$15 Tea Kettle Vs. $1500 Tea Machine

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Teforia Tea Infuser (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2m9pbQi
Teforia Tea Infuser (International) - http://geni.us/d2xnCEF

This machine might make the World's finest cup of tea.

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Unbox Therapy
The Last Game My Dad Ever Played... https://youtu.be/AH4YF2o7psA?list=PL7u4lWXQ3wfI_7PgX0C-VTiwLeu0S4v34
i actually hate tea
Lieke van Leeuwen
Campus holiday planet complete stress how.
Zamasu would be proud
Brock Dietz
Toms experTEAse
I pay around 15 cents for a mug of tea. I'd have to be off my rocker to pay $1500 for a machine. I'll keep my $20 electric kettle.
Neeple Pinchy
I thought it couldn't get funnier.. And then I changed speed to half.
Ansh Shah
You should have used the same tea in the machine and all or else it's just a Keurig for tea
Joel Victoria
Andrew Gunady
Get Jing Tea
you should do a cartoon skit of you trying out shit , i know youtube been doing it but it would be fun and funny the reactions
Dylan 'Robin' Harwood
Open a tea bag and put it in the infuser.
That guy is an asshole he never talks
I saw this on Teaforia's website. There are two versions the Tea Infuser at $399 and Class Tea Infuser at $999. I can't tell teh difference!
Oni Kuma
Yo the expert dude straight up reacts like an old friend of mine. Be smoking some shit he'd be like long silence "mhmm yeah its good" long silence "like a 5."
Isabelle Carr
marriage variation professor conservative luck particularly rating.
Jesse Thiessen
Huge mug for tea use a tea cup
Donnie Zoller
So what does this $1500.00 tea machine do that I can't do?
whats the price on those packets... fuck no am i payin for that, and imagine it telling em i cant brew something for being outta date or something
Patrick Nickol
What an overprized BS !
the way you saying oolong is pretty sexy tho.
I was in Thailand the last time I heard someone say '
"Is this a 1500 Dollah Thing thats happening in my Mouth" :)
Mad Max
Iron Platypus
How expensive the tea maker is doesn't matter, the tea machine appears to work as a Keurig. I guarantee, a traditional, simple teapot will taste just as good. Anyways, traditional Beijing tea, which is cheap as fuck, tastes amazing, and though 500 dollar jasmine tea tastes diffferent, it's not neccasarily better. Although both are loose leaf tea.... Anyways steeping shit is pointless, steeping 4 minutes and steeping 7 minutes makes no real difference, the only tastabke difference is sometimes the tea dissolves too much and weird dust shit is at the bottom

I'm Asian and I drink a Crapton of tea.
can't stand tea 😝
humans have drank tea for so long without a machine , so what machine could make my tea drinking a better experience ?
Goose Gosselin
Chug it
Adam Dean
it would be cheaper to just go to a nice café and have them make it for you
FanStalin Gibs
I cant drink tea without sugar help
This is literally kitchen jewellery. The only reason to buy this is to show your neighbour that you got cash. Also if you wanted a real test....should have done a blind one. Where you don`t know which one is which. But i guess that there are people out there that already have a nice house and a car and a fancy watch. So i guess it`s time to buy an over priced tea-kettle that is also complicated to use. Maybe buy the fancy teabags separately and make tea like a normal person?
Save the $1500 and make loose leaf tea by hand. It's easy, and it's going to take less time to clean up afterwards....
That Planet, Pluto
Coffee I can understand. Brewing a good cup of coffee is hard. But Tea? For 1500 dolleronis?!
Muna Kurdi
@simplynaillogical would love this!
Alexey Rodokanakis
It's "brewing"coffee and "steeping" tea
It is better and way cheaper to brew tea the traditional Chinese method.
Kai Smith
lou's problem is that he is way to positive about every product.
Review starts at 5:55. You're welcome.
Mazin Ali
Me encanta el canal
Valley Of Tea
Looks amazing, would love to test it out.
Silver Pizza
these captions had me dying
jesse balsley
you should do a coffee machine unbox crazy good coffee comes from siphon machines like yama and hario
where the sugar and honey?
You are the worst thing on YouTube.
Tony David
Needlessly long video for such a short/rushed review for the last 30 seconds! This guy's definitely making something off this company somehow
A Very Educated Cat
I found myself skipping through the video because the first dude was just sooo over the top. It's fine to have a little less energy. We can tell you're exaggerating.
Trent Dowst
This might not be everyone's cup of tea though...
Riccardo Hill
I drink loose leaf tea....n I brew it correctly according to the type of tea.......and this MF machine is $400 on the website???....so......I would buy it if it was 200
Oooh yeaah all those artificial flavourings, that's the true way of experincing tea ;) .
Harry Wells
can I just say green tea isn't regular tea as someone from England tea is the og and green tea is the ugly younger brother
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