$15 Tea Kettle Vs. $1500 Tea Machine

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Teforia Tea Infuser (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2m9pbQi
Teforia Tea Infuser (International) - http://geni.us/d2xnCEF

This machine might make the World's finest cup of tea.

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Unbox Therapy
The Last Game My Dad Ever Played... https://youtu.be/AH4YF2o7psA?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34
Franz Liszt
Not point in having big Tea
Captain Argonaut 24
Larry Saylor
The real test.. use the cheap tea in the machine and see if it makes that taste better.. otherwise there's no comparison to see if the machine actually made a difference or if it was just the more expensive loose leaf tea that was the real deciding factor.
my question is whether you could program in other times and temperatures
Declan Suru
It looks like a bong
Meric Tuna
Adam çay yaptı amk asın bayrakları
Last one - "Two guys trying weed for the first time"
No idea why these guys also didn't just have a nice black tea from India or Sri Lanka. Assam would've been just fine. I am certain they wouldn't be able to taste the nuance of a green tea anyway.
It's an effing coffee machine for tea lol. Buddy, just get a tetsubin.
the suspect
It's $500 now...
Sarabi Eventide
The machine appears to have automated the Gongfu brewing style, which is pretty cool. I wouldn't pay $1500 for it though; the process is part of the enjoyment ;)
Horatius Regeneratione
who put Fred Durst on Prozac?
Jasmin Kaur
Where's Jack?
genmai tea is not green tea? i thought its toasted rice
Ray Kangoo
tom always looks soo intimidated :-p
Daniel Yin
sorry but the Asian "tea art" culture is way more serious than this, the china they use is also often way more expensive.
Tea is a ritual when you do it yourself, not watch a machine do it.
Eric Rahn
c g
Petition to replace Lou with Tom
Dave Smith
You need a more energetic wing-man......Your videos are great. but get someone else with an upbeat personality . ..Most sites would have some stupid blonde as click-bait..You are above that.
That's why you are rocking YouTube..Love your channel...
tim calco
I'm over here sipping cat piss Arizona when I'm lucky...
Amit Nagar
Try sodastream pls
Dionisio Bravo
Tom is really handsome.
genmaicha and green tea is two different tea dude
Lunatic 010720
Does Lew really said the F word?😂
Sonu Joshi
Big Tit Tom
Ben Lowe
he sounds so canadian
Music Sensation
India has the best Tea and you haven't even mentioned it
Actually, tea is impotent because in some year, a plague that made you dehydrated got into drinking water and that was the time around when doctors weren't so smart.. But, when England started shipping teas, the tea would help re hydrate the people and didn't have the plague. Someone said it was something in the tea but I cant remember. Just saying :D
Joseph Wallace
Why do you always bring no-nothing tom for his worthless opinion?
Joseph Wallace
You STEEP tea and you BREW coffee. Jesus Christ get the basics right
Ty Guy
"tetley green tea is satisfactory"
the most accurate review on all of unbox therapy
before watching this video i wanted to make a cup of tea, and when i saw the thumbnail, i paused the video and made me one :)
Fahrettin Perçin
It's sad that even though Turkey is the biggest tea consumer in the world and has excellent tea culture, England and Japan come to mind first.
flavoringalarmo 1
ill be the person that uses it a cuple times then forgets that its on my counter top
looks gimmicky and inconvenient. I dont think its really for "connoisseurs" either as I'd assume theyd have a good understanding of tea culture. Id only put Tevana in that thing. Not to say Tevana's bad as they have some pretty interesting flavors, but it would be such a waste to put premium Korean or Japanese tea in there
Seriously, you need a stupid app to use it ? What kind of hipster stupidity invented that. Can't it have an on , off button instead ?
Overestimated Tom's experTEAse! xD @3:10
David Boyer
Looks like the company put a whole lot of thought into this tea brewing unit. I'm very impressed. This would work at a high end restaurant and lux home. Thx Lew and Tom!
Robert Smith
I prefer a 5$-10$ Diffuser and loose tea. Leave it in the mug for strength.
one complete jackass and a normal dude drinking tea - just who is who, who the hell knows. Next dimension? That's just... trippy.
1500$ is probably higher than my lifetime budget for tea :D
Jason Jets
trav v
cool tea machine
MyCool StrawSir
Big Tea Tom looked so disappointed when he drank the tea from the machine!!! LUL
DSoundtrack Gallore
does Tom have an Instagram?? 😂😂
Sadiq Yusuf Lawal
This is the first thing bank robbers buy when the job is done
A few fancy words and you want to sell it for 1.5k? a very expensive gadget to see boiling water flushing down to another flask...

I would rather spend the 1.5k on rare high quality tea than paying for this.

If you want to do a review "Unbox Therapy", do it with dignity and honesty...
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