12 Days of Christmas On A Budget

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Tired of spending thousands on golden rings? Are all those swans of swimming trying to bite you? Then I have the solution for you! This method will grantee you loved ones heart and it won't be so hard on your wallet.  

Website ➤ http://tinyurl.com/za5gw22

Tumblr ➤ http://theodd1sout.tumblr.com

Facebook ➤ https://www.facebook.com/theodd1sout

Twitter ➤ https://twitter.com/Theodd1sout

Tapastic ➤ https://tapastic.com/theodd1sout

Grace Foust
The keep it local sticker tho 😂
Elina Karvinen
I have 8 chicken at home
"8 mexiii-cans"
Ricardo Gonzalez
mexicans really? should of thought of something else
Panda Person
I'm laughing so hard rn
EmbaressedPandaz Gabby
You dont know how happy i am.

No! Get back into the closet johnathan.
"im carl!" *Does wierd dance move
"Hi, im helda"
"lets pretend more!"
I am slightly concerneed
Climber Boy
On the second day of Christmas I ran out of money jokes couldn't be bothered to buy anything thing else for my true love
I couldn't stop laughing
Ryan Craig
u dont need a chicken for free eggs
Ryan Craig
lol the songs not even about buying stuff
Pls Dain
Brave Phoenix
Instead of pugs put in corgis :)
Kate The great
Can I get a like today's my birthday. It's a crappie birthday cause people substitute Christmas for birthday
Jaden H
8 migrant workers
XeroxPlays Roblox and more
he swear
ClashRoyale24Hours -
That's 40 rings
pugs are super expensive, James what are you talking about 😂
• Galaxia •
Handsaw [ESK]
3:40 me when I get told to do kazoo in music
Giz Mo
James if u got the gold u could buy so many ring pops with the gold sooo oooo cough yea
Gunnar Warzon
3:37 11 pipers piping? That's gonna get downgraded to a (insert kazoo memes here)
3:40 lol that kid
I can see why you didn't get into coldstones for the singing audition
after this i asked my mom for a fish and now we are getting one
Jaja Bil
I laughed sooo hard at this. James, you're amazing
Yuggles Gaming
I fricken love pears
Shadoww324 _
2:10 Lol I have 2 of those birds
Joey Johnson
Hi theodd1sout! I just wanted to say I got a tablet like you did!
I have chickens
Mr Potato
I got all of those things. My girlfriend dumped me.
Alaina Burningham
I like when James sings "10 frogs" because it sounds funny
Ida G
I love how you did a uno card at 2:46 🤣
Terminator X
Actually a pigeon's poop has 1 of 60 diseases in it
Sean McManus
best song ever! put it on Google play music boi!
GoldenOcelotGaming !
I have pet chickens.....
F word?!?
# Rekt
Did he say the f word at 0:30
Tonya Threadgill
hahah love your videos. you are so funny. love the animated parts.
Charley Skits
3:42 is all I want for Christmas !
Joel Talamantes
The first time I've ever heard theodd1sout say a FULL bad-word
Starts slowly clapping
Mermaid Lova
Lemme guess.... you're single....
my cousins had pet chickens but one of them was too loud during the night so they chopped his head of..i think he was a rooster though
I have 8 chickens
Conrado Villegas
dude, stop the inequality #blacklivesmatter
Vloggen Met Djim
i have a lovebird its name is "Argemedes"
omg i never knew pigeons made that sound i thought j was an owl😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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