23 Real Cartoon Look Alikes!

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So today I got a light hearted list for you as I'll be taking a look at real cartoon lookalikes and try and have some fun with it.

As always I wanna give a big shoutout to viewer Trz Gaming XD for suggesting this video.

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"Unwritten Return" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

List includes:

Dora the explorer
Chris Griffin
Meg Griffin
Carl From Up!
Boo from Monsters Inc
Meg Griffin
Bobby from King of the Hill
Peter Griffin
Scooby Doo
Super Mario & Luigi
Grandma from Looney Tunes
Jonny Bravo
Linda Bobs Burgers

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Nikolas Anthony
I would watch more of your videos but your over use of the word LIKE is quite annoying.
Cakey Williams
Jayden Plays
It's called a butt chin
Night Art
5 real Videogame lookalikes
Paula Flores
His voice plus the music is a reason not to watch this video. How he describes each person as he stands there with that tablet moving all over is nauseating. Alot of improvements would surely. Help. Just saying .......
Subscribe to me then I will subscribe you
Cynthia Eastburn
Dressing up like them is half the point. Ugh you annoy me with saying that!
Look at dis dood
Garden Gamer
The guy that looks like ned flanders looks like my dads boss
Alan Pleasant
The guy that looks like shrek is a wrestler from back in the day, And yes that is were the got Shreks look from
Angel Brock
The guy at 6:36 is my Brother in law his name is Jason Sebo and that's his graduation pix from college I think
Da nny
I would really appreciate the video if the dude doesn't talk that much.
The_King Of_Beasts
there are 5 people with my name OMG
The_King Of_Beasts
440 people in the us is named peter griffin
big jack
The guy that looks like Shrek is the world's tallest boxer
Reggie Rodriguez
Shaggy had sex with scooby that one did it for me. I'm laughing really hard
Honchbro 000
Morgan Wilson
5:34 lost it!
Braden Carl
Mona Essa
What cartoon characters are in our world
Bridger Haner
You’re saying properly in the wrong context
football never give up
hi sam
5 meme look alikes 1 My name is jeff
You ruin the video by talking. I turned it off after 1 minute
Frikkie 92
Vincent Koch and Mr. Incredible
lol, I look like a cartoon character, my profile picture. Seriously, that's what I look like in real life.
Kyle Mabansag
At 10.04 I would think it should be human sherik
Comedy Group
Show us the damn list, skip the talk
Venom 360
The last one is lin from Bob's burgers my fab adult swim show
Venom 360
You so fake
Robo boy
You should do a try not to laugh
Corey Odonovan
Like like like
Sulaymaan Kaka
this guy disagrees with everything, I mean humans can't look fucken exactly like cartoons, there has to be some human dimension to a person's face even if they look like a cartoon
The Watcher
Is this your ambition in life, to post meaningless pap to strangers?....don't you strive for something with more purpose?...take a long walk and think about what it is you're doing with this platform you've created....educate, agitate - do something with meaning instead of trying to make yourself a micro celebrity.
The fuck is this
Rin Kagamine
Lol the guy that looks like Beavis......I almost died laughing
george Christensen
U look like John from the Garfield movies
I should probably cast a spell
Yeah a real Family Guy that would be DOPE!
The Mr. Man
Jace 35
That lady at #9:00 is from bobs burgers
Rusty Nolan
At 8:10 the peter griffin guy does peter griffin impersonations and sounds just like him too. Hes on youtube
My teacher looks like Peter Griffin
that shrek look alike guy looks like one of the twins from the game outlast
A.G. Martinez
Any real life meatbags yet that resemble smurfs or midget jambis?
Roque Parra
Chris From Family Guy More Like The Guy From Dumb And Dumber Look Alike
Fat Mumma Bliss
That was more than five
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