5 dogs attack a King cobra - dog vs cobra - dog kills snake Wild Nature

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5 dogs attack a King cobra - dog vs cobra - dog kills snake Wild Nature
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Satyam Kumar Mishra
cowards come in groups but the real warrior fights alone.
nikko peconada
Why u fucking let that happen man!?!!!!
Samantha Oberhofer
did the snake have ravies
you aint king this day
Gregg Blade
the fkn titles take away from the video
David Walbroehl
The Dobermans did an awesome job. Their scissor bites of 600 PSI is no joke 😁
Nityanand Giri
This orchestrated fight might've costed the poor snake his life and could've also costed the lives of a few of those dogs whose fate is not known. This case is to be showcased under the Wildlife act of India. You think that it's difficult to make out that all those dogs were pedigreed and collared to show and prove that this was a staged fight! And all those who participated or appreciate it stands to get vindicated legally!! Have some morals in your life!!
Ghulam Murtaza
Could you please let us watch in peace ?
Crusading Cat
The animal kingdom's very own version of the stretch torture. XD
czarkaiserbey chiu
Munosha Munosha
Deannah H
good dog
is the snack ok
Gấu Sâu Đo
Taylor Swift vs Kim.
If this is a King Cobra -- then that dog at 0:09 is definitely toast
Mr.Quadriplegic Snailman
Those dogs are the masters of strategy
Khad Tal
If you kill King Cobra in a village then the local people will kill you.
Khad Tal
In India we treat King Cobra as God known as Naagraaj. And killing a King Cobra is the ultimate sin. So if the video maker guy was enjoying this scene, then he had already opened gates to hell. He could have saved the cobra. Only few seconds needed by the cobra to get vanished in the bushes. All he had to do was to attract all dog's attention.
no Westminster Kennel Club pups for me.
i want snake killers at my place.
no step on snek
Saj Tor
yes G"zz dawgs laid out n killed the snake, screw snakes evil creatures.....
Hagan Harris
f snakes kill em
Supermonster Dragon
Team wrok = win
no step on snek
Abhishek Anand
Pavan Chavan
man its not about food. wats ur fucking dogs doing in middle of forest and if ur are owner of this dogs its ur responsibility to feed these dogs. i love dogs but i would never gonna allow to my dogs to eat snakes and destroy forest for my brutality.
Hadzunda Laga
handicap match
Manikant Gautam
Great example of unity is strength.
Jackson Turner
OMG! How dare you let that happen!!!

Are the dogs okay? :/
Purple Walrus
Thanks for the exposition I never would've known what's happening
Bounphitak Phitak
is it okay if i say i hate snek all around the world? i mean i will bite us crawl inside to our house by toilet and fucking bite u and WE DID NOTHING WRONG. i also mean all snake will bite us even if we did nothing wrong
Harry gill
Who came from 9gag
Harry gill
Who came from 9gag
chris ristau
at what point in this video did the "king cobra" die ??? I"m sick of click bait and misleading titles.
Rogério Lopes
These dogs are wild, Team work indeed.
MelvinTheGamer 99
Man that king cobra got jumped
When campers get spotted.
Saharukh Alam Islam
Ak sine ko bar bar ku madrchod
Nicholas Moore
this was in a village with little kids and people
that snake would have killed a few people
the dogs were definding the village
yes the snake is a cobra and yes 3 dogs did die after the video.
Cobbled Together Productions
Next time, can you film on a camera instead of a potato. Thanks
Damn they fucked him up. But couldn't finish him off? I wonder why the Cobra couldn't get one bite at the dogs.
omg i hate dogs
Tai Pan
I never bought you a watch?
Batlefel Engenir
This is what dogs should do to snakes that are recorded by their owners eating a live animal like a rabbit for example.
I hope no dogs got bit but I also feel bad for the snake but the snake was probably trying to hurt someone so the dogs did their job and protected
Deepak Singh
these are rotteweiller dogs... they r very dangerous dogs...
GoldenTube 232
Ricardo Mireles
Like si vienes por DaHorse!
Karthik Sanku world
good dogs
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