6 UNEXPLAINABLE PHOTOS That Will Leave You Baffled

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There are certain events that are beyond human explanation. Over the years many mysteries and creepy incidents remain unsolved and have gripped the public, leaving many questions unanswered. Today we’ll be showcasing some photos that are shrouded in mystery. From shocking Unidentified Flying Objects to grizzly murder mysteries these are 6 unexplainable Photos That Will Leave You Baffled!

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HerasBlog Dot Com
When I saw it, it was angled more like it is at minute 1:48. I don't know how they'd be hanging sideways like the other photos and not be oddly uncomfortable. I asked them this question but no response.
HerasBlog Dot Com
I've seen that Black Knight very very low in the sky, cloaking and uncloaking, to show off, while the occupants told me they would do it. We explain who they are over on our blog, generally although I haven't really discussed this image. I haven't seen such a good photo before to where I could confirm that it was the same ship. We've seen some other ones too that look very different.
Amazing that the first selection is "beaming energy" towards earth yet no one knows what it is, so how do you know it's "beaming energy"? YouTube is full of BS and misinformation.
Cosmic Cowboy
"for nearly several days" Good grief. You might want o try some remedial english lessons...
Brianna Watkins
When you don’t know what baffled means
jason fidler
How do they know its been around for 13000 years? Who seen it 13000 years ago?
John Ray Rice
Hinterkaifeck murder... Some theorized that the father molested and impregnated his daughter and someone retaliated by killing everyone
waz hoola
tut.....not baffled.
lee armstrong
The photo of the lighthouse is obviously taken on a potatoe

Let me help you out: #4 is a photo of a murder crime scene. There. It's explained.

For future reference, photos of things surrounding unexplainable events don't make the photos themselves unexplainable.
Samantha Q
"It's existence has been keep secret from the public."
Ummmm dude!
All these "secrets" on YouTube make me laugh.
If it's on YouTube IT AIN'T NO SECRET!!
Debbie Harriman
heehee hehaheha
Edna cintron died that day.
Jackie Balladares
That is a black bird on the light house cmon guys that's not a ghost 👻 you can tell easy it's a clack bird
JK number5
This was a little weak...but that 9/11 one was news to me.
Tiara Smith
#5 is bat man
Joe Grzybowski
None of these photos are mysteries, they are all fairy obvious.
Charlie Moskowitz
bad video. most have been debunked already or are just plain stupid like the last one
The Duder
Weird World, please investigate a bit.
Edna Cintron died that day not long after that photo was taken. While it is not clear if she jumped or fell, she lost her life that day and her family deserves to not have her memory reduced to an ill achieved effort to investigate.

Here is the photo of her last seconds alive. Just please investigate a little more. The second link is her memorial page. Read some of the comments there.


At the 2:37 mark, that photo actually shows 2 of the victims, of the Hinterkaifeck murders.
Where's the 'mysterious photo' for the falcon lake incident?
What am I talking about!? This whole post is stupid. Not necessarily because of the content, but the way it's presented. Terrible.
Weird things happened at 9/11
A friend of ours, or should I say my mom's childhood friend, worked at the 70-ith floor and she said she heard a loud bang (she was not in the first tower, but the one which was hit after) so what she heard was the plane hitting the other tower, and right when she heard it she grabbed her coat and left, remembering her coworkers, some who fled with her, and some who stayed there dialing numbers on the phone, and asking around as to what was happening, (people didn't think to panic because everyone assumed it was an accidental crash and nothing would happen to THEIR building) anyways, she remembers that the lights started blacking out in the building and she became distraught and lost. She remembered a man in a red jacket who guided her down and when she got out safely she looked and looked for him and even searched for his name but he was nowhere to be found. Apparently, other people also recalled people in red jackets. She told us she believed it was an angel.
Guess we'll never know
Young Savage
I saw one of those
Gordon Hamilton
Black Knight Satellite Has been reported and studied since the early 1900's, all over the World. So the Space Blanket (NASA) explanation... Is more like Horse Shit, sticking to a blanket !!!
Mag Kyt
I want to know who was around 13 thousand years ago that discovered the Black Knight.
Shepherd boy
5:03 "And her fate remains a mystery to this day" ...
You're kidding right? She was last seen perched a zillion stories above New York in a tower that collapsed on top of her soon after. How is her fate a "mystery". She's dead. That's not difficult to conclude.
How could someone stand at that whole on the twin towers when there were flames burning that was soon after going to completely demolish the building
what the hell. the first one is a bird sitting on the fence. Her "body" looks just like the fencing on the other side, you can see the individual fence pieces on both sides, its identical.....
The Matadore
The first one just looks like a seagull or albatross is chilling on the railing.
ByronDaBoiii j
I believe in ghost, but you can't believe in everything you see on the internet these days because of the fact that people go around photo shopping.
internetpolification Noseygoò
This shite is the sort of rubbish that gives the Net a bad nane
George P. Simmonds
This video is very poorly researched
2:34 is a shot of the tavern at the Wayside Inn, Sudbury Massachusetts. I volunteer there and hang out there all the time. It has changed a little, but is still nearly the same.
Brian Jackson
Shouldn't that be "inexplicable"?
fabio m
ms bs
Earl of Wickshire
What is so mysterious about the photos of the murder scene? And that looks like pieces of TWO victims chillin' in the hay
Rock Balancer
yer so fuckin stupid asshole
Marie Norway
Your missing Sock.
0:58 yeah that looks like a girl.

That picture looks like shit XD


4:40 that photo gives me the biggest creeps.
K Garcia
How is Edna's fate a mystery? She died when the towers collapsed or she was a jumper.
Lena Rose
the woman in the light house is said to be the ghost of a girl that died there a long time ago, its one of saint augustine's most famous urban legends and people see her pretty often
It's not known what happened to the lady seen in the photo of the WTC on 9/11? Seriously? Let me clear this up for you, she died. No one from that high up in either building survived. Yes she obviously survived the initial impact of the plane but she dies when the building collapsed. Or she jumped before the collapse. How could you not figure that out on your own?
Volker H
The first one on the lighthouse is a damn bird, sitting on the railing, its shadow darkening the railing underneath that people would call the "womans" legs, first look mystery solved
David L Rattigan
The girl on the lighthouse is just a parrot dolia.
David L Rattigan
"No one knows what happened to her after, and her fate remains a mystery to this day." Don't know how to break this to you, but...
About No. 3: I saw those lights in Germany many years ago. But there were a few more than you can see in the video.
I believe that the reason people experience an amnesia-like state after seeing alien objects is because our brains cannot perceive something from out of our world and our brain just shuts down.
Ellie Licon
Are you baffled? I'm baffled.....that I watched this entire video.
the wispo
You sound baffled, I'm not baffled. As for the lady in the towers, her fate is not mystery, she fucking died when they fell.
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