5 dogs attack a King cobra - dog vs cobra - dog kills snake Wild Nature

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5 dogs attack a King cobra - dog vs cobra - dog kills snake Wild Nature
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Chanchal Netam
wow.........that was pretty shocking video.....that snake struggle least 4 mint!!!!
Krishna Gurung
Good that trained dogs killed that piece of shit fucker
Justin Fardella
This is the kind of action I like to see? Good dogs! Attack that stupid cobra!!!👍
lee lee
what breed if dogs are these? their great for farms.
Elijah Tetteh Kudjordji
In fact, I love dogs. They make me happy.
funtime lolbit
Good dogs 👍👍👍👍👍🙈
what the hell did I just watch at 3 am
DarthVaPer612 -
good dogs, teamwork
Luke Waggoner
they protec they atac but most importantly they strategic
Lloyd Tecson
lol snakes are losers
Nabeel Zuberi IAS
These days people just come to YouTube for cussing each other, Idiots that's nature, That's supposed to be WILD.
Stay away from food for 1 week and i bet you'd eat snakes as Noodles and Dogs as Beef and that would be a part of nature and survival of the Wild.
Big Joe your a jerk off we hate u than...
Michael Small
Let's go those dogs aw awesome
harsh sharma
no but why didn't he make a kundali out of himself,I mean he can round himself up and then can strike the dog
Roni Kassargi
Well sone dogs💪
That's hilarious, the snake seemed like a toy the dogs are dragging around lol !
This is actually really fucking funny.
Fross M
Teamwork.. Wow..
GOO_ Frosty
Balaram Behara
Fist ooh hd fun
Zipgun TV
Legend has it they are still fighting to this day...
John Falcigie
The snake had it coming, it was his fault being a snake. It put many animals to horrible death as it's venom causes a very painful death to it's victims.
ياسين اسماعيل
xnxx y you can do that
The Chiraq Soldier
They had a tug-of-war over that snake
Rajendra Nadarajan
Those dogs were straight up thugs!!! That cobra got FUCKED UP!!!
roker rangstong
this is not fair 5vs1 motherfucking dogs
Десислава Йорданова
#DWT <3
Ramhrrecruiter at gmail com Ram Chary Badanapally
Camera men should have stopped dogs
Delfira Harli Saputri
Good job guys!! Kill that bitch!! ughh i hate snakes so bad! They're disgusting
Joga Muni Kishore Reddy
you are so creative decrease it
i hate snek
INDIAN Vlogger
these people don't care about that snakes nor they care about their dogs
lea rodriguez
I feel sorry for that snake...its not doing anything...its just passing by...
رفيع القباطي
beyond impact
they are sea gamers
mahmoud samey
verey good
Uchiha123 Madara
all the dogs died after
1:14 and 0:36 the dogs basically did tug of war with the snake 😬😬craazy
kaneki kun
yujash Verma tech.
snake stole condoms of dogs
Satyam Kumar Mishra
cowards come in groups but the real warrior fights alone.
nikko peconada
Why u fucking let that happen man!?!!!!
Samantha Oberhofer
did the snake have ravies
you aint king this day
Gregg Blade
the fkn titles take away from the video
Nityanand Giri
This orchestrated fight might've costed the poor snake his life and could've also costed the lives of a few of those dogs whose fate is not known. This case is to be showcased under the Wildlife act of India. You think that it's difficult to make out that all those dogs were pedigreed and collared to show and prove that this was a staged fight! And all those who participated or appreciate it stands to get vindicated legally!! Have some morals in your life!!
Kashan Baloch
Could you please let us watch in peace ?
Negative Nigga
The animal kingdom's very own version of the stretch torture. XD
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