The iPhone 7 Plus Has a HUGE Problem

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This Flaw Is Driving Me Crazy. APPLE PLEASE FIX This iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Camera Problem.

Itu Nkoana
you monster
The camera is a true problem I had went back to Apple Store to change my iPhone7+ cuz the camera turn black on the camera app
SurF Silenc3r
Is it fixed yet?
Roylar Howell
I was gonna get a google pixel, but unfortunately it suffers from unacceptable amounts of lens flair, and as a photoggrapher, that drives me nuts. It's worse outdoors than indoors, and since that's a hardware problem (sloppy lens design) i'm pretty sure it can't be fixed with a software upgrade. Just googel pixal and les fair, and see how many hits you get.
Dheeraj Sharma
Hii how to fix photo flip in iphone 7 plus(ios11 GM)
Vivek Saxena
Iphone 7 plus 128 gb USA price buy any chance is it still available....... whatsapp no. 9999101807
Liam Bryant
I have the 7 plus . because I'm not very popular on YouTube I haven't got the money to upgrade to a camera so I am using the cameras on the 7 plus and it's great but the shutter still isn't fixed after several updates I'm a little disappointed 😔
Mohammed Sahl
is every iphon 7 nd 7 plus facing this same ?
Jonh Poul Gabatanga
Warren Starc
Hi, Its 2017 August now. Is this problem still there or has a software update fixed it??
Mubiru Musa
Nader Elsayed
Which iphone is best for now ?
skrt milo
To stop it you hold on the screen and a yellow box will show up to lock the pixels
Mentrix Boo
Im watching on iphone 7 plus and i love it xD
Vincen Cohan
I dont have this prob. My 7 plus is fine smooth as butter
Legal Soch
There is no perfect smartphone . Every smartphone has pros and cons.
random youtube account
DA FUQ isnt a fking phone. and iphone 7 became trash like every android disposable phone because it doesnt have a headphone jack.. the iphone 6s is the best last version of apple.. and if u want decent photos buy a nikon p900 ..
Bradu Ivan
iphone 5 also have that problem with the never ios 10.3.2
Da Original
Well I'm okay wit my iPhone 7
Interactiv PRAC
It's a isue
Vishnu's Channel
Why Apple Why
debayan chakravarty
Is this problem fixed now or its still exist ??
Damn my iPhone 7 plus does this 😡😡
Beth Jones
Can anybody tell me if this is still an issue with the 7plus? I know this video was uploaded a few months ago and was wondering if Apple have patched this problem?
Stella Reyes
wow I don't want to get this phone anymore
Holy Shit! Everything Apple Pro is hot! 🤤🤤🤤💦
Omrhi Reubens
You should switch to 6 it has a headphone jack
I used my 7 Plus 4wd'ing the other day. Very poor quality. It was like it couldn't focus while moving.
Ryan Johnson
I've never had this problem on my normal iPhone 7
Steacy Tomasli
I have an iphone 7 plus soo whats the problem!!!???!!!!!!!!:(
Rjaibia Malek
i have a samsung s6 edge plus it's worth to buy an iphone 7 or not please tell me
Darryl Harvey
I'm having the same problem. How can I fix it?
lookitsshrek \
Is this why he keeps making videos destroying iPhone sevens??
Mark The Savage
Top comment you are not top comment anymore
Ken Dong
Damn its a big problem ,i dont like it too,hope apple can fix it
Je Moeder
I have a 7 plus to i didn't notice it but now i am really salty hope they fix it
Kyle Keeps On Pottering
I agree with you completely!
Leon Ardos
Yes it's choppy as f@%k. Its an abomination!!
Simon Bennett
Do hate apple
luna alexander
My iPhone camera isn't working, it's just black it won't work. Can you make a video about that?
Nathan Saunders vlogs
I've got a 6s and I try it out and the 7plus is a lot choppier then 6s
Scarzzie kat
My iPhone 5s is seem less with changing from bright lights (and yes I am updating my phone soon I just have to wait for my pesky contract to run out)
Kobe Neven
is this still now a problem?
immortalHD 7
Try going into camera settings and turning off lens switching for video
Yasin Ad
it's a big problem, i hate it too, pls fix :((
Tharan Tandle
Does the iPhone 7 also have the same problem?
Jammie Bain
These pussyhole bitches could talk shit and get an orgasm for the shit they speak smh
does this promblem still happen on regular iphone 7
Was this resolved?
MetalBrush 55984
iPhone 7 is the worst
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