i started laughing at the kazoo but then you multiplied it by 10 and i was startled so it went like "Hahahah--aaaahh!" dives for the volume down button
Ausaki Kirigaya
Lol. . . 8 me - - Mexicans. . . XD thanks for trying not be racist man. :3
Malic Alex
3:54 cringe af
Rico Juarez
Terius Zúñiga
Mexicans. Great joke James...
Puppy288 DaGamer
Turtle dove - A bird that needs to be loved or it will die.
Commie Pigeon
2:30 Yeah, I'm listening
Christopher Lorentzen
i have 30 chickens 1 bunny 2 cats 1 dog and 2 hamsters :)
Gage McKibbon
He said the f word
The Altimate Gamer
What is that kids name, Is like a MEME I FORGOT plz tell me
Alexander Curdov
Iiiiiiiìtttttttttssssssss jjjjjjjjjjjjaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss
Name TheChosenDoge
I laughed so hard at this video
LOLQueen 401
i did this to my mom she was tripen
I don't care what the age range of this channel is I'm 20 and I love this guys videos 😂❤️
valerie villasenor
3:43 waning headphone users
ALS vlogs
I fucking love pairs!! 😂😂😂😂
DanPlays1055 Gaming
0:33 I thought this was a kid friendly channel!
Diddymay 71727
I used to have chickens..,,I had 6 because people saves loads that were gonna be killed then gave them away for £1 each XD
Mustdash Nonasconinal scones awaiting
GG mate
Marco Polo
115 Juggerburg
Pug are 600$ woo if you have 7200$ then 12 pugs🙂🙃
The Frøst Dragøn
What the hell turtles are like 2$ where I live
Kate Martin
0.33 hilarious
Damn it James you woke up my dog with that kazoo kid ear rape :|
Conner Schuchard
Eight Mexican hmmm RASEST Stop gim
Brianna Rhoades
At 00.30 what did he say?🤔
Kiara David
Just how the cat climbs the tree is hilarious😂
Deheheu Walrus
Lol funny video
It's Life
12 greninjas 11 buterfrees 10 jiglypuffs 9 frogadeers 8 caterpies 7 Theodd1sout's 6 Jaidens 5 bobafets 4 squirtles 3 bulbasaurs 2 pikachu and a raichu on a healing centre...
David Sanchez
WarriorCats Freak
Tyler is cool lol
I laughed so hard at the start he said the f word😂😂
NyanNoahHD / Gaming And More
Turn on subtitles when James says I fricken love pears
Lucky the Greninja
How tf are cats free? They're like €200 mate
david stojkovic
the ending tho lol
bon bon
Selene McDonald
I have chickens
Filip Ivanovsky
Is that Jaiden?
Oscar Ornelas
One puuuuuuunch maan
on the 2nd day of Christmas my true love gave to me a leprechaun dancing and a bra that was ment to fit three
Bence Bánkúti
0:32 did...did James said "i fucking love...." or i just miss heard it?
The Cyan Melon
12 pugs would cost so much
The Cyan Melon
This is my favorite video by TheOdd1sOut!
Liam Russell
"Budget"? 1500 per pug soooooo, (uses google calculator)
HOLY SHIT, 18000 dollars?
I would hate to see what this would be without a budget
jordan burton
Wut the hell
Dearmoss Grobis
I thought we needed eleven really bad pipers piping their really bad pipes.
hipster bee 124
3:38 'wow' '10/10 ign'''GG'
Bendy rules With Boris xD
lol bendy is here
Ragnar558 Gray
I luv pugs plz make a pug video or I will be mad with theodd1sout
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