$15 Tea Kettle Vs. $1500 Tea Machine

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Teforia Tea Infuser (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2m9pbQi
Teforia Tea Infuser (International) - http://geni.us/d2xnCEF

This machine might make the World's finest cup of tea.

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Unbox Therapy
The Last Game My Dad Ever Played... https://youtu.be/AH4YF2o7psA?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34
Tony David
Needlessly long video for such a short/rushed review for the last 30 seconds! This guy's definitely making something off this company somehow
A Very Educated Cat
I found myself skipping through the video because the first dude was just sooo over the top. It's fine to have a little less energy. We can tell you're exaggerating.
Trent Dowst
This might not be everyone's cup of tea though...
Riccardo Hill
I drink loose leaf tea....n I brew it correctly according to the type of tea.......and this MF machine is $400 on the website???....so......I would buy it if it was 200
Oooh yeaah all those artificial flavourings, that's the true way of experincing tea ;) .
Harry Wells
can I just say green tea isn't regular tea as someone from England tea is the og and green tea is the ugly younger brother
chrome dragon
Curtis Millar
I wouldn't call a drinker of Tetley a 'tea expert'...
Lew has lost his mind if he thinks this machine is worth the money.
Nick Rubino
It's steep not brew or infuse
As someone who LOVES tea, those tea bags are no good and the machine is unnecessary. It's not that difficult to learn how to make proper tea.

Get quality loose leaf tea, heat up the water yourself, steep properly, and you'll be just as satisfied.
That Call of Duty Gamer
oolong is a pig from DB and DBZ
Fool! Genmaicha is green tea with roasted brown rice. Loose leaf Genmaicha starts around $4 per 100g which last you more than a month.If you want an app, there tea brewing timers available.
Alex Chavez
Eh, I'll stick with the bag kind. Spending $1500 on a fancy brewer is really not my cup of tea...
Drux Music
it is basicly a 1,5k$ coffee machine
Wynn Gwynn
breville 1 touch teamaker does the same thing with less parts (the basket drops down and pulls up so no oversteeping) and has settings for each tea type and custom (so you just hit a button and it makes OOLONG or whatever) and is under 250. And that's an expensive but VERY nice teamaker. This is just...the hell.
Bianca Ferguson
You really can't compare genmaicha tee and unflavored green tea. There's bagged inexpensive genmaicha. It's just green tea and toasted rice.
Elijah Ayers
He doesn't start doing things until 1:25
Making Tea
Just so I can comment
so cringy bro
Oz Akman
get a french press and loose tea, with filtered water same experience.
Liz Strupat
This costs $400 on us Amazon not $1500....
Nut _
The machine just boils water.
Sorry Lew, but it looks like a lot of the things you show are no longer in stock and they don't know when if ever they will be in and yes I look at the date it was published in. Great vids though. Might be worth looking at their site to see if they sell it. Looks interesting
Are they linked with Juicero?
Rui M
That machine did not even do anything,it just boil the water and put the water and the tea together,same thing as a tea bag with some hot water.....
The brits must be proud of you!
Atleast its better than juicero
molten terror
given the choice, I'd settle for the kettle.
Callum B
Just buy a decent tea pot and good tea, you don't need a wifi tea pot
Wael Fdhila
love his friend's honest reaction. Always told my friends this guy will overreact for any expensive/cool product or cash you give him. lmao
The Nerd
Just remember, kids: Unconscious people don't want tea.
Amedeo Ottolenghi
Green tea si like pizza with peperoni they're fake
my internet doesn't support 4 K '_'
Lieke van Leeuwen
separate pill actual claim whole elbow law waste.
It's $400 now :D ..
I like watching Tom crash and burn on camera
Zucchini & Kale
The fact that they didn't bump cups made me so violently uncomfortable
Rian Luke
Tom made the mistake of Tetley tea, should of tested it against Yorkshire gold.
Marin Milanović
Who is this guy in the blue shirt he is always sad and strange
ArT .Tili
5:55 when your mom ask you to stop gaming and get a job
Suh Dude
i dont even like tea.....how am I fixing it wrong
Xemerius Sieben
The cut after the "it's definitely good" 😂😂
Jacob De Bruyne
Hey Lewis, just wondering if you decided to drink tea often after this video? Seemed like you really enjoyed it.
Sunny Shukla
Finally something I can afford.

The $15 kettle I mean.
You look like a zombie in that thumbnail
Syllin Galanodel
Why not just go the extra step buy a good loose leaf tea from a market at a fair price, make your tea properly with brewing, normally says on the back how long, and save hundreds of pounds
Braeden Amor
That's not real tea
Jesus christ this guy is so annoying but he features products that are interesting.
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