23 Real Cartoon Look Alikes!

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So today I got a light hearted list for you as I'll be taking a look at real cartoon lookalikes and try and have some fun with it.

As always I wanna give a big shoutout to viewer Trz Gaming XD for suggesting this video.

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"Unwritten Return" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

List includes:

Dora the explorer
Chris Griffin
Meg Griffin
Carl From Up!
Boo from Monsters Inc
Meg Griffin
Bobby from King of the Hill
Peter Griffin
Scooby Doo
Super Mario & Luigi
Grandma from Looney Tunes
Jonny Bravo
Linda Bobs Burgers

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Danny Qin
He's so strict on these pictures and this makes the video less entertaining
katie hipwood
It's not a moshtash it's a moustache
Maria Antonia
guys hold the space bar on you pc/computer while watching the video :) what is this> lol you are right its a person drowning
Dave M
How much is apple paying you for this blatant product placement
Keira Cummins
they look so a like lols.
Drake Wars
William Fulkerson
Alfie Martin
the girl in the pink top is boo
like if bored
TSP119 plays games
make a vid of top 10 things rich people can offord
Isaac Green
7:27 = fat tits
Illuminati king
Peter griffin was supposed to be a penis but someone came in and changed it
Filip Olszewski
u know the shrek one hes a ressler ut he died because of a heart attack or smthing like that
Ryan Martin
the mom from bob's burgers
Ryan Martin
the mom from bob's burgers
Finn 2008
AnimeLover462 !
the last cartoon lady was Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers.
GhostGirl0 Animal Jam
do never have I ever challenge this is ass emojiπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Ethan Watkins
Bob's burgers
Mariama Jawo
He does get stoped
Seth Schreiber
the Elsa girl is hot
Mahluni Ralte
if you always try to complain delete your channel
If everyone in the comments subscribes to me I will subscribe to them
Dragon Gaming
The family guy guy looks like my dad but not fat or has a butt chin xD
Pache Brach
6:50 they actually based the design of shrek off that guy
Hunter Rabone
The dude that looks like shreds is dead
He calls Peter Griffin's chin "chin-balls"?

I prefer chin-sticles.
Keeper Leo 06
wait your channle is cool all5 but you did 23 character
The guy that looks like Shrek is Maurice Tillet, aka The French Angel, a wrestler in the early 20th century. Died at the age of about 50.
Eric and Donald Drumpf Jr look just like Beavis and Butthead.
Sarah Coffey
Good video. (That Shrek dude was a French wrestler and the inspiration for Shrek)
Max Valentine
Do most dangerous animals in the world plz
Jack H
Foolhardypixel R.
i call it butt chin
Grief Squad
8:58 bobs burgers
morty f**king smith
bobs burgers
harvey love vids
u look like Nathan drake mate
6:51 shrek was bassed on that bokser
Theresa Catanzareti
The lady with the red shirt that you did not know was from the show bobs burgers
Enrique Velasco
The guy that looks like butthead is top.10 prisons
My cousin looks almost exactly like Robin from Young Justice πŸ˜‚
Decay X Misty
the little girl with the to pony tails with mick in her hand is boo from monsters inc.
mick is the little green monster!!
Decay X Misty
the guy with the long for head is so creepy and he looks so E V I L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Richard Burke
5 best bottle
Ma Br
wait i thought there was a mario and luigi movie and that was at 5:50 the mario and luigi movie XD
Negative Recharge
anyone else think the light switch to the right of him looks like a face?
Osiris Solano
9:04 is Bob's wife from Bob's burgers
Keone Takahashi
the last one was bobs burgers
Georgia Jones
that's just like Peter Griffen
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