How to Install a Hydro Ebrake (Hydraulic E brake)

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Hydro E brake installation. Learn how to install a Hydro ebrake in your drift car. I show how to build a completely bolt in hydro mount that doesn’t require cutting the interior. I also show how to run brake lines and bleed the brakes so there is no air in the lines. Then we go out for a ride and test it out to see if it locks up the rear wheels!

Tools and Products I used:
Hydraulic Ebrake:
Stainless Steel Brake Hose:
Brake T-adapter:
-3AN to Caliper fitting:
Vacuum Fluid Extractor:
Cobalt Drill Bits:
Metal Cutting Saw:
Rubber Hose Clamps:
Metal Center Punch:

Dual Caliper video:
Make your own brake bleeder:

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Spoiler Alert! Since I have gotten a ton of questions on why I didnt run the brake line under the carpet, well... That is because I will be gutting the interior for the weld in roll cage, then painting the interior so it looks amazing!
Anthony Murlowski
This channel is too good to be true
Anthony Murlowski
You should do a nother thing on blinker fluid
James Greig
Yo man over the next year like 500 views are gonna be from me (got the hookup on a nice v6 stang i wanna buy n build)
I think its cool that you spray the coating and everything on the camera it really adds to how awesome your channel is!
Alexander Bashor
11:04 whistles wiggle wiggle 👌😂
Daman.s car shows D C S
bro how to drift in a fwd
0:38 is bad and 0:54 is goodtter
is it possible to run a hydro and a handbrake one the same caliper
Kokoy Bato
Chris where did you get the cup holder?
де је србија
Naresh Khanna
interesting...... but not for practical use........
Knobbel Boy
Who heard a OOF at 1:20
Dereck Kami
this video makes me wanna do nasty things to my truck... oh my
What year is that mustang
Rabiul Alam
I am fond of your channel..... its professional and to the point
Dude my rotors got rusted that fast too what do i do about it
Dj Williams
I love how he puts extra work into in cars you never see this in some youtube channels he gives great tips and inspiration!
Michael Murch
Found a front swaybar on a mustang at a junkyard for $30. It instantly made my car drift perfectly on command
How would your install have been different for a single caliper. I’m scratching my head a bit. I’ve seen these without a reservoir. And I get that... but with it’s own res you have to have dual calipers?
Santosh Shinde
chris how this hydro break available in India?
Brad Dam
I'm fairly new to the car scene, just wondering, why did you use a split washer on the square stock?
Riumaan's Gaming
any 12 year olds here?im in here young😂
Riumaan's Gaming
in the short throw shifter video he says that there is a lot of space when he puts in 1st gear
Daius Young
I’ve never seen so much perfection
Daius Young
This guy is so neat with his stuff just how I like it
Mustafa Khan
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle!
Is this possible to do with drum brakes?
De 7 Nubs
Plz do another drift video
Little blue panda
you should make your own shop and add these to peoples cars and get your own dino
Jeaneth Santacruz
you drow perfect
Matthew Cano
You should put bigger back tires
Sports Lists1000
No I actually want to do these things
how to install v16 engine :)
Majk Yo
what is that car ?
Snowy Fox254
So thats why he has two brake calipers and it looks cooler with two.
Tip: when you make the cardboard template mark the screws with the method ( paint ) and the you drill the holes and you mark them on the steel
nah, I rather keep my cup holder, who needs a hydro e brake, anyways?
Leangersh Spikyz
Put a brick between those tires even before doing this process..
9:55 jajajjjajaa 10:44 JAJJAAJJAJAJA!!!!
Joe Akowski
What kind of mustang is this
Denny Clifton
Yet another great video!
Saif Killer Gamer
I'm a kid, don't have a car but love watching this stuff. Make more Chris fix
onion haseyo
New drinking game;
Take a shot everytime he says hydro or e brake
Silver Hero
At 16:32 your car looks like iron man
That would be awesome
He needs to do drifting vlogs.
Adeel khan
one hell of a modifier
Chase Lanier
Very awesome video. Did anyone else notice how extensive that jack setup is tho? 4 stands+ramps. Also how do you keep the car from falling over when you have the back wheels raised?
Tom Westphal
Do you have to youse a stick shift car?????😀😀😀. I love to lyirn from you
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