Choupi Master
Dan logic:
🔧= Screwdriver
Isabella Peut
thats boris dan
Tim Gunter
Frirst time leave me allow
J Matthew
Somebody’s pretending to be you there channel name is the diamond mine cart yours is dendtm
Doge The best
Bendy is the one who made you pee your pants at the end of the game also if you chop him that is killing joey your boss but he is a idiot
Dan the Guy you are seeing everywhere
was Bendy
im sitting in my room in the dark watching this.
Susan Orr
dan borris is the goofy looking thing bendy is the thing with the bowtie
Feroz Hassan
I was shoked to see bendy face.
Thomas Opatz
This game is the same in roblox
Dont look in the ink machine. The death star
You missed one
Jordan Curlew
The guy you said wasn't bendy is bendy
I don't Know
The thing without the chest is called Boris not bendy. Bendy is the guy with horns and keeps appearing everywhere
Miss Diana
dan watch my video
Mason Long
Tasawar Hussain
Bendy is joey drew bores is janitor
you see bendy means he doesen't come out of your screen think he is a teddy with horns and go on
Judy Carthew
dan play more bendy and the ing mchine
Who's watching in november 2017?
Md Hafiy
So mad when Dan kept on saying Boris was bendy
Julia Gadian
bendy and the ink machiene is my faviroute game THERE IS SECRET ROOMS IN IT
Doge The best
Its boris not bendy bendy is a devil aka demon boris is a warm hearted good guy
Doge The best
Chapter theee has a boris not dead
Doge The best
Max volume
Phoenix Sumption
You need a book, ink,disk teddy bear, and a wrench i think
dan dat.s e boris no bendy boris the wolf and bendy the demon
Glenn Wong
Dan why you skip the bendy cutout apiering at the flow room
Glenn Wong
I maen dan
Glenn Wong
Dan bendy is not Boris Bendy
Alex Weeks
Bradley Fleming
yeah that was boris on a DANG stand tilted and cuz chapter three came out I think alice angel FRECKING KILLED BORIS WHEN SHE IS A ANGEL AKA suzie cambell
Mailk Haseem
Go on youtube and play bendy song
Dan Boris is the wolf I can see on the poster it says with Boris the wolf Boris is the one without the chest and Bendy is the Demon (I had a YouTube channel but I can't have it no more so I don't have a YouTube channel)
Corrine Sledge
that scared me so bad I jumped and fell off my bed
Why did you call Boris Bendy? I got so mad
Tessa Hefferon
Angel Urbina
Mmmm did you nowe that mikcy maos was bendy frind
eben akumatey
Me too
Carter Perry
That was bendy😂
Liv and Maddie Girls
Bendy is the evil version of Mickey Mouse.
Liv and Maddie Girls
Bendy is the evil version of Mickey Mouse.
Liv and Maddie Girls
Bendy is the evil version of Mickey Mouse.
Liv and Maddie Girls
Bendy is the evil version of Mickey Mouse.
Sherry Winston
The game is creepy
Madden Bros.
Thank you
ethan brown
find the the B dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddbddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddbddddddddddddddddddddddddddbd
fezlsezl 17
that is bendy!!!!!!!, dogo is Boris
Pia McAlister
What the,he called Boris Bendy you triggered me dantdm,when you called Boris Bendy
Bowhamer Gaming
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