ashley johnson
How was is this ten years old?! I was 13 when this came out 0_o
Jose Ojeda
Essa não é a letra de uma musica do Fall out boys?
aa aa
Whats the name of the guy with the shaved side? He's hott
Dee Kay
Loved them then and love them now <3
Imagine a Paramore x Emma Blackery song??? I would cry
Betinho Pqd
A Hayley W. é a alma desse negócio. Sem ela, não existiria Paramore.
Cringe Master
Nice sticks for wings Haylay. Ok I'm done now.
Diamante Dea
10 ?!
E- ketone
for me.... they sound like one ok rock.... damn...2 of my favssss
santi nurjanah
okt 2017 and still listening to this, who's with me?
Naya Phillips
Who’s still listening in 2017 👀
Guarapo's Bar
Aaaaaay vale te gustan los tipos
Дмитрий Костенко
Amazing clip.... A useful recommendation for you , my friends. Make any purchase discounts. Keep link -----
Great video! Get rid of advertising on the Internet when watching videos, pop-ups and stuff. Follow the link Like!!
Sofia Moreira
2017 oseaaaaaaaa estoy vieja
LaNisha Jackson
I'd rather waste my life pretending thn have 2 4get u 4 1 whole min. u haleybean!
callum seymour
Still watching in 2017/2018 loveing it
Terra Bou
really good play really loud!!! beautiful...
Jesus Oroxco
i was listening to mobb deep and i ve finished listening to this
gcf dna
I believe this was my first song ever heard from them, and to this day might very well be my favorite. Still love putting this on from time to time.
mj d
LOVE <3 my hayley <3 <3 <3
Super Sentai Genji
Paramore meets Mad Max
Kylas JGHE
Crush Crush Crush <3
T-Rain Christ - RIN - Chain Saw Guardian
weeeee... I love my HayLay!!!!!!!! Http://
Брайан Гриффин
Чё босурмане научились музло делать.. научите и наших))
amoni williams
such a badass video
Never really paid that much attention to Paramore but after hearing this, thats about to change. This song is great!
Ro Skillet
I miss the old Hayley :( she SAS gorgeus with great voice, but aghhh i know its studio versión, mastered and everything, but she used to sound like this live... uSED....
JP 0508
Aq é Brasil
Princess Krissy
The fucken best still love this song 😀
Wynter Phantom
Im still in love with old Paramore after all these years... Just isnt the same. I miss their edge...
EmoTional Wreck
Paramore ❤️
Patrick Kane
I miss 2007
tae taecup
take me back to middle school though I hated it so much THIS kept me going
Érika Silva
Procurando os BR☠️
Camila Vlogs
Like si ablas español
Ganes Ec
TylerJacks Gaming
Old Better Then New
Always will love this
SpicyPocky チェリー
Tyler Joseph
Samantha Brown
They're just so cool! 😢
Workout Clips TV
Jesus she was so hot. I fucking love rocker chicks
lilly peach
I used to love this when i was a baby
Lanny Elbane
10 anos 💜😢
Tetovari 99
Jose Cardona
porke le cambuan el nombre a las musicas?
Jack Survivalwolf
I just realised this was published 10 Years ago. Damn dude
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