WARNING *DISTURBING* Wait Until YOU See What I Found In an Abandoned Building In Middle Of Nowhere

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We thought we were going to explore a boring, empty abandoned telephone relay building, but what we got was much more than we ever wanted. 

PART 2 UPDATE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUgTNUSHpAo

This video was the hardest video we have ever had to edit. We wanted to take you there with us so you could feel what we felt as we unlocked the riddle as to whose stuff this was.

We also had to do a lot of soul searching when deciding what to include in the video. We wanted to do the right thing by the family, and also show how Jeff was a good guy who loved his family, but mental illness took him away. 

His wife tried to get Jeff help and had him committed successfully, but each time he was released by the mental health facilities. 

 I hope you enjoy this video. 

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News video from MyNews4.com
Please do not harass anyone over this case. There is no evidence against any individual, and although we do believe something bad did happen to Jeff, we have no idea who may be responsible. 

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Dave Debang-bang
The box with blu written on it is for an electronic cigarette. I use the blu liquid in mine here in the UK
Hailey Hardy
still I dig this video
Hailey Hardy
what if WHAT IF it was all staged or some other people are working on the house and brought kids to wait while they work or something or the guys started working and have a shit and piss bucket cause of rattlesnakes ever see that ep of Archer ? like playboys these could've been like old ass dirty bastards while trying to fix the house or something like seriously they could've been trying to sell this house or something and I mean what if it was like free citizens stop area like a waypoint that weather book then it could've been hobos and addicts addicts have kids and shit I bet this shit just looks worse then it is
reggie watson
mexicans campsites
Alexander Contreras
Wow that is crazy I watched the whole tire thing
Dulce Bourget
Naw fam this looks like they kidnap children and keep them there
AylaJacksonElliot Abell
Gregory Abell
OH MY GOD.... he really did go missing. Thats really messed up..
Gregory Abell
Punisher 2000
I subscribed
Domenic Lampasona
They could have measured that pant length to see if it could ft]it someone whos 5"11
Sydney Lane
When you found the Nintendo DS the game Animal Crossing. If you find a DS charger, the animal crossing game should say the persons name
Cindy Nash
so sad
Im scared HELP
Nhia Her
There was a breath case
The Love, Laugh, Joy
That's so sad
GD suzake
He killed himself or someone killed him in the building....thats why there was blood
Ashley Keller
Im pretty confident those were shit wrags near the toilet
penny wise the clown
I heard a voice as soon he said I'll take off
Jeff Cooper
What a sad story about Mr. Kirkwood. At least you've completed what may have been a missing puzzle piece about his disappearance.
Wow this is the BEST exploring video I’ve ever seen! Thank you for putting so much time and effort into the research. It also shows respect to the deceased.
Joseph Jucutan
XxFrosty KillerxX
Umm... Did anyone else hear like that devilish grunt at 3:43
Maurice Nassar
Be careful, I researched that guy up (Shane cox) he is a criminal and is wanted for 21 crimes
Ryan Monroe
spoke with a british accent and you found tea bags,,,,,,pretty cool to see this. neat find
This is one of the best video in youtube and best video in my Life
Alyssa Palacios
Their whar keys on the table
pete's Vlogs
There was blood in the doorway as you walked back in the main living room
Please tell me you contacted the police...
Sammygood Lean
Rest In Peace, Jeffrey Kirkwood
Coleton Ramsey
he added the keys
Hmmmmmm I'm at the beginning something lives here
x_xoGURL Lol
Why do people get A lot of likes for nothing?
young goon
On the left hand side of far wall there is a face in the bricks , that is now his temple
Seer OfVoid
What did they found?
Im afraid of watching the video lol
Lulu Barr
Should have pressed he panic button on the car keys
Tracy Dutton
Probably nuclear testing buildings
summer rose
Even though this was just a video, I got the feeling of deep sorrow and a sense of evil. Did anyone else sense it too?
Diamond Drone
What is so DISTURBING ?
ding dong
who eat meds for pain ? you dont heard of glucosamin turmeric taurine vitalzym etc...
Danny Boy
...so how did he die??? KIND OF IMPORTANT!!! lol
1,000 subscribers with no videos challenge
That scary af tbh
Dave G
tell the cops?
Also that hat was moved also and that is so sad what happen to his lil girl and what happen to him
Erica Arnone
That was really neat
Gordon Welke
Explore With Us Hey Bud!! This is one of the "better" (HOWEVER I'm SO using this word loosely) abandoned bldg vids my hubby Gordon and I Leona have watched (he said it was okay to comment for both of us) We don't as a rule watch these kinda videos because we found the ppl who do them are complete A**holes and are doing it for drumming up their views and making their channel a "success" on other ppl's "good to bad" Life situations (for lack of better words---sorry if this sounds badly or insensitive...) whether they do it intentionally or not (mostly on purpose). Anyway....don't know why we watched actually.....??! The human people factor you put into this was pretty shocking just because first and foremost it's kinda almost crazy-dangerously ridiculous to be going inside these placesin the first place. Secondly the fact that you were moved to act on your curious nature and I'd like to think your caring side as well. However you should have just called the police. Please do be careful in your future walk throughs and exploring sessions......you never know what kinda shape these places are really in.....obvsly as your experience here illustrates ---anyway you know all this I'm sure----if not you've heard all of this before. We were rather pleasantly surprised though at your persistence and sympathetic natured actions though we would rather have seen the police handle such a daunting situation in their professionally trained and experienced manner. That said you're a Good Guy as well as your girlfriend. Pretty traumatic though going through this I 'm sure you'd agree? Anyway I'm rambling on here.....please stay safe and well....such dangerous wierd times we live in.....can't believe the time you put into this......anyway I guess I'm just shocked and at a loss for words with the gentleman's worldly belongings strewn about and his tragic story. I mean he went through such tumultuous SADNESS BLEAK LONELY days, months during the last part of his Life. (I think this is the last kinda video I watch of this sort though----just saying) Did your guardians or parents or friends see this video by the way? Thanks for reading From Leona for Gordon and I.
Mark Davies
Very sad , whist his family well
Jenny Nou Lee
Please wear gloves and bring weapons to protect you guys next time. Be safe
Chad R
Amazing work sir
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