The International House of Prayer Live Stream

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24/7 Prayer with Worship from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.

The International House of Prayer (IHOPKC), founded by Mike Bickle, Misty Edwards, and twenty full-time intercessory missionaries, has been crying out to God in prayer with worship since September 19, 1999. More:


Rachel Pritchard
Pray for Manchester...
Rejoice Chipepera
what a powerfull service!!God be praised!!!
Charles Fredericks
Please pray for clients and finances in my business.
It looks a lot different than the last time I worship the pancakes I ate at IHOP. And now they have entertainment too
FaithThatWorks EuropePreacher
If you are not morally perfect in this life then you will end up in hell!
He that committeth, and practice, sin and unrighteousness is of the devil!
Fear God and keep HIS commandments!
FaithThatWorks EuropePreacher
Love is obedience to God's commandments!

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom!
FaithThatWorks EuropePreacher
Worldly and carnal music! This is not from God!
Daniela Pires
Janet Rivera
Thank you for this worship. It's hard to hear the voices but I really enjoy listening.
Mpho Mokabane
Juliana Silva
Nuno Louro
i need you lord im a siner...
bow wow 01
may the love of jesus touch every body
les regnerus
what is this
André Ricardo Silva
Jesus is love!
janaina Miranda
Naro Pongen
God is Great!!!!!
les regnerus
what is this??
Rosie Weise
Dear Jesus please save us from ourselves. But love peace and compassion in our hearts. In Jesus holy name I ask. Amen
Leonardo Chen
Praise the lord that you save us and conquers the grave !!!
Samuel Msiska
Lord I press in for more of you. You satisfy my heart
Gladys Mumbi Kamau
Lord I love you. In your presence is where i want to be forever.
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