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Michael Mcalister
I've never been so annoyed with a person in my life.
Nik Bhargava
i subbed to you you sub to lord zimba
H.S Top 10
J Rome
Rick and morty look a like
Matt Oliver
You look like a mix between Callux and Vikk
Louise Gabrielle
Jr Esparza Clar
the sherk guy is a wrestler
Dad Nightmare
Five horror show in real life
Eoghan Moore
ittttsss bo
Matthew Singh
Can I have 1comment cause its my birthday
Kyle Oakes
I can do great impressions of these characters
The Happy Hummy
Really, Shrek was based on that specific guy? That means he's a ogre!!!
Neb Jam
Who the f cares if they are just dressed like them they still look alike you douch
Madison Okunevich
Dude shut up!
Luke Halstead
7:22 I would pipe her so hard
You should stop recording your self and just show the images
Robert Gordon
7:21 had my jaw drop😍
Andrew pinotti
subscribe to me
El Truenos Lobo
Bruh you talk waaaayy too much
Ashar Habib
same youtubers
Ashar Habib
can u do a video on dame youtubers
Sarcastic Asshole
You didn't recognize Uncle Rico. You fucking FAILURE!!
Zombie-Apocalypse GAMING
At 9:00 it was Linda from Bobs Burgers
the guy from Up is the most identical imo
Makana Nishikuni
Can I get a like please
um ok
"The wrinkles from the nose to the mouth"

Those are dimples arent they or something? He has em too..
Cole Young
No point in this comment but can I get a like
7:25 she's fuckin hot!
Craig Schollar
It's bobs burgers
Craig Schollar
I spotted the bit where you couldn't pop out it was the chin he didn't have balls as a chin
dankwhitewidow vland
Shut up and just show the pics for fuck sake
Drum_ Dude_69
Fucking shut up man
cool skull
I subbed
Shellie Twatty
Do insanity animals and humans
joshua walcott
Damn that guy look like peter Griffin
Cliff Burton
shrek was designed after that guy. he was actualy the first shrek
Aj Covington
Carlee Powell
Well well...
Shaqueen Ais
fuck you bitch fuck you all5
Toya Bermudez
Chin balls?! LMAO. 😂
Full Auto123
I know that last guy that looks like Peter Griffin
Joaquin Beard
Anybody want to count how many times he says proper or properly
Nema Reedy
If you came for the thumbnail 7:47
Emo kitten Taylor
bruh i looked like dra when i was little i had all the fetures
Michael Moore and Jabba the Hutt.
Lisa Randall
he looks like shaggy because he duz like o shag
Mikko Hoppa
The shrek look alike looks like Brad Bellick from prison break
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