12 Days of Christmas On A Budget

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Tired of spending thousands on golden rings? Are all those swans of swimming trying to bite you? Then I have the solution for you! This method will grantee you loved ones heart and it won't be so hard on your wallet.  

Website ➤ http://tinyurl.com/za5gw22

Tumblr ➤ http://theodd1sout.tumblr.com

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puglover 361
i love pugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ShinyRuby // SR
Chickens lay in 3 weeks,so 3 multiply by 6 is 18 weeks so...
Nagrath Ferris
I have chickens
you cursed

I hate you
In our country we got a billion of chickens ova here😂
all hail nikki
purple zebra
the song made me laugh harder than I was supposed to
X brother
2:27 THAT PICTURE KILLED ME😂😂😂 the song was hilarious too😂
Spiked Collarbeanmoon
I can make a wonderful pigeon sound
Why Park Chanyeol when you can ride Chanyeol
1. free
2. 0.14
3. 8.25
4. i did some research and well they arent the most cheapest things in the world so just go out in the city and catch some. so free
5. 5.48 for 15..
6. free
7. 6.49 per dozen.. so you have some ducks yourself too (:
8. tell 8 random persons on the street to come and work otherwise youd kill them. free
9. 15 dollars
10. free
11. uh... keep replaying the "song" to her?
12. 9600? man james this was on a budget..

sooooo, we have spent 9635.36 dollars, have a good day collecting all this
I have pet chickens
suger song
kids your hand 5 times then repost this on a different video
Emma 7777
The 12 days of Christmas are the days after Christmas and Christmas
King Waffles
Holly Swan
If you pause it in time, you can see that christmas is UNDERLINED IN A RED SWIGGLY LINE1 Why so? BECAUSE MR.JAMES FORGOT TO capitalize THE c.
James no hate but ur math sux
air force 2007
Lupus Nemo
I laughed so hard I cried when he started singing
Cheeerleaders and Gymnastics girls
3:46 hahaha funny bruh
David Dauz
boi are you prejudice (i don't even know if I spelled that right)
Moritz SOS
On the 12th day of christmas my true love gave to me;

12 pugs,
10 frogs
9 ladies dancing
8 mexicans
7 rubber duckies
6 . . .
4 pigeons
3 american hens
2 golden fish

and a cat in a normal----- normall treeeeeeee
Pug Pixie
Why are you taking my family??????? Nuuu
(I'm a pug) (Get it?) (no?) :(
Shinji Nishi
did i hear "i fuckin love pears" or "i frickin love pears"?
did he say the f word !?!?!?!
Den Den
When Saitama is randomly there... from One Punch Man.
Kwon Sunhee
7 mexicans lol
Duck and Friends
The person and the cazoo GOD
elvira silva kitten
I took your order in real life and my mum punched me
Five rihsnshang poooopssbdis
Graceful -less
this was less emotional then I remebered
TheBig AppleGamer
Ooooooooooooooooh he cuuuuuuuuuuursed
Gaming With Jamie Om
Hey james I featured you in my vids I made a refernce in this vid
Alfy George
Those rings you can put them on...
10 fingers
10 toes
The end of your tongue
5 on each ear
And the rest on random pieces of clothing. Simple.
Potatomus !
Alex Baron
I would totally sing this song XD
Adam Akram
Who has a pug
beasty_sav 209
i dont really care james said the migrant workers thing i know its a joke and im not offended
did theodd1sout curse?

Na Col
I have five pet birds
Aenaes Ward
FACE NATURE!!!! sees a cat with wings O-O i've seen tow much in this world
Amelia's Menagerie
Hey, just get me all the animals... I need more! I like pigeons :) and all birds... and fish.... and mammals... I need more pet ducks, too... so yeah. Get me all the animals.
Jack Nadin
Bacon Pancakes
James cursed for the first time in a video... 0:32
Priyanka Sajnani
i would also just take the pugs and ring pops and leave xD
Kunal Gulyani

thank me later
Shady cat
I don't have chikens for the eggs JAMES.
Death Lion
The one punch man reference killed me
Reviewer Of Things
Downgrade? I would hardly call that a downgrade. That is a straight upgrade if anything!
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