Peppa Pig Police Car Kids Animation and Vehicles for Children. New Episodes by Pig Wheels TV

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Peppa Pig Police Car Kids Animation and Vehicles for Children. New Episodes by Pig Wheels TV
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When learning the children Peppa Pig Police Car games teacher gives explanations, instructions, comments on the course of the game, may be involved in the game at the first performance of her or when the game requires an equal number of children couples. With the kids tutor plays in all stages of learning the game.

The games story is an educator or just an observer, gives instructions, or (in a complex game, as well as in younger age groups) takes on a role. Game children should not be interrupted. After the game is over, the teacher gives the necessary explanations, instructions and children play again. Mentor, watching children play, helps music leader board - suggests that more does not work, any movement should be to practice the exercises for improvement.

As an educator acts and dances during the Peppa Pig Police Car. New dance - the pair, threes, the elements of which the children learned the exercises in the course, the teacher shows with a musician or with the child, if the dance is performed to the accompaniment of musical director. In the process of learning the teacher gives instructions helps to perform the movement, suggests changing the movement, paying attention to changes in the music, dances with children who do not have a pair. At the final stage of learning the children dance alone. The dances - improvisations conducted with older children, the teacher is not involved, since they are carried out for the development of the creative initiative of children. It can record a Kids Animation of movements composed by children and at the end of dance can approve or make comments, if children do not express their individuality in solving the problem, the movement of all were the same or uniform. But usually these Vehicles for Children makes music director. The provider may, in agreement with him to improvise a dance, and invite the children to fulfill his - his.

Peppa Pig Bank Robbery on Trucks. Funny Peppa Pig car episode by Pig Wheels TV

yes this is for kids police shooting guys :D
Lin Sean
The bank vehicle is bulletproof
Lin Sean
Fire the missiles at the dinosaur
Imo imo
not appropriate for kids..shame on you I hope you burn in hell.
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Michelle Fernandez
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