Kids Vs Parents Nerf Battle! Ethan and Cole Full Nerf Arsenal Attack on Parents!

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The full Nerf arsenal comes out for the battle of kids vs. parents! It's Ethan's birthday and him and Cole decide to throw a party. But when their parents come home, the Nerf battle is on. Ethan and Cole attack with a wide range of Nerf blasters. Who will have to clean the mess of foam pit blocks? Will Ethan win with the Nerf gun Mastadon?

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Family Nerf Battles

Ethan Vs Cole

Nerf Guns

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Chad Gamming
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Nerf Gunner Handler
Me and my sister were playing hide and seek Nerf war
So she was the seeker and I went to hide in the left side of the house, then my sister came out to find me with the Proton and I had the Triad.... She went to the right side of the house to search for me.... She didn't come to the left side so I got suspicious and came out, apparently she was watching the movie on the Television which my dad was watching (It was a horror movie), so I shot her in the butt and she yelled so loud cause she thought it was a ghost and completely forgot about the Nerf war! She was like: AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA HALLLLPPP PLSSSSS!!!
Donte Hamilton
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