The iPhone 7 Plus Has a HUGE Problem

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This Flaw Is Driving Me Crazy. APPLE PLEASE FIX This iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Camera Problem.

Alex SteFiot
Danyella V.S. Roblox
OH SHUT UP, I LOVE THE IPHONE 7, it’s better than the iPhone X, the iPhone X is Almost all glass and can break very easily, plus, it’s. 1000 dollars for a non- DURIBLE phone, bro
Dokkan Hype
Tomorrow is gonna be the one year anniversary for this video also im getting a 7 plus in 9 days!!!!
Christopher Gomez
Just because of a camera tho
Gabriel Zedlav
just when i made my decision to get the 7 plus contemplating if i should get the 6s plus instead
I'm happy with my 5s.
I dk
I have the same problem with the SE
Iron Maiden
This is the reason why my 6s plus is the best
did they fix it?
Andres7078 Spanish
I have a new iPhone 7 and I don’t have that problem
Mohammed Wazim
hope you could give one everything apple pro ill will be fine with that 😁😁
Even though phones are going bezel less,, it's actually better to have something to hold onto in every aspect
Jared Prince
It doesn’t matter well I have the 7 plus gold and it doesn’t do that for me and I use the Snapchat camera
lm 10 fans association
Even my iPhone has the same problem
Yazid Barajas
Is the Phone Electronix real? Because I don’t believe that it says $171 for a iPhone 7 Red
Abrar Abyeaz
For YouTuber it's a problem not for all
My iPhone 7 doesn’t do that. I wish I could show you but that would be near to impossible but for reals my iPhone 7 doesn’t do that
Farhaan Mohammed
it should definitely be fixed.!! its not normal!!
Is this bug being fixed on iphone 8 plus!??????????
abdulla ali
Yes bro it happens to me
Sooo, has they fixed it? Anyone?
Itu Nkoana
you monster
The camera is a true problem I had went back to Apple Store to change my iPhone7+ cuz the camera turn black on the camera app
SurF Silenc3r
Is it fixed yet?
Roylar Howell
I was gonna get a google pixel, but unfortunately it suffers from unacceptable amounts of lens flair, and as a photoggrapher, that drives me nuts. It's worse outdoors than indoors, and since that's a hardware problem (sloppy lens design) i'm pretty sure it can't be fixed with a software upgrade. Just googel pixal and les fair, and see how many hits you get.
Dheeraj Sharma
Hii how to fix photo flip in iphone 7 plus(ios11 GM)
Vivek Saxena
Iphone 7 plus 128 gb USA price buy any chance is it still available....... whatsapp no. 9999101807
Liam Bryant
I have the 7 plus . because I'm not very popular on YouTube I haven't got the money to upgrade to a camera so I am using the cameras on the 7 plus and it's great but the shutter still isn't fixed after several updates I'm a little disappointed 😔
Mohammed Sahl
is every iphon 7 nd 7 plus facing this same ?
Jonh Poul Gabatanga
Warren Starc
Hi, Its 2017 August now. Is this problem still there or has a software update fixed it??
Mubiru Musa
Nader Elsayed
Which iphone is best for now ?
skrt milo
To stop it you hold on the screen and a yellow box will show up to lock the pixels
Mentrix Boo
Im watching on iphone 7 plus and i love it xD
Vincen Cohan
I dont have this prob. My 7 plus is fine smooth as butter
Legal Soch
There is no perfect smartphone . Every smartphone has pros and cons.
random youtube account
DA FUQ isnt a fking phone. and iphone 7 became trash like every android disposable phone because it doesnt have a headphone jack.. the iphone 6s is the best last version of apple.. and if u want decent photos buy a nikon p900 ..
Bradu Ivan
iphone 5 also have that problem with the never ios 10.3.2
Da Original
Well I'm okay wit my iPhone 7
Interactiv PRAC
It's a isue
Vishnu's Channel
Why Apple Why
debayan chakravarty
Is this problem fixed now or its still exist ??
Damn my iPhone 7 plus does this 😡😡
Beth Jones
Can anybody tell me if this is still an issue with the 7plus? I know this video was uploaded a few months ago and was wondering if Apple have patched this problem?
Stella Reyes
wow I don't want to get this phone anymore
Holy Shit! Everything Apple Pro is hot! 🤤🤤🤤💦
Omrhi Reubens
You should switch to 6 it has a headphone jack
I used my 7 Plus 4wd'ing the other day. Very poor quality. It was like it couldn't focus while moving.
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