Construction Trucks for Children with Blippi | Excavators for Kids

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The Blippi Explore an Excavator video is fun way to learn about construction trucks for children with Blippi. Learn about excavators while Blippi shows you inside these giant construction vehicles! The Blippi excavator video also has the fun Excavator Song as well! If your child enjoys this Blippi construction trucks video for children be sure to watch more Blippi videos at

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Her preneur
My kids are in love 😍 with BLIPPI. I really appreciate what your doing for the generation
gari kiser
Cool excavator this excavator is a case equipment
Nixon and Toys
Super cool !! we love your videos !!
BMX 360
What does the thumb do
Cash's Toy Time
Your videos and channel are awesome!! Great job!! Keep making videos!! Liked and subscribed!!
Corinne new Fun
Great! video always! Like and share!😊
Axe Family
Wow Blippi what a great new excavator video for kids! We love watching your videos! See you soon friend!
Javan Mayhead
you are so awesome. my 3 year old loves you and youve taught him so much too..including some amazing dance moves! !!
Becky Stevens
My 5year old and 2year old love your videos Blippi. Will you be coming to the UK?! We'll definitely come see you if you are! Would make them so happy. :)
Boog 'n Shoog
Nice job, Blippi! Construction trucks are fun!
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