Pamela Png Pei Yi
They are the perfect couple
Pamela Png Pei Yi
This is so sad
this channel has been terminated.
Did anyone notice Cinderella's choker? ❤❤❤
Kute Kayz
Iove it!!!!!!
this channel has been terminated.
Well she's a hypocrite.
ThePineapple TV
Кто знает русский перевод
Cera u sing really good but I hate the song
Anyone else ready for part 3?
shachar tzadok
So Boringggggg
Cool And Awesome Things
me too
Ashley Penaloza
Lol how she said "you can be a liar"
Joshua Medina
I love this song 😄😄😄
Mahesh Desai
I subscribed
Holy Water
I really like this one this one’s very cute
Jennifer Duncan
OMG that song was the cutest that I ever herard in my little tiny life, it cute
Mercedes Toala
XD When lily put the phone to her ear like someone was gonna pick up
suide squad H solorzano
love it
Jenesis Diaz
I. Love. This. Video
Marisol Flores
Make another one
Kaitlyn H
AWWW! :( Poor Charlie at 18:25
whats the chord for the song?
Kaitlyn H
We all know what she means by "I was moving to fast..." winkwink nudgenudge
Miranda Gilly
1:13 on the cc it says, "I'm gonna slit my wrist now" WAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
De Gående Hunde
Im Kinda a bad eater OMG ME TOO We have so much in common
Hi, my name is Helen...I have no friends. ..
How many friends i am gonna get here?
Lena Marie
,,I love skin infections,, - nobody, ever.
Chloe Jasmine Amistad
This is more cute than the last one
Chloe Jasmine Amistad
This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fien Kwant
Please make an 3th part! Its amazing
Lillian Tobias
Its funny my name is Lilly and my cousin is named sierra
Naomi Bayldon
Brandy Rangel
Make another one the 3
Malic Banzon Uy
What is the title of the last song
Jenny Lalodjo
Svp faite la version française merci et j'adore le 1 comme le 2 et continuer cette série car je l'adore
anyone know the song in the beginning???
Amanda Banks
These two would have been really great feature films especially this one.
Omar Toloza
omg im like this
Jordan Green
The main guy is so adorable... he’s just so squishy. I️ just want to hug himmmmm XD
MiyahAnn Franker
Dude I would date him BC he is cute and nice
make a part 3
Zulma Rivera
Zulma Rivera
Henry Bermudez
Hay I am sareyey I love you ???????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤??????????? Sareyey do you fgivemey I fgivme you I am sareyey iareredeey said that????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Henry Bermudez
I hate yore viteyow and you tock wide too??????💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔?????????
Maria Vargas
the boy is so cute
Maria Vargas
thet girs need to stop
Maria Vargas
is so cute
PART 3 PART3 PART 3 PART 3 !!!!!😁
Yo i believe its the best video ive seen since 2017...
Mhad Slayer
These are the best stories I didn't know she could sing
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