The iPhone 7 Plus Has a HUGE Problem

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This Flaw Is Driving Me Crazy. APPLE PLEASE FIX This iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Camera Problem.

Izabella Solis
Really? You're changing from a 7 to an 6 just because of a stupid mistake the camera has?!!!
The SE sorta is choppy when you are in photos mode
Araaash 17
Thats why Samsung made S8
That's a problem.
Pradeep Biradar
Try slow motion on iphone 7plus you can see this problem clearly
Paul Jones
Just Checked iPhone 7 and don't have this issue so yay
sonny paongo
iPhone overrated big time
only thing that does it is the processor. Other then that been a 1080p phone is everything about it is OLD
Zakiya Yasmin
This guy got 130 messages whilst i got 2 and those are from my mama😂
SyriusStar Multimedia
My 7+ has serious light bleeding
Roilan Salvador
boom boom bomm tudududu
I think that Apple team watch this video
Allen Parsens
I can't see what you are complaining about. Also, please stop this soft cock "daily driver" term.
Carmen Smith
but that pixel brooo🙏😥😍😍
Carmen Smith
he's tripping 😂
Bhavik Shah
Daily driver iphone 6
Another major issue is that photos are like water coloured effect with broken edges . I tried other iphone around but got same issue on iphone 7 and plus. Images are just 1 or 2 mb only. Whats happening wrong.
Rolling my eye
Dương Thành Đạt
how about the iphone 7 ? Does it have the same issue?
Ah, wow if you wanna record professional video then get a professional real fucking video recorder...
Mine doesn't do that btw...Even if it did at least the phone isn't exploding.
Янко Стоянов
How to fix it please tell me
CA Zocker
it is fixed now with ios 10.3.2
Antonio Camunas
did they ever fix this??
i think another problem is Optical Image Stabilization on the Iphone 7. It works olny when you record video. For the picture please zoom maximum at the object and you will se how shaky it is - so the OIS works only for Video :/
Tech 21
Daily Driver : Nokia 3310
Jason Harrington
Anyone else take out their iPhone 7 and try this during the video?
Richie Lebron
6s and 7 are the same
Trenden Shelton
Iphone 7 plus
Sanat Kumar
Did the issue got fixed yet ?
Hi, I saw your new video "Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Water Test! Secretly Waterproof?" So, the S8 will be your everyday phone or you still in love with iphone6?
reaction freeaction
kim geomjeong
Is this fixed?
Headphone jack is a bigger problem. #firstworldproblems
Sao Viet AZ
love box cafe hello hello nice day nice day song ltunes
Arvin Lazarte
Is this fixed?
They literally look the same! Also how often do normal people use a camera on your phone?
Dak Grant
dispite the headphone jack it's a huge problem (or you could just get a S8)#solution
Micah Angelo
I use an iPod touch 6 gen and it doesn't have that camera problem
Ridhwan Cool
6s plus is still the best
Minecraft World Hunter
I'm telling you iPhone cameras are s**t. Apple is my worst enemy. Samsung is my best friend. Like if you are with Samsung
Charneshia Johnson
Marcus Couto
Hello guys... anyone knows if this issue have been solved? Thanks!
atoomy 54
U r overreacting
bhushan kharmale
Guys, has this been fixed yet? Any idea?
Tingles AndThings
Who else have a ipad 2 still
jiyen khullar
switch to s8 dude
Valeria Romero
Really it's not a HUGE problem if you don't take videos
Lester Lojica
Still not resolved after several IOS updates? Any feedback? Thanks
Ghost DudeGaming
So Was It Fix Yet?
Frances Ann Olfindo
relate much😭
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