How to Install a Hydro Ebrake (Hydraulic E brake)

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Hydro E brake installation. Learn how to install a Hydro ebrake in your drift car. I show how to build a completely bolt in hydro mount that doesn’t require cutting the interior. I also show how to run brake lines and bleed the brakes so there is no air in the lines. Then we go out for a ride and test it out to see if it locks up the rear wheels!

Tools and Products I used:
Hydraulic Ebrake:
Stainless Steel Brake Hose:
Brake T-adapter:
-3AN to Caliper fitting:
Vacuum Fluid Extractor:
Cobalt Drill Bits:
Metal Cutting Saw:
Rubber Hose Clamps:
Metal Center Punch:

Dual Caliper video:
Make your own brake bleeder:

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Spoiler Alert! Since I have gotten a ton of questions on why I didnt run the brake line under the carpet, well... That is because I will be gutting the interior for the weld in roll cage, then painting the interior so it looks amazing!
I just watched this video 7 times and I want to watch even more!!!
How to build a garbage truck? I think it would be a good video.
Max Power
Soapy woder.
Alfredo Martinez
I need help understanding the way a drift car functions. Im not an experienced stick driver but doesnt stepping on the brakes without your foot on the clutch stall the car? or make the engine shake? why isnt that a problem in drift cars?
hakuna matata
Nice video chris..i give you a hundred thumbs up.....peace yoooo...
Alfonso Alcantara
favorite part is at 11:04 lol
jann palay
Hey Chris, i really like your videos and i want to thank you for uploading videos like this. You inspire me to work harder and just like you, i want to build my own personal car someday. I studied Automotive service technician apprenticeship and i just graduated today, however I'm not good enough to build a car so i'm planning to work to gain more experience and go back to school again to finish 4th level. Anyhow, pls don't stop making videos about cars because you are helping a lot of people to pursue their dreams just like me.
Evil Smile 邪惡之笑
next vid: how to build a devel 16 from scratch using common hand tools
Evil Smile 邪惡之笑
teach us how to turbocharge by ourselves using common hand tools
Daniel Florez Azuola
Love the editing! Big fan of your vídeos
i would love to do stuff like this but my car isnt really worth investing all these parts and time. i just have a 1995 mercury capri.
Kevin Ho
Dual calipers so you have stronger brakes? IF so why couldn't you just use a bigger caliper with more pistons? (New here and not really a mechanic just curious how car parts work)
DiZenT Muli
21:09 Whoa!
Video with full of understandable information and isn't boring to watch ! Good work !
// Purrah
Your tutorials makes me smile so much, that you put a lot of effort and show how to do it in such a good way. You make it in depth and explain so everyone can understand. Such an amazing channel, i need to download these videos and put them on a usb so they stay forever haha
A Baby Without a last name
13:45 What!? Bolt holes
How do you know so much you car god
Tim McDonald
Chris; when working under a car I use two sets of ramps facing each other it holds the car from moving when your wrench. just what I do
Dingle Berries
You're supposed to use handbrakes for drifting not e brakes....
zeus bruno
works with stock caliper?
David Coen
I think it would be better to keep the sinter console out. And to cover the ebrake, cut out a box type object to cover the lower pieces. And do something like police car project for the switches.
Anthony Humes
you should ad a rear wing on the drift staing
nice video man.
Jim Hughes
I was sold until I learnt I had to cut my cup holders. No bueno.
Kevinoghorns Quintero
what u need is weight reduction
Gary Martinez
You sound a lot like Randal Graves from Clerks. Great videos as well
I thought you really spray painted the lens @14:33
can i install this on my 06' elantra?
declan st.john
Ur bit is dull
Aaron Jeneary
WD 40 used on the metal while cutting it for the parking brake? And Nice Vice
Genius Team LV
more drift vids pls :D
Christian Richardson
when he said wiggle and made the little sound I died laughing
Randy Hunt
You should get a another steering wheel. makes the interior look cooler. wow I sound like a ricer.😅
thomas edwards
Nice job!
The 90's
Dude how do we instal a timing bellet in a car?

Fazebear entertainment
hey dude when do you shoud change your fuel Filter my last fuel Filter change was 3 years agp i had 160 mils on it and now I have 183 mls on my mercedes w211 v6 but its in realy good condition and i love your Videos when I Do my homework and i See you have a New Video i quid it but then i got a a Bad note in my Student book
What is this car as it looks really nice
اصنع بلا حدود
Great job
Siddarth Chandra
I like it when he says "Good"😊😊
J Fk
Bremsflüssigkeit, thats german✌
Dan Newton
Chris' drift car is cleaner than most cars on the street haha. Needs less interior and a few cable tie drift stiches
very nice
Phazoid 79
You now your a drifter when you use zip ties to hold your brake line😂😂
Bradley Ziegelmann
i don't even have a car
Ant Ero
Why Dot 3 or 4? Why not Dot 5 or 5.1?
My mom has a petal e-brake. When I drive the car I push that motherfucker all the way down just to be funny because she has trouble getting it back up.
Should I stop doing that?
Will it stretch the brake line?
It is a new car from 2017.
Carlos Marin
Hey ChrisFix, quick question. What kind of ramps are you using on the front end of the Drifstang?
Aziri Enis
You Realy Dont Have TOW But I Torkt Evry Singel Bolts
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