Belinda Kennedy
who is watching in 2018/2019
Mr. YourFirstBloclOfWood Carter
So....l old......
Ya Boi Guzma
That song in the end is just like holy melody to my ears tbh
magestic rabies
i would like to be kidnapped but im afraid they would kill me.
Sara B
I used to love super princess peach. . .
How to make an Edgy OC:
Draw a colored circle.
You're done.
Demonheart 543
I saw the super Mario sunshine trailer

The video was make in 2012

It was *that** long ago?!*
Jadzia C
Oh that so glad it's gone.
Adorkable Gamer
The old intro though.
I can think of more independent Disney Princesses than Belle, even before Elsa. Mulan ran away from home to fight in a war against Atilla the Hun. Ariel sold her voice to her evil aunt to become a human so she could be with a guy she had a crush on. Cinderella forsook her adopted family to sneak into an exclusive party. Even Jasmine defied her father, who, lest we forget, was the SULTAN OF THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE, to marry a man who he didn't even know.
Aki Hayato
Well, my brother has bipolar disorder, Nice.
Aki Hayato
Episode Lover
I am watching something from 2012 in 2017
Someonesomewhere Thisismylife
This Is VERY disturbing when i'm from STOCKHOLM.
Well this is against your theory of the multiverse...
i think in this theory every peach kidnapping szenario is played parallel in different multiverses..
so i don't think she has stockholm syndrom
Catarina Elodie
Bell is the most independent character Disney has ever produced? What about Mulan? Pocahontas?.. :(
Catarina Elodie
I would watch this video 1000 times just because of the "schleepy sheepys" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
TrainBoyGaming 23
Who is watching in 2017 and thinks the intro is old
Taekyuhn :3
Damn how Matt pat has changed
Pup Dog
I know this is made in 2012 but belle doesn't have Stockholm syndrome she saw good in the beast and it was the beast who fell in love and belle accepted it
Awesome rainbow girl123456789
Sees the intro

Raven tomson
Listen here Belle started like him because he started acting like a man 😑😑😑😠😠😑😑
Get Tanfast-ic Alana Green
This show haze bin around sense 2012 and film theory has been around sense 2015 wow
Sophia Medina
The clip of bell replacing her Dad was used for my school
Smart COOkie
Ummm Belle doesn't have Stockholm syndrome...just sayin. Stockholm syndrome would mean that she would be dependant on the Beast but she's not. She even leaves the castle after he yells at her only to come back because he saved her and he would have freezed if she didn't bring him back. If anything the movie is a good e,ample of LIMA SYNDROME where the captor sympathies with their victim. Beast let's Belle go when her father is in danger. He fell in love with her before she fell in love with him. If you want a good example of Stockholm syndrome, try the humpback of Norte dame or tangled.
Compared to his new videos, this editing is trash
Fun Times
Sleepy sheepies
Woah 2012? Memories 😒
Natalie Perez
2012 :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O
Borderline Personality Disorder would be more appropriate.
Sloane Cieckiewicz
3:13 so that is what gave this video the "mamma mia" rating.
Wow watching this in 2017 is weird cuz the intro is WAY different.
Toe Bro
Why else doesn't Mario do anything? HE'S EVIL! EVERYONE KNOWS THAT!
Sam Edwards
yay ( Lizzy )
V i b e s c e p t e r
Marian Palko
The Game... What a movie.
Cosmedian Gamer
I call 2006-2012 in game theory the cringe era
Mmmm Gothic Peach
Candy_Wolf 7
I still don’t believe the Bell thing but the rest is pretty crazy
Super Puppy Bros
Wow you’ve changed a lot
Will R
Bipolar disorder, "yeah! Peachys got it! " Lmao
Rainbow_ Galaxi
Ahhhhhhhh.... Memories.... MatPat you have truly changed... :D
Tyler Geerts
Oh god it's so old
Everybody is saying "matpat has changed" or "I want the old matpat back" its 2017 and the only difference I see is that the quality got better. Why do people want old matpat back there's no difference except the quality and personally to me the new videos are better his new videos keep you interested in what he's saying. This video is good but I lost interest halfway through.
Ariana Pulido
2017 anyone ?
Oh my god... 2017
M power
Oh Look its my childhood in flames
King Dice
Vibe septer more like vibe pen
Does this theory crashes Paper Mario ?
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