Cut Stories: Captured in Libya

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A new series focused on individual stories of some interest.

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This guy
"And I had this fantasy of the Libyan revolution being this righteous cause; they were mujahideen" I think we all were naive enough to believe that
German Luftwaffles
lol look at Lybia now. Great work Usa!
Mary Jeanne
so are we not gonna put this man's contact info on here? like his fb, insta, or a phone number.. for science research, and not for me personally? lol he's a beautiful child of God😀
Basil Gan
look what they did to DJ KHALED.. all thin and shit suffered in dungeons. anotha one
Alex Echeverria
bro honestly the best story I've ever heard my heart beat was in sync with every syllable he spoke and I was starving for his next word that shit was crazy
Gavin Quinn
treat it like your girl. but I like threesomes
Yo brother, it's good you didn't take the gold. You never know, could have been a test of character. Your instincts were right there.
Moogie Oogie
He's cute
Tara Rana
this was amazing. keep up the great work cut!
Cup Cake
this needs to be heard
Lê Văn Bưởi
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Tin Dang
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His smile is everything
Thu Thủy
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islam is the reason why the whole middle east is a shit storm
Mohammed Dakhil
Both my parents are 100% Libyan, but I look white as hell .. so awkward
Look at the Libya now... :(
I'm actually shocked that they let you go because you're American. I feel sorry for Libya not knowing that America just wants their oil
Happy _theking
jannis chrysostomou
This is so fake, mercenarie come from America, Arabs HATE AMERICANS
The Lazy Stoner
Good thing they let him out, bc obama would of done jack shit because hes not a criminal or a terrost
A Dia
Who is this
faisal almalke
what's his social media stuff?
Ash D
I'm so captured by the what this man articulates himself. Very well put together and I'm sorry he had to go through that.
Ata Elbizanti
it's so sad that as a libyan i'm watching this and i'm like "i've like a thousand stories like this and hundreds even worse"
Jewel Jones
I cried through the whole thing. War is horrible. Brother killing brother. I can't stand it anymore.
Love the passionate way he told the story.
Noah Fani
More of this! The visuals are very good. Please continue
Sensation Al
I was held hostage by illegal immigrants. This may sound messed up, but i wish I would have let them kill me.i also make light of it, so ppl don't believe me..
Durodes Duvo
Speaking of Libya, there's a fucking slave trade going on other there right now...
some kid from surrey
Athena Ace
better than any story ever told on youtube
Frappy Abdullah
So sad .
Jaylen chambers
This guy needs to be a public speaker the one that talks to u at school
Felicity Prazak
Amazing true story. I meet many like him during and just after the war. I would truely like to meet him. Author of 'Libya's Unknown Atrocity.' Felicity Prazak
ⵣas26 02
there nothing like watching this videos with understanding what he is saying
i algerian so i can understand every word he said translation doesnt really do the job
Annas Othman
I am Libyan and I feel sorry for him. However, Libyans are very closed to each other and dislike to see any foreign person . Libyans are so friendly to each other or with arabic
noah mukono
This is awesome!!! Love the graphics especially when he grabs the gold with his hand. From the way he talks you can tell he kicks it with Blacks probably from BK or Harlem. Very cool dude.
crazy...but I loved the story; very interesting.
More please!
kids try Malaysian food please
tl;dr: "Thanks, Obama."
Erik Wagner
beautiful storytelling!
amer rame
let kids try iraqi food its imazing like (kaimar and kahy for break fast , dolma or briany for launch , maskof fish ) realy its v good
Randi Bobandy
he's cute
Captured in Libya (NOT CLICKBAIT!) | Storytime!
Oh my goodness, my heart was beating so fast while listening to his story.
Thank you for sharing it.
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