Hoodie S51 aka abbie
This isn't how to tell you have dyslexia and if your school think you has it then they will test and this is not what the questions were like
Kelly Hall
I have minorr dislexia wihtc means it happens from time to time
Katie Kat
Shit...I have DYSLEXIA
K n o c k e d L o o s e
I can read just fine but sometimes I find when writing words,they end up sorta jumbled.All the correct letters are there,just in the wrong order.
This is not a good test. Shit for me, when I read shit, and recall there is a swap in the letters most of the time. LIke when im reading a license plate Ill see ex. HGT5643 but as soon as I write it down ill end up getting something like TGH5634. I dont know why, i can remember words just fine, but numbers and random letters fuck me up.
Oliver Villanueva
Freya Mccarter
I have dyslexia I got bullied for it but now I at new school and I have a laptop to help me spell at school
Simone Favelle
I have just Lexia just calcul
I am a girl Who is a bitch are whore
That's actually wrong. I'm dyslexic and I found a mistake in each word. Dyslexia is when your words get mixed together in the wrong order and some people see shapes or colors with there words. I see letters in the wrong order like animals I see nialsma and I also see shapes and colors with my words so I have more of a rare case as most people just get there letters mixed up in the word. But I lived with dyslexia my whole life and I learned to switch the letters in the right order but for me it's harder because I see shapes and colors on top of the letters getting mixed up but I still manage. And I only see colors and shapes when I'm looking at a word not all the time
I have to dyslexia and that's knowing it is her
xZ Xz
This is just mocking the disabled. I hope you are proud of yourself.
HappyHopp Gaming
i am dyslextik maybe turn dawn the speed of the slaids did not have time to read
Alex the Beast
Im dyslexic and I know it but i dident come in the 10 percent
guys what were the mistakes
Makin Waves
As a dyslexic person I kind of find this offensive that is not at all how we see or read and that does not determine anything except the comprehension of how to quickly spell words if anything this is a spelling teat for 4th graders and further more if you do or do not have dyslexia do not go by this video there are much more precise ways of finding out
Ben Ong
Fuck you asshole
nathan riwhi
I have dyslexia its hard to read and you cant get the word out of your mouth properly
I have dyslexic and it sucks man had to take shitty classes in kindergarten and still today I'm having problems
Zion Veiga
The first one I was like this is normally how you spell it! 5 minutes later, Oohhh wait does that mean that I'm dislexis?
DIY Crafts
albert einstein wasn't dyslexic that's just a myth
AskThe GayPotato!
Everyone's like: Dyslexia is when u can't read or spell..
Jimit Desai
skeptical hippo on the last two
Liz Brisbane
Excuse me but you shouldn't be putting these things on YouTube if you are not a phsecolgist
Inaayah Arsha
My brother is dyslexic my sister has epilepsy my grandma has health issues πŸ™
Sky The cool Animatronic fox
I thought the words were right
Sky The cool Animatronic fox
Me and my bro are both Dyslexic and left handed
pure cacner
Lol. It said I'm not dyslexic... I am I had a real test... lol
Π²rΟƒkΡ”n Ξ±ngΡ”l 은비
Ammara Gul
this a joke guys!! im a dyslexic i have gone through many tests and they are based on manythings not only on spellings! its nased on hearing working of you brain your prononciation (just dont know how to spell)
Sophie Pickup
Nice joke but your false
Sophie Pickup
Anyone can get that rong I know because I am dialectic myself and I did a proper test
Olivia Davies
This is actually really offensive, not all ppl with dyslexia see things like that! I have dyslexia and I just find this offensive that you'll take a YouTube video to see if you're dyslexic!
Could you speed it up, I could almost spot all the errors. This is a joke, right.
Alexandra Giesbrecht
PLEASE DO NOT automatically Assume YOU don't HAVE DISLEXIA IF YOU GOT THEM ALL RIGHT. There are so many different forms and difficulties in specified Learning disorders and mixing letters in words is just one part. I'm dislexic and could see how they were wrong. Please get tested by a professional if you think you may have dislexia. Other signs include; bad short term memory, being 'slow' (slow processing), difficulty meeting deadlines, untidiness, disorganisation, not being able to spell words you haven't seen written b4, suddenly forgetting how to spell simple short words etc etc. Then of course theirs dyspraxia (motor) and dysxalula (numbers) forms ETC
This is so fake
Albert Einstein had dyslexia 😳
You're showing pictures how could you get it wrong πŸ˜‚
Samantha Boaz
I really did not think this is an okay video. I have a severe case of Dyslexia and I couldn't read until I was 13 and I find it very offensive that you would trick people into thinking that they have a mental disorder that I have struggled my entire life to overcome. I don't think that this is something that should be joked about in anyway. Especially since I have been called stupid my entire life for this thing that I was born with and couldn't help but have. So in the future please be more conscious about the videos you make.
sea hannah bee
a fork
this is totally inaccurate. there are a lot more symtomps rather than just having bad spelling and interchanging letters.
Henni Scamander
Ive scroll down tye comments and seen alot of people saying like "no one is so bad at reading" and "this is insulting to dyslexia" and blabla. But let me tell you, maybe this isnt your form of dyslexia but that dosen mean that no one has this form. It actually hurts a bit really cause i failed at all of them, and then i see these rude comments. It makes me feel kind of useless and stupid. If you really are dyslectic and not fake you would understand, so just think before you write, except if that is your form of dyslexia or whatever
Animator Rainbow drops
I am I allready know
Jay's Galaxy
I don't care if it's a prank, this is so flippant. Not all dyslexics are like this. This is just childish and immature.
Wait, if a person who was watching this video had dyslexia, how would they read what DailyBroccoli wrote? Like " And don't worry...You are in company! Famous people with dyslexia: " and "OK...for the last two I was kidding" πŸ˜† this video makes no sense πŸ˜†
Jilleah Channels
I have dislexia
Anyone hyperlexic here? (Yes, that's a thing.)
David Ramplin
I AM Dyslexic and I could see what was wrong in the words shown. This is poor.
Zara Hassan
Asli Abdirahman
im dyslexic...
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