Alex Jones Called Out Stephen Colbert In Court Testimony

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Stephen plays another old clip from 'Brain Fight with Tuck Buckford' to show Alex Jones that they aren't so different from one another.

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Gary Cooper
It's really impossible to do a parody of Alex Jones, because you can never say anything crazier than what Alex says every day, or act more wacko than he does.
Witt B Litty
Colbert is an idiot
Alpax Dis
Damn....colbert is bashing alex jones... gonna go check out infowars.
Lyndon Johnson understood the need for political satirists. And he regularly got raked over the coals by The Smothers Brothers every week on their show, over Viet Nam.

LBJ stated the importance of the satirist, in that it keeps the politicians on their toes, and aware of what the common man who, if they had that same pulpit, what they would be telling us in washington. LBJ was a President, and a statesman. Donald Trump is a thin skinned, complainer of media, follower of the hierarchy of the backroom, secretive, true Repulican Eslablishment. Not a leader.
Jesse Jones
Colbert stoops to using Alex Jones' custody battle for money, and thinks he is morally superior, fucking hilariously hypocritical douche bag.
Irving Adrian
Stephen is really killing it lately. This is just hilarious (because it is accurate AF!!) 不
German Villamizar
What the hell is wrong with Prothero Jones
? That guy needs to take his medication more often...
Last First
Chris Heckert
It's sad that our President thinks Alex Jones & Fox is real news and investigative journalism is "fake news" & American's have suffered so long from the Military Industrial Complex and lack of educational spending that they actually think they should get their news directly from the President who gets HIS news from sources like that - and the vicious cycle of stupidity can continue. We need to implement a Constitutional Amendment for IQ tests for everything to driving to voting to save this once great nation.
Has anyone seen the new Alex Jones "Tuck Buckford" clips? As in clips of Alex Jones portraying "Tuck Buckford"? Uber, uber, uber sad attempt at counter-parody. So sad that you should call an Uber to give the parody a ride home, along with a deep and heartfelt apology.
James Landess
Colbert is a piece of shit that needs attention!!!
Femke de Wees
themselves break flee learn counter rely guitar.
Michael Right
I still prefer crazy Alex Jones to Liberal traitor Socialist scum like Colbert and his disgusting vermin fans. Where is Jon Stewart his ass buddy Liberal clown Cock Holster? Him and his deplorable fans need to be executed so we can make our country great again faster. 100K for every Libtard traitor killed :)
Bravo Bravo...
* Thoughts on Jones....

"Oh look! He's reeeaaally mad now!" :D
david smith
Jones belongs in a straight jacket not a suit he belongs in a padded room not on a podcast
bo william
Fuck his wife. Fuck family courts and fuck feminism. The marriage rate is approaching zero. Enjoy your cats and dildos woman.
D Varga
You make hitler salutes live on tv and act like its fucking hilarious you need to get some new material puss puss
Colbert is to the left what jones is to the right. Retards all.
Jo Jo
不不不不Stephen is right..that guy is on some strong cocaina...
Chris McCaulley
Colbert is part of a cult known as the Universal Life Church where literally he acts as if he is godly and teaches children to worship leftism and hate America.
Danny Hewton
Wow, the colbert bump bringing alex jones into the main stream. Who would have seen that coming?
Bitter Cider
I feel bad for Alex Jones' Desk
That bit was long and odd, guys...
Ricky Sabine
Zebra steaks's a bit stringy but it's good lean meat xD
Simon Keel
That was a good segment
Joseph Dion
Mr. Colbert, joking about a man's fight for his kids is not funny. The only thing funny Sir is how much of an ass clown you are. You are a puppet to the establishment that is trying to silence the people. And you might not pay for your sins in this life but god will be waiting for you in your day of judgement. Go to hell you scum! God bless America and god bless Alex Jones, InfoWars, and the United States of America!
"Now Brain Nation, I gotta tell ya, ol' Tuck's a bit mellow today,"

followed almost immediately by

"You tell your kids the truth! Okay! The Tooth Fairy's really the CIA coming to our children's rooms at night to collect their DNA off the little molars and the bicuspids to use the DNA to generate artificial cybersperm that then they sell to the witches' covens who use turkey basters to inseminate each other to create an army of demon babies to fight our wars! I'm not makin' this stuff up! I'm imagining it!"

If that's Tuck Buckford stoned I'm terrified to see what he's like sober.
Mark H
Libtards believe this Propaganda
Dan N
I cant believe he got through the "Tuck Buckford" bit without laughing
Andy Mcnally
Why do people keep egging him on ??? It's sad and pathetic, Alex Jones is batshit crazy and needs serious help.
Didn't even come close to an actual Alex Jones rant. I mean they would have had to have raised Chris Farley from the dead to do that.
Patrick French
Srry but this Tuck Buckford is not even close. Alex Jones is more bizarre animated then Stephen can even pretend to be
Elinn Andersson
Wow, Blue Apron is really reaching high places.
Jeffery C
once and hr for a year lolol
Some how, this comic bit of gold slipped by me; heyyyy, better late than never. Tuck Buckford! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Otakun The vegan
Being a vegan stoner is great because we are already generally pretty chill and sweet chilli heat Doritos and Mt. Dew is vegan. (For the record I have never done pot and am not a stoner lol)
Otakun The vegan
I don't want them putting ignorance in the internet airwaves the turn the fucking humans homophobic!
Franz Farmer
Mr Banana
Alex Jones is a plant from the illuminati to make us believe we haven't got a moon base
no one
Was his source litterally buzzfeed? Wow...just wow.
no one
Stephen Colbert is a comedian not a newscaster, he is litterally a jester. He's just a tool of Viacom.
haters hating
You were funny on Comedy central. Now you make me sick with your liberal bull shit! You suck!
Hilarious. Colbert rocks as usual.

Trump and his brain-dead redneck shitwads follow that raving looney Alex Jones as if he was god in person.
Hawk's Adventure Vlogs
lol colbert is such a faggot
Tuck Buckford needs to come back. Regardless of what Alex Jones is doing.
Alex Jones, what happend to the FEMA-camps?
2YearOldDriver ,
What was that keyboard doing at the end?
Kristopher Dean
Hope the young Americans that watch realize that this guy is just a liberal troll pushing out global agendas and propaganda. On the other hand Alex Jones may be a little off at times and seem unhinged. But he has facts, he has morals, he loves people and he admits when he wrong, he loves American, and loves Freedom, and loves Rights. Just like Trump. BUT You'll never see that out of someone like Colbert. Don't get me wrong , I used to love watching Colbert. I don't anymore. Because if you look at arguments from the majority of the left(including Colbert) which is educated fools it's usually filled with explicits and non facts. Just like that parody, all he could do to troll Alex is actually over exaggerate a few parts of a rant. Instead of proving his point he tried to make in his opening about how crazy his conspiracies are. He just did cheap below the belt comedy. Which is the Globalist way of trolling the dumbed down population. I mean you cant be IMPRESSED with this attempt at a parody. Its a cheap parody. Liften your expectations in life. Make goals. Don't expect the 1st answer the media tells you. Research for yourself. Looks for the facts. The left will profess love and unity and free speech except there actions prove to be the opposite. WAKE UP YOUNG AMERICANS. DON'T FALL INTO THE VIRTUAL WORLD THEY TRY TO KEEP YOU TRAP IN, WHILE BEHIND YOU THEY STEAL YOUR RIGHTS AND CHANGE HISTORY. THIS IS HOW THE GLOBALIST ERASE ALL OF US.
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