Fred Gamboa
Jimmy Fallon, if u read this.. it would mean a lot if you can post Chris Cornell performance of "The Promise," on the Tonight Show on April 19, 2017 on this channel. Thanks #RIPChrisCornell
Fu Talks
What a day....
Then she goes around lying her ass off claiming she is one of Jehovahs Witnesses. Sorry hun. God´s people do NOT have sex outside of marriage. QUIT your filthy lying and dragging God´s name through the mud. Serena is a liar.
Daniel Valentine
Dude has lost his touch. Not funny and pretty boring.
Fuck U Jimmy Fallon/Failing!!
Hillary Rotten
I hope O'Reilly sues for defamation.
J. Muller
O'Reilly will be back you will see.
Beasty Matt
I used to like Fallon. He's just annoying to me now. Don't know if he's changed or the world has, but I'll stick to Colbert and John Oliver for now.
Aaron james
I think Jimmy F is one of the very few late shows one that seems to really moved on after the election and continue with his show .
Edward Terry
Seriously, how much longer do we have to suffer before The Tonight Show producers finally replace Jimmy Fallon??
Peter. Hatch
hes no jay leno
MTV anyone watch that garbage anymore?
James is so cool and fun.
A Patel
he's trying to be colbert
Ádám Arany
it seems like Jimmy's having a really hard time delivering a monologue, no wonder people go to Colbert
Miko Philo
O O O O'Reilyyyy fondled parts!
I only watch The Tonight Show via Youtube, so I could be off here, but this my first time seeing Jimmy do a Monologue like the old hosts used to. My point: DON'T. I never watched the Tonight Show before because I hated the monologue with the poor jokes delivered with a smug, sometimes chauvinistic, attitude. Idk...just not a fan of this and hope Jimmy isn't trying to be like the old hosts. What makes him great, is that he isn't like them and has shaken up the routine a lot.
Trippy Memez
Stevens Racine
at least he didnt call him Vlad
the new American
I said to a co-worker today your hair looks beautiful she looked at the boss she said he's making sexual advances toward me he told me I was fired it was calling the cops sexual assault on a co-worker
Salvador Navarrete
Julio Peter
fuck this world
Great vid and monologue again Jimmy !
Do checkout my channel
Likes and subs appreciated
Have a Great Day ahead!
This guy has terrible delivery and no timing what so ever. Johnny Carson and David Letterman continue to be the kings of the late night monologue.
there's a follow up of a possible Payout of at least 8 figures big due to a contract with Fox News. So you all be happy he's been fired, he's going away rich.
Charlton Kenneth
IKEA joke was amazing LOL More monologues in the future!!
Jim Carpenter
Today a coworker told me O'Reilly will be appearing in a new show entitled, "The O'Reilly PUCKER Factor."
Brotherly Love Eagles Highlights
Ah Jimmy Fallon... still crying inside. #makeamericagreatagain #cryingliberals
Michael Scott
Jimmy, let the funny late night guys make fun of trump, you don't do it good.
I've seen a lot of people get fired. But none more satisfying than Bill 'O.
fabian jojo
Who cares about Bill Ó Reilly, today's 420!!!!
Trumps strategy for dealing with debt:

"Make sure these countries are paying their bills more, okay Ron?"

Problem solved.
That CNN Stab!
Tanya Z
Fuck off Jimmy Falon, for blasting CNN. As soon as you did that, I stopped watching this video. Piss off for that.
And by the way.. I'd bet a lot of money that Stephen Colbert is getting all the high ratings in your time slot.. I was just reminded as to why.
And behind the word "Kowtowing", in the dictionary, should be a picture of you right now.
Serena williams is obviously a man.
Nikki Beacth
So unfunny. Stephen Colbert much better
Giannis ioannou
Jimmy fallon is SOOOOOOO UNFUNNY!
Strung Out
Wow... Jimmy does a horrible Trump impression.
G'wan Serena
BlueSkull Axis
rip in piece the guy who wanted to do it live.
This guy is so bad.... how the heck did he get this gig?
Jhoshua Castaneda
So he's trying to be Colbert now
Carlos Lozada
this guy was almost fired for being​a drunk
Graham Becker
Last challenge: go to actual protest / racial movement, armed with only a can of Pepsi. If you don't get shot in the face you win that round.
Sean Caceres
Jesus Christ Trump izzzzz STUPID!
Sharif Sourour
Jimmy and his team have this joke thing down to a science.
Sharif Sourour
Jimmy killin' it! LMFAO!!! XD XD XD
Former GOP voter
Andy Bee
So Agent Orange is pictured with a bunch of tools...figures!
Jimmy, your Trump imitation is actually not bad.
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