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The Voice coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine (Taran Killam), Pharrell (Jay Pharoah) and Christina Aguilera (Cecily Strong) take on American Idol judges Keith Urban (Kate McKinnon), Nicki Minaj (Sasheer Zamata), Harry Connick, Jr. (Beck Bennett) and Steven Tyler (Kyle Mooney).

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Brian McMinn
Kate lol she doesn't even have to speak and can be hilarious
dude where the fucks the one with timberlake playing fallon in front of him??
Heather Hill
he nailed it.... Brats doll lmao
Omg her as Keith urban looks just like Jared leto lol it's uncanny lol
wanna know how stupid i am.. for he first 2 seconds i was like "woah that dude looks just like Blake Shelton"
Luis Ruiz
Not in my neighborhood, ,,,,,!!!
Briana Wolf
Man I think this bratz dolls possessed!😂😂😂
Eduardo Almeida
Sasheer Zamata is alright. Hot!
Lindsey O'Hara
Worst impression of Blake Shelton I've ever seen tbh
D.J. Coleman
The way Steve pronounced Christina's last name is hilarious 😂
He looks like Blake but sounds nothing like him.
Jane Doe
why does this thing have nearly 7 million views?
Leonor Lu
Taran really did a great impression of Adam, especially his voice
Ivy Hoss
Why is it that Kate does a better job at impersonating men than the men do?....
Joseph Stalin
I'd kill to see Madtv do this one holy shit could imagine the genius to it.
Get me Blake Shelton /Adam Levine fanfic STAT!
Edit: soooo.......I just searched it and it already exists. What is going on with the world?
Anthony Rizzo
"What did i do wrong, Gwen
Queen Polonia
That's the real Blake Shelton you fucking tards 😂
Princess SiNiaya
Soooo that was Blake right?......so how was his impression so wrong??
LMAO the ending
Justin Sigler
That Bratz doll is possessed!

That was hilarious! XD
I like it raw! LMAO
Harley Quinn
that's the real blake shelton, duh
Lol at Kate @ 4:42 checking out Sasheer
Bitter Mallis
Blake Shelton would of done a better job.
Where's the video with Justin Timberlake and jimmy Fallon? Did they delete it and where can I find it?
Gabriel Fernández
"Marc Maron n. 5"
sophia K
Omg I read these comments and didn't realize this was actually Blake Shelton until the video was over
Stevie Nicks
Either snl stole that Steven Tyler looking like a dreamcatcher come to life joke from Conan O'Brien or vice versa, I'm just too lazy to go check Conan's celebrity survey video
Nicole Nunya
"he's the number 1 album seller of all time at starbucks" sheesh
Snip Snip
that steven tyler killed me
Nicki MInaj actually does look like a possessed Bratz doll when she gets that crazy look in her eyes lolol
"What did I do wrong Miranda?" Hmmm, maybe it had something to do with the fact that you're a cheating piece of shit?
Sasheer Zamata is a thousand times hotter than Nicki Minaj. I would do illegal things to Sasheer but I wouldn't take a dump on Minaj.
Paul Fisher
too much talking
Georgiana William
The end is so GAY! hahaha
Raven Anna
the end though
That ving rhames joke was for black people
Jess Random Stephens
Carlos Solares
"You look like a dream catcher came to life!" XDXD i died... and it true!
Sahsha Blake
Blake Shelton is kinda cute
Karen Arcia
i want see the S38E11!!!!
Karen Arcia
why i can't see the episode with jennifer lawrence????? I need see........ I'm in Nicaragua.
Randy King
"Looks like a Dream-catcher come to life" What an excellent description!
Tart And Spoon Gaming
Every time he spends half the vid introducing the ppl
Chicken Permission
I find Taran more attractive than Adam Levine, there I said it!
did "Steve Harvey" hint at idubbbz?
I can't believe they got rid of Jay :/
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