanie
He is so clueless without his teleprompter.
radeed Rad
is there a doctor in the house ?
Chee Pono
obamas certificate is a fake ! he's a phony, a big fat stinkin PHONY!
Stop keep changing Your name
great actors.
Doctor Jackson saved the day.
deondre Pilk
Now imagine if that were Trump, the same guy that ejected a woman with a crying baby from his rallies.
Andrew Yeager-Buckley
Love President Obamas compassion and concern for this reporters well being. Based on past comments Trump would have probably mocked this person.
Joseph Harding
Lmao idc who you are "go to my doctors office" is bad ass
Carol Lynch
Some much hatred and name calling in these comments.
Shaun B
Choking on obamas lies
James Nichols
It was just a member of the liberal media passing out after thinking that in less than a month she will be sitting in front of Trump during these conferences.
I'm sure he does this for all the women and children in the middle east blown to pieces by all the weapons he's sent there.
Tim Osman
It doesn't look like Obama's scared 😉
Peace On earth
I love president Obama!
Good guy, horrible president
Tristan Weide
When you are watching someone eat the last cookie.
obama = antichrist = 3rd term.
Lol just leave the doctor with them. The next term doesn't deserve it.
Michael B
Hilary isn't feeling well.
Diego Morales
Under government healthcare, get ready to wait.
BIg Steven
Such BS have to create the issue healthcare that's what it's about health care at this time so we all can get the chip. The masters of confusion banks. Lawyers pastors doctors.
Hamud Duale
I dont think trump would say that,but it is true that the two guys are very diffrent
super ultra gamer
Eww you can hear the throw up 🤢
Now we know approximately how long it would take for a doctor to respond in the case of the president having an emergency in the white house.
"How much do I owe you for faking the sickness?"
And this sums up his entire presidency.
BigDaddy Kalvin
she will lose an arm faster than an Iraq soldier with obamacare
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