How to Install a Hydro Ebrake (Hydraulic E brake)

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Hydro E brake installation. Learn how to install a Hydro ebrake in your drift car. I show how to build a completely bolt in hydro mount that doesn’t require cutting the interior. I also show how to run brake lines and bleed the brakes so there is no air in the lines. Then we go out for a ride and test it out to see if it locks up the rear wheels!

Tools and Products I used:
Hydraulic Ebrake:
Stainless Steel Brake Hose:
Brake T-adapter:
-3AN to Caliper fitting:
Vacuum Fluid Extractor:
Cobalt Drill Bits:
Metal Cutting Saw:
Rubber Hose Clamps:
Metal Center Punch:

Dual Caliper video:
Make your own brake bleeder:

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Spoiler Alert! Since I have gotten a ton of questions on why I didnt run the brake line under the carpet, well... That is because I will be gutting the interior for the weld in roll cage, then painting the interior so it looks amazing!
One of THE CLEANEST installs ever. Paying attention to those little details man... real nice.
Can you make a video about stripping the interior of the mustang
this is no tay tay but i think moog would aprove
Shahin from LA
Cody Allmon
It's a lock but not a spilt now. Like the videos before you talk get it right. Proof watch your videos please
AlejanDro RodriGuez
I love this Video !!!!!! It's amazing !!!!!
Billy Barrow
should have ran the brake line under the carpet so you can't see it.
Damon Vis
Hey Chris, love your videos and the detail on them is awesome. Question for you. Just got my tires balanced and have a shack in my steering wheel before and after the balancing of the tires. Check the suspension and everything is good. Any ideas?
hunter mcdonough
Yo Chris ur transitions to the next scene are fuckin dope as fuck
Mustafa Balaban
Turkish subtitle pls
Isaac Elliott
3:04 nice steering wheel
Quinton Taylor
God the cup holder fitting to finish it off just looks so good. Great job, man
German Bremsflüssigkeit! Best :D
Mrmusikman 82
could you please do a video on (gas pedal loosing acceleration randomly while driving) and (driver's side power window off its track)? I would be extremely grateful.
Old school e break button trick . Depress button drill hole through one side and out the other. Poke a nail or alike in hole. Pull the pin to park and use as park break, press button put pin in and go drifting lol.
Herx Neptune
i just notice... someone can make a ChrisFix hydro lever (like Hoonigan)...
i can't cuz i'm only in high school in Australia sign*
i'm just gonna wait till someone does it i guess (GL Chris)
Adam Is cool
In my car I took off the handle on my e brake and painted in the same color as the trim and the brake calipers it looks really good the little details bring a car together
AD Channel
Is there a way to get ac vents to the rear seats?
花之祭P HZJ_P
I won't even drift yet I finished the entire 25 min without any skipping. For me I would put this video into my oddly satisfying videos list.
Razif Yakub
so you are able to use both your parking break for parking and this hydraulic break for drifting because you have 2x break calipher setup?
Mamun Rashid
You say front hole and back hole in 14:2 and I say butthole
Jeffrey Salzman
That cup holder cutout is top notch.
Kenneth Lam
Hey Chris! I recently got my first car and your channel has motivated me to "renew" the car and take care of it. I'm getting some lights and bumpers, I was wondering if you could make a video on how to replace taillights? Someone said something about having to replace the gaskets?

David Attias
I love your videos, so entertaining and informational. Makes me want to install dual real calipers on my front wheel drive ST :)
Hyper xlx K3V
Can't you put like leather on the hydro
Dalton Stone
I wanna see that guttage
i always understand buttholes instead of boltholes
toby wakeford
You know instead of keeping the stock handbrake when you park it leave it in 1st gear it's helpful
And then German car inspections ruin all the fun.

Anyway, great vids!! Even though I'll never install those drift breaks on my car it was fun watching. And I saw what you did there, using German breaking fluid :)
nihal ahamed
It's a lot of work
trimemaster on roblox
good meme #11:02
First time watching your channel wonderful build
1:18 Did anyone here a roblox death sound under his talking?

(Pls don't let this get lost in the wave of comments, like it so ChrisFix can see it. I'm really curious)
jeremy hjpr
holy shit anything this guy does is so clean
Yes! Now im gonna go and do mine! (runs outside to car) nevermind i forgot i have a honda :-(
you could have ran the line through the hole in the cup holder, through the console and put a hole in the bottom of the console out to the underside of the car.. would have made more sense
I am glad you did all that cutting to the cup holders because that gap was going to bother me so much
Cross Game
I don't have to put any ebreak in my Ferrari 488 when I go to drift event
Enrique Terrazas
"Give it a little Wiggle wiggle wiggle" (then starts whistling the song)
Sonic Hero
U should remove ur back seats for more space and less weight
You sounded like a ricer at 20:12
High strength zip-ties
Ashton Carlson
glad you are using that vice I knew you would like it!!
Jaycee Gillespie
look at the small gap on the rear Chris fix plate cover at minute 23:03 reply and tell me where you think that plate is from lol Chris fix EXPOSED
Keith Lowry
I don't even plan on installing a hydro E brake, but I still watched the video
Pim Prijs
put a 2jz in the mustang
partha sarathy
did that car just have a handle bar instead of a steering wheel ...
J The Canadian Picker
Always nice to watch these DIY no BS videos. I'm trying to teach myself with these videos so that I'm prepared for my grade 11 year in auto and trying to keep one step ahead since I'm going into it as a trade.
The tip of that thing can cause serious injuries in case of accident, so needs a proper cover.
Wow! excellent work! Thx!
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