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My next vlog is up!! It's about how I handle being divorced and how I frame it so it works as best as it can for me, for my ex, for my kids. This one's kind of tender and touching and I hope you like it. 

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Exeuctive Producer - Immanuel Shalev
Director - L.E. Doug Staiman

Ted Logan
I humbly submit that if both you and your ex had put each other first, not in a neglectful way toward your kids, maybe your marriage would have been able to withstand whatever difficulties which ultimately led to it's demise.
Janet Renteria
I love this so much 😭
W H O C A R E S ? ? ?
You are amazing. I'm a child of divorce and I wish my parents had done HALF of what you do. They did their best, I know that but still. Thank you. If I am ever divorced I'll try to be as strong as you. Thank you again.
doris de Jimenez
thank you!!!! Hi from Panama
Sabrina Camargo
I wish my parents thought like you when I was 8
Jeff Relf
50% of adults were married in 2015, down from 72% in 1960.
Marriage is too risky, it's too easy to loose one's home or kids
to drugs or divorce; it's not worth the investment.

The PornSexual is the fruit of capitalism.
In " Why Socialism ? ", 1949, Einstein says PseudoSocialism
leads to " the complete enslavement of the individual ". Can
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How often do Bill Maher, Bill Clinton, Obama and CNN discuss
the PROBLEMS of "socialism", and the necessary CounterWeights ?
How often do they discuss the BENEFITS of global warming ?

Captialism is the CounterWeight ( to the power of bureaucracy ).
Without capitalism, you have no real say, no real vote.
One dollar, One vote; No dollars, No real votes, just slaves.

Trump could send North Korea back to the stone age;
but Yemen, Syria, Somalia, North Korea, etc. like
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So, naturally, " bombing them into the stone age " doesn't work.
" Please, Br'er Fox, don't fling me in dat brier-patch ",
Br'er Rabbit says.
But we're not jealous of rabbits breeding/dying faster than us.
Chris Cox
Wow, I have to say one more time what everyone has already commented. You are a class act and have a big heart. Your kids are very lucky to have such a good family and a wonderful mom.
Mayra Minette
Oh my god. I needed to hear this from someone like you. Thank you for sharing this.
This would've been a better video if the analogies were related to flags.
White Master
Libral fuck.Showing disrespect to Trump and a real white hater. Fuck you.
Filipa Gomes
Thank you for been so open and corageous.a big hug and lots of love
Dortmund Grabenstein
It will be helpful to everyone who are able to let go of their pride.... wow fuck TBBT you are really a nice, clever woman! Cheers from Germany
Dortmund Grabenstein
You are a grown up woman, in times like these ... thumb up
You rule
The clicking scenes are irritating
I saw this video after finding out my parents were divorcing and I can't tell you how much it helped me I don't know how i would be taking it right now without seeing this thank you!!!
Stellar Bloom
My parents' divorce happened when I was seven. It went down in the worst possible way and I still have inner scars from the words spoken back then. I'm happy your children don't have to go through this!
Bobbie Mason
She reminds me of a character off this show called 'big bang' anybody else see the resemblance?
You are a very impressive woman... Much Respect to you...
Awww that was, that was refeshingly honest. It is about changing your perspective, feeling blessed for what you have rather than of course what could have been. I think she is a good example and its awesome that she wanted to talk about this - i like her even more 😊
Ana Carolina Jeveaux Rheinheimer
You're an awesome mom! Thanks for sharing everything that you do. All your videos are inspiring and I respect very much that. Thank you
7dga4 Friends
Very well said. I've been divorced for 10 years and my kids were 9 and 13. I made a lot of poor choices as we all do. But being divorced is hard. But sadly, it can be made harder by our actions to be unwilling to budge or meet in the middle.
Kimeo Bell
daniel haynes
I think your so beautiful off set and on set πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žβ£πŸ’Œ
Nicky Morris
Love your take on this! My very close friends are recently going through separation, this is good advice. Just curious, how does this all work if/when new significant others come into the picture either with you or your ex-husband?
Chelsey Downey
Thanks for being so open and brave about this topic . You and your ex husband seem like you are in very good terms and thats awesome.
robert munson
Wow, that sounds really great. Actually I would just settle to see my children. I wish I could have divorced you. thems the breaks
Jessica Reese
You did an awesome job and you made a lot of awesome points. Thank you so much for this video. I believe it was something I needed to hear.
Zena Kazeme
You're an incredible person.
I think that it would be good if parents who are going trough divorce watch this video :)
This is a good example wich shows that divorced parents can agree on raising their kids if they put effort in that. It shurely won't be easy but it's posible and it's responsible behavior which gives good example to children, gives them a sence of stability and gives them a chance to have both parents.
Daniel Ashley
Please, please don't edit like this. I feel sick. Good work other than that...
Emily Jameyfield
So, I know this video isn't current but I just found you on YouTube and so I am going through watching all your videos and I just have to say. I love this so much. As a kid that came from divorced parents, this is amazing. I was 7 when my parents divorced and I remember them arguing a lot when they first divorced but not for long and one we all get together for holidays and it is nice not to have to share holidays anymore. I got married last year and it was such a relief to now have to worry about how it would be to have them together at my wedding. Plus it will make celebrating holidays when my husband and I have children, a lot easier. We both come from divorced parents but I am sooo thankful they all put us as their kids first and their past and their issues are behind them. You are an inspiration!!
Tig Allen
The most difficult part of having divorced parents is having complete support from both parents, when suddenly your father has an extremely jealous girlfriend who wants to strip that support away so that she can keep him sheltered and to herself. The woman hates my fathers family, his friends, my mom and me and strives to attempt to isolate him and he gives in. She doesn't trust my father due to past abusive relationships, challenging him to be like those other guys to prove her theory right (that all men are that way). The woman is a stalker, hiding in his backyard to see who he's with or driving by his house to peek in windows when I visit. She threatened my mom at work. My father can't get rid of her because she's threatened to fake an injury and sue him. This woman is most likely just trying to find $ecurity in her old age. Before she showed up, my parents behaved exactly as your family does, they went places together as friends, both of them visited my husband and I, my dad would gladly help my mom figure out bills or fix the sink. Now they can't be in the same room or call each other for fear of this woman. What do you do when such a toxic person invites themselves into your family, refuses to get along with anyone, and wants to break up your family?

Looking to the past makes me feel as sad as looking to the future, tbh. Try your best to avoid this happening to you or your ex. The older they are, the more desperate they are at gaining security at any cost, even if that means tearing your family apart.
liu lynn
Hi Amy, love your way of speaking! I'm a second language speaker and I'd like to speak in the way exactly like you! I like your rate of speech, your pronunciation and your tone. Enjoy your day!
Nina The Ambulance Camper
Wow you did more than ok. Now what you and your family are doing is making the best of the situation you have found yourselves in and you are winning. Impressed and proud of you all. I hope that if I am ever in that situation that I can be as awesome about it as you and your family. Best wishes for a wonderful future for you and your kids.
Thank you for sharing.
Janet Moran
Beautiful. Nicely done Mayim
Per Normann
I feel like you've polished reality a bit in this video... But that's okay I guess, the intentions are probably there. For me the situation where I have kids but don't live the mother is mostly like you put it in the end, at 3:30. By the way, you're ridiculously similar to the girl in Blossom!
Hey, I know you...
You are on that TV show with the blond and the geeks.....
I saw that once....
Natalia Tobon
Thank you for sharing such beautiful and insightful words of kindness and wisdom. My parents recently divorced after 32 years of marriage. They got their divorce papers as I was walking down the aisle to get married, how ironic... I chose not to judge neither one of them because I thought that one day I will be a mom and I wouldn't want my children to judge me for the decisions I've made. I continue to love and speak to both of them, despite being stuck in the middle and getting backlash from one parent for not taking their side. Anyway, thanks for sharing! and I will take your words to heart, to continue looking at how blessed I am instead of complaining about how things did not turned out the way I thought they would be.
IstvΓ‘n KovΓ‘cs
I love you Mayim !!!
Helpful! Thank you.
B Langston
Loved this video. It really puts everything based around divorce into perspective. Thank you 😊
I want you as a mother. <3
This sounds a lot like my parents situation. They always make sure they stay friendly and they still communicate about me (not sure how i feel about that) but they make sure they can keep my life nice. Apparently doing this is really uncommon and i feel really special bexause my parents are breakig the mould for me. Comgrats on being able to do this
Marcel Magi
No offence, but I'd prefer to hear from the kids. I sometimes think parents can get uppity but the strain (on the children) is evident. If you can get along that well, it's better to just stay together for the sake of the kids. Divorce has turned into a vanity project for ambitious singles but the research is in. It simply isn't good to put young children through the emotional trauma of divorce. Their emotional states simply cannot handle it. The preceding issues of new people in their life who simply don't love them like their mother or father. It's akin to trying to make grandma's death "good". It simply can't be done.
Larry Walker
For sucks sacks. Doing things together after divorce makes your kids bigger pussies. Fact... Mommy and daddy can't be together any more. Of course not the kids fault but...We chose to separate and yes kids that separation affects you. When you separate "family" stops and separation begins. The fantasy that everything is "normal" after divorce is a lie. Tell your kids the truth. You made a mistake marrying their father. Broken marriages happen. Sucks for you deal with it. Stop lying to your kids. Prepare them for the truth.
terri Simmers
You are an awesome person and Mom. Love Terri Simmers. from Laramie, Wyoming
Jan Lance
Thank you... that is so really what it should be like in divorce. I appreciate your presentation.
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