Alex Jones Called Out Stephen Colbert In Court Testimony

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Stephen plays another old clip from 'Brain Fight with Tuck Buckford' to show Alex Jones that they aren't so different from one another.

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Marc Piechowicz
The thing is, everything Alex Jones says is fukin true!! Libraries of evidence are available on gay frogs having gay sex in gay bars run by the Club Clinton foundation....oh yeah and aliens.....and Obama being a lizard.
Bill Hampton
I remember when Alex Jones was small and I told everybody to ignore him , nobody listened and now look at him . Next time one of these retards comes along let's take my advice this time maybe .
Zebra steaks please tell me that's not a thing
H.Baugher Studioz
I'd rather watch Info Wars than this.
Shane Carlson
Hi, I'm from Wisconsin. Please don't call him a badger. We actually respect those here and that's more than I can say for him.
Trump is an Alex Jones fan? And people just take his word when Trump says something is fake news?
testicle theorist
Ben Cheshire
Is he allowed to stop if the sketch isn't working?
David Gomez
"brought to you by Blue Apron" colbert killing it!!!
Anders PĆ¼schel
2:07 Actually only one of the three extant species of zebra is endangered.
Also (6:11) cobras don't typically employ hemotoxins, but vipers often do.
Burt Hulbert
I watched it again. he's killing me.
Brandon Pack
...That was both hilarious and frighteningly accurate.
Voic GM
Here's my deal:
I want to believe something. I go out for facts, but it's not like I can travel to DC and find out things for myself, walk right into the WH or something. Anyway, I digress, There are freaks like Tomi Lahren that defend Trump, whom of which I also am not fond of. But i'm also not fond of Trevor Noah, he really pushes the bill with how much he dislikes trump, i've seen the guy post reports on his show that have officially been debunked by..well..literally everyone, i'm sure he may regret it, but I'm also aware Colbert (who I practically idolize) is fond of Trevor Noah. So you see my dilemma?
Are they even reporting on stuff based off of their genuine beliefs, or just being told to report something and be all classy and funny?
Ahahahahahsha!!! F*ck me Stephen is hilarious.
Why does Jones hate Hunchbacks so much? Aren't they people too?
Samara X
Funniest shit I've ever seen
This is gold
Jordan Hoover
Take away the contrived laugh track and it looses any humor that could be there.
Dead Inside
Alex jones is like a nonsensical teapot blowing a bunch of hot air,. when he goes on his conspiracy theory rants and yells and raves I keep on waiting for the steam to start blowing out of his ears. Holy Tuck though hahaha. Love to try some giraf meat one day. HAHHAHAHAHA WOOOOOOOOO that is stronger, than it was this morning!
Reptilian God
Stephen Colbert's a piece of runny cat shit.
Jonathan Sheneman
It took me awhile but I haven't been able to dig up any historical documents where Thomas Jefferson's "Magna Carta" mentions putting crack cocaine on your "ding-dong"
Jesse Reid
So funny!!
Colbert shit !
bob smith
If smoking marijuana is seriously something that can cause you to lose custody of your children then it DAMN WELL BETTER BE THE SAME FOR ALCOHOL. Oh wait, then 95% of the countries children would become foster children
Bill Wilson
I guess GW & BF should have worn a big diaper like Stephen does.... I just wish Stephen changed his more often. I can smell Poopy Pants Stephen from here!
Jacques Blaque
Truly amazing, scanning below, to see that the "real" Tuck Buckford has any apologists/defenders. Besides the whackadoo Donald, that is. So sad. Wasted lives.
Joseph Barclay Ross
Google: "Colbert Pizzagate" and use your own brains, rather than abandoning them to the machinations of a snarky sarcastic two-bit comic whose sister ran for Congress supported by the Podesta Brothers who are now accused of involvement in a massive child molestation ring. And while you're at it google: "Podesta Pizzagate" and "Clintons Epstein Flight Records of Visits to Sex Slave Island." The lives of thousands, possibly millions of children worldwide depend on a mass awakening now -- not to mention the future of your American government!
Bummy McBummface
Tuck Buckford is a better Alex Jones than Alex Jones.
Christo Fortune
Fuck This Colbert
Sri Kothur
I rewatch this video just for when he says "April the giraffe." It gets me every single time.
Communist Party of Kekistan
Did you just use Buzzfeed as a news source?

Damn. That's a new level of low.
radical adam
Does anyone else think Stephen Colbert would be an amazing joker?
Buzz Werd
Stephen lacks the spittle rage sincerity of Alex, a true Trump-level psychopath.
Alex should be the next Trump cabinet member. Put him in charge of national mental health, we should have a complete set -- Pestilence, Famine, War and Death.
Ironically I think Phil ken sebben would be a big AJ fan
sup, tuck. "the highest ranked show on late night" only has 800k more subs than AJ. that's like only 80 more in YouTube years.
Alex may be crazy alot but I'd rather watch him than this jerk off. I feel insulted that I'm supposed to laugh at these weak ass jokes with laugh tracks
yammy yams
fake news
Jacob Slapinski
This is very deceptive and based on partial truths. The example video of Jones used was not the type of video in question, sometimes Jones goes into a literal acting routine as an entertainer or impersonates somebody, but if you don't actually listen to what Jones has to say from his own direct source, your wouldn't know that. Regardless, so what if Jones is very passionate? You don't know his full character, he is not dangerous in the sense that he does not want to initiate any form of violence. You also don't consider what he believes into his emotions in some moments, but you probably no idea what he really believes. He is also the owner of a media organization attempting to grow and attract viewers, so he is doing something that will do that, and all media is guilty of that.
Lisa Kennelly
"George Washington with diarrhea running out of his ass on top of that horse..." lost it!
Johny Bravo
Didn't your god Obama admit in his book to smoking weed and experimenting with drugs enthusiastically? you ass hat.
Johny Bravo
Zebra's aren't actually Endangered. So even if your joke was funny, it would be funnier if it was true. You ass hat.
gats berserk
Jones is pissed
Hanna Rockhart
How are you so blind sighted by this? Seriously do you not see what's wrong!! You are taking clips when Alex is either making a skit or if he is angry. Unless you actually intently watch him then you don't have the right to judge him.
Andrea Trimble
That was too funny!!!! PLEASE do more Tuck Buckford!!!
Colbert sucks!! Long live Alex Jones!!
Spirit Fashioner Fuj
This guy is unfunny.
On a side note... wtf was up with the piano guy at the end? Was he okay? Was his sheet music upside down? Lmao wtf was that?
Thebagman Show
hmmmmmm i dont like this talk show host .. he was in wikileaks selling out
James Bond
Alex Jones did Tuck Buckford better. FACTS! :)
Alex jones may be totally crazy and say some really weird things. But the guests he has on his show sometimes are ex CIA and FBI. And believe it or not he does actually have inside sources. I didn't wanna listen to any of Alex's crap but I had to do a report on fake news for a class project. And I was surprised to find that the jnfowars show dating back to the 1990's was more than 75% accurate with the info.

Do some quick research on the Harvard fluoride study. Or the 9/11 building 7 anomalies. Or just watch the Alex jones show or infowars for two hours and then fact check what jones says and you might be surprised.

Steven Colbert is only an actor and he uses comedy to try to smash his competition. He has a hundred writers to write jokes for him so he can read a script every day. I really feel that mainstream shows are just giving Alex more attention by bashing him. The more they try the more popular Alex gets.

As far as the jnfowars supplements go. Me and my friends bought a bunch of them to debunk them. I used the super male vitality and no joke my workouts were significantly more intense. And in the bedroom let's just say I was surprised with the results.

Another one we tried was the liver shield. Turns out it has ingredients that olympians were using in the 80's that are all natural but they were suspected of using steroids. With in days of using thing I had a bowel movement and little green and black pebbles came out. I guess they were liver stones and I'm only 30 years old. A week after using 3 of the infowars supplements I feel like I'm a teenager again as far as energy and strength go.

Doubt me fine. Go on infowars website and just buy the liver shield. It's $25 dollars. I believe this is the best one of them all. Like I said Alex is crazy but he somehow got patented stuff that is very rare and all natural. I challenge anyone to try that stuff and tell me it doesn't work. The only ones that say it's bs are people that never tried the stuff.
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